Earn While you Learn: Student Veteran Employment Program (VA Work Study)

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♪♪ The work-study program is an
incredibly useful tool for many, many Veterans who are in
school. It’s for Veterans who are in school, at least
three-quarters’ time. And what it does is, is it provides,
the ability for a Veteran to work up to 20 hours per week,
in a part-time environment, to help out in a VA-,
related activity. Now, those VA-related activities could be
at a local VA hospital, could be at a local VA benefits
office, or a VA Vet Center—for example—or even at a
VA cemetery. But it also could be VA activities at the
school themselves. What’s really interesting about the
work-study program is, not only does it help them with some of
their expenses and pays them, it also—at the end of their,
time at school—gives them a valuable piece that they can
put on their resume. ♪♪

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