Edifier R1010BT Bookshelf Speakers Review

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Hello today we’re going to take a look
at the Edifier R1010BT bluetooth speakers. Two speakers, 12 watts each
giving you a total of 24 watts RMS. Really nice looking pair of bookshelf
speakers, they are available in black as well. Around the back you’ve got controls
for bass and the volume, there’s also two inputs you can see line in A and B and
this is also a Bluetooth set of speakers if you don’t want to see the speaker’s
you can attach the optional grill, that just push it straight on and can be pull
straight off. Comes with a set of cables to get you up and running so phono
cables and also the cable to connect the two speakers together. It takes a
couple of minutes to set up, just simply plug those in and you’re ready to go. [MUSIC PLAYING] So you can hear they pack a nice punch
compacting the laptop speakers and that carries through when you’re watching films [DRAMATIC FILM] Considering the low price I think these
pack a really nice punch to them, great for music, great for films, great for
games, you can see there are a compact size and that means that you can fit
them on a bookshelf or by your TV if you need to. I also happen to think they look
pretty cool as well in the wood and gray but they are available in black – hope
you found a short review useful if you haven’t already please consider hitting
the subscribe button. If you want to learn more about these I’ll put a link in
the description, below thanks for watching I’ll see you next time.

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