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[Music] do the perfect what’s up guys we’re the editors for dude perfect welcome to editor edition – let’s hit it man if you would have told me after we did the first video that this was happening I’d have just laughed at you since a tradition whan there’s been a lot of small changes here and there but I think the biggest thing has been adding will he’s uh had a lot to bring to the table Chad and I we’re doing great work but man it just started to take a toll on us my name is will I’m the newest editor for DP working here with Tim and Chad is awesome but it’s been a lot of hard work and things can get pretty crazy sometimes right grab your back knee knee lobby now all right Tim I need you set on the main power supply I need you to cut the big satellite big ones the big one we have 30 minutes or we lose everything [Music] okay I’m here what I can why you’re gonna have to plug in your laptop I’m sending you a file right now okay come on I’m on will are you a position partner in here I’m at the big satellite there’s a box right behind it open it cut the red wire they’re all red coal this is not working it’s changing colors now oh I can’t do this man fool if you get a will you signed up for this boy you want to keep your job here but hurry okay Chen I’m down to the last wire okay wait wait wait we’ve got it at the same time guys this is not working the file is doing nothing right whatever you do do not touch reactor it’s not worth it I got to rip it out it’s way too dangerous there’s no other way we got years of hard work on the line I will not go down like that Tim listen to me you’re not gonna make it Chad will it’s been great working with you okay no I’m gonna rip it out don’t do it Tim no no no stop five four three two one that yoga yeah [Music] Tim Tim come here good I made it with it yes yes that’s a close one voice Roger okay Tim we did wait a minute the hack looks like it was coming from inside the office so turns out panda was pretty upset that he hasn’t been in a lot of the videos this year looks like we’re gonna try to get him in a couple more videos and he said he’s not gonna hack us anymore so they were good people love to ask us all the time do we fake our shots it’s probably the most common question that we get and it is harder to fake it than to make it for real this is the half-court shot so one thing that’s really cool about being an editor is we test every potential trickshot idea a lot of the ideas don’t quite make it EQ to Tim does all the testing the whole Mentos and Diet Coke trick shot thought that was gonna be a big one we tried puzzle trick shots that one just didn’t quite fit right bubble trick shots that one we thought for sure was gonna hit ended up being a bust and then shaving cream trick shot yeah that one that one really didn’t have a chance the guys left for two or about six weeks ago and one of the last things they told us was good luck holding down the fort no dumpster fires there was a dumpster fire we’ll just starts yelling we sprinted out the back door we all grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran outside I picked up my phone immediately called 911 Chad’s trying to untangle this hose then he realized our data is in our office so he sprints over there when wil got out there saw how big the fire was and was like nope not doing that so he runs back inside I run in grab the data and immediately put it in Tim’s truck the fire department showed up and they you know really resolve the situation quick it was cool to to meet some awesome first responders that really saved the day for us me we were kind of freaking out and of course you know you can’t come to do perfect and not do a trickshot I think one of the firemen attempted a trickshot but kind of came up short but we won’t blame them for that part of working for DP you’ve got to be ready to edit anywhere at any time [Music] Edda tradition one we did the heli shot this 600 foot world-record shot the whole world laughed at us that day this time failure was not an option we had to go bigger and we had to succeed we called bridges dams even aircrafts we just hit a brick wall the world’s highest basketball shot seemed out of reach that’s when we’ll add the idea [Music] there was only one place in the world where we could pull off this style [Music] [Music] everyone’s in position cameras are rolling let’s break the world record this is the world record 1200 foot rocket shot now I’d read out their Rockets coming down looking good boys the ball is right above us moving it’s moving good luck luck luck luck okay wait ladies and gentlemen dealt with an editor edition cute baby let’s head to nacho what’s up guys thanks for watching click down here to subscribe to dude perfect special thanks to our friends at whistle for sponsoring this video click over here to check out their brand-new basketball series beyond the art which features hot dunkers gamers NBA players and influencers if you want to follow us on instagram click right here ourselves pretty cool I mean we’re kind of cool found it noggin seeya we gotta edit this

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  1. Dear Beautiful says:

    Officially my favorite DP episode so far😎💟
    Keep doing what your doing

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    Love 💗 First From Hawaii!

  6. Alexander Mendoza says:

    6 million to go

  7. The Fishing Doctors Adventures says:

    These guys are great! I love it. Lets see more editor editions!!!

  8. Miss Sparkle Momma says:

    This is great! I took my son to the Pound It tour. So much fun

  9. Youric Hunt says:

    0:05 all that crazy computer stuff but its on a 30 dollar walmart table lol

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  11. SnoopyDoo says:

    So do we also get a video of the editors who are editing the editors?

  12. Keith Flagg says:

    What if it hit the rim and fell 😂

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    they should definitely make their own YouTube channel

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    Does it count if the goal was moving

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    I love you guys so mutch……….. WELCOME TO THE TEAM ROOOKIE

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    Is Tim from Michigan? Love seeing the Red Wings pennant!

  22. HeyImDanielle says:

    Me watching: well if the editors/cameramen are in front of the camera, then who is filming?!

  23. Emely Sánchez says:

    Cuando empiezas a leer los comentarios y te das cuenta de que no sabes Inglés XD😅😂

  24. Ethan Sandum says:

    6:30 *touches finger to the ground and licks finger… "Salt"

  25. Bdizzle Faragamah says:

    This stuff not ever get old ?? Lbvs

  26. Hannah Richardson says:

    why another editor chad and tim are awesome

  27. Johnathan franklin says:

    Cricket or croquet trickshots?

  28. Hannah Richardson says:

    do another battle

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    And that’s how Tim got superpowers.

  30. Ryan Walls says:

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  31. 100 Subs With No Video Challenge says:

    Imagine if this actually happened

  32. Archit Namboodiri says:

    much respect for dp editors🙏

  33. Hyms Loyal says:

    You guys should try Cricket and this local Indian sport called “Kabbadi”

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    We want editor edition 3!

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    LOL, No one marked the landing! Hope you can reuse your booster. 🙂

  36. Martin Nguyen says:

    You should do Cody Parkey Truck Shots… lol

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    1 trick shot. Not even that hard just gotta get the timing right

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    if you watch a dude perfect video in speed 2x it is soooooo weird

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  44. Vincent Nguyen says:

    5:30 this shows why it's more fun being man than a woman. As a man, it's always socially acceptable to hit that trickshot.

  45. Joshua Cho says:


  46. Joshua Cho says:


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    Man Dude Perfect should totally do a Space Shot with a High Powered rocket some day with a basketball on it. Basketball shot from space!

  48. Anthony Caputo says:

    They had to edit this

  49. G Noll18 says:

    @dudeperfect um at 28 you see something pretty funny on the computer screen…

  50. Donny Weinbuch says:


    Am I the only one that thinks he looks like TheFriendyBaron. He’s a streamer

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    0:30 look at the top left

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    When your too lazy to do trick shots

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    Great video my friend. looks like a lot of fun. keep it coming. I'm Princess Ella. Stay connected. Big LIKE.

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