E-Reader vs Books

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— Hey! Something came in for you that I think you’re
really going to like. — Ooo yay! uh What is it? — It’s the all new kindle paper white. Now waterproof with two times the storage! — what are you doing? — I’m trying to get this video sponsored It’s an e-reader. Oh, An E reader. I’ve always wanted one of those…umm — You put books on it — Ohhh. So its like, like a shelf kind of thing. — No, you download the books and
read them on there. — Why would I want to do that? — You’re all about saving the planet, yeah? — How is something that requires electricity
better than something that doesn’t? — Well in one year alone, 32 million trees
are cut down to make books in the U.S. alone. — Well that definitely takes into question
how I’ve lived my life up until this point. — And plus, you won’t have to read with the
light on. — So that kind of balances out the electricity thing
. — Cool but uhh … still not as good as, you
know, a good, old-fashioned book. — How? — Well, for one, it’s pretty … ..expensive,
I’m sure. — Actually e books are usually less than
half the price of physical ones so by the time you buy like ten the price is
covered. — Oh. Okay. But there’s still the matter of… — What? — Smell. — Smell? — Yeah, smell. Half of the experience is in the smell. It’s just science. — Oh, Well, you see, it actually shoots the
smell from those little holes there. — Really? — No you idiot. But look, it’s tiny. When you go on vacation or on the bus or wherever,
how many books do you usually have with you? — One — One? — mhmm — I know for a fact the other day you had four — Yeah, one set of four books. — A set? They weren’t even a series! You’re just — whatever. My point is, no more lugging around a heavy
bag. — Well, you know what, actually, I like the
weight. — Oh yeah? — ’cause I’m really working on my back…strength…at
the moment.. and what if I want to do the flippy thing
you know where you, like, fold the one side back? — You only do that because it’s awkward
to hold both sides! You don’t have to do it with this because
it’s already just the size of half a book! — I don’t know…Going to the bookstore
is a really great way of meeting people. — Are you kidding me? — What? — The last time you interacted with a stranger,
you cried. For hours. — Okay that’s different. That lady really had it out for me. — It was a sweet old lady! –You don’t know that! — All she did was smile at you! –A smile full of pure evil. — Do you have any idea how ridiculous you
sound right now. — You know, I don’t really like the tone
you’re taking with me. — Oh for the love of — Would you just please. Just try it. For me? Please? — I just don’t see why I would. — Aside from all of the reasons I just gave,
yeah? You know what? I was only trying to be nice. I got you something I thought you’d like and
it’s not even your birthday! So if you don’t want it Fine. I don’t care! I don’t care. — Whatcha doing? — Oh, you know, just catching up on some
good old Shakespeare. — Cool.

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