Dump Dinners Quick And Easy Dinner Recipes By Cathy Mitchell Review


hey what’s going on everyone Dan here
for 9malls and today we’re going to review the a/c on TV by telebrands quick
and easy dump dinners by best-selling author Kathy Mitchell get over toward
and 50 recipes with this booklet delicious family-sized dinner and
minutes so this is a great idea because it allows people to make quick and easy
dinners and just dump everything in there you know double ingredients cook
it and you’re done so let’s look at the table contents we
have introduction to dump cooking shortcuts and substitutions make-ahead
recipes to make cooking easier five or less quick delicious recipes in no time
quick and easy casseroles quick and easy beef dinners and then lots more alright so today we’re going to cook the
something I found that looked interesting i would never make this on a
regular basis because it sounds just horrible for you and have been eating
this under all the time sounds kind of disgusting but it does
sound good so one-pound brown ground beef one-half envelope lipton onion soup
one is about one heaping teaspoon 110 f ounce can condensed cream of celery
create or cream of chicken soup undiluted 16 ounce package of tater tots
one cup shredded cheddar cheese preheat oven to 375 and casual disc
combined coach ground beef or dry onion soup top makes your tater tots bake
uncovered 34 minutes until bubbly are golden brown remove from oven and topped
with cheese and reach all return to oven until melted ok so Kathy mish Mitchell is I believe
she was the the lady in our the chef or home cook and the infomercial for GT
express and she was the you know she made all the recipe she she really sold
that product so she was very popular of you know it’s kind of gained fame from
being an infomercial and i don’t have she’s more and more
than one then GT express but that’s definitely one that was really popular alright so in a pan i have a pound of
the ground beef and the casual dish and next I’m going to add the dry onion soup
mix and you just want kind of like it keeping a tablespoon of that so I’m just
gonna get I it here alright that’s about right and then next
were going to add the else we need the cream soup here we have the cream of
chicken just Campbell’s there we go and doesn’t that look delicious ok so
i’m assuming you add the cheese on top here we go remove remove about in top of cheese you
put the cheese yet don’t put the cheese on yet alright so
just going to mix it up a little bit okay let’s get enough and then agitator tops here and just a bag of
tater tots and there we go you could add so many extra ingredients
this I mean it doesn’t have to stop here I think they just want to kind of make
it as simple as possible and that’s what i call it dumb meals but you can add
just so much more you know like I don’t know olives or whatever you want ok so we
bake uncovered for 30 to 40 minutes and then we add the cheese alright let’s put in the oven and take
it out and show you what it looks like and give a taste test and then I’ll let
you be my final verdict or verdict on the book alright i just took out the oven it’s
been about 35 minutes and this is what it looks like the casserole is done so i
forgot to add the cheese got to do that right now here we go what about a cup of cheese on
top to finish this off and its really hot actually think you wanted to you
could put this back in the oven just melted a little bit faster but for the
sake of time I’m gonna try it out right now I’m gonna grab a scoop of this get
some of that nice beef on the bottom and there you go this is what it looks
like i’m gonna test it out here tell you what I think so really what could you
possibly not like with all that flavoring that salt tater tots cheese
beef I mean really there’s nothing you could
possibly not like about that so yes it is good and you know it’s probably
really bad for you but this is like comfort food that tastes good i would
eat this again and so yeah i would i would definitely recommend the tater tot
casserole if you get the quick and easy easy dump
dinners by kathy Mitchell as seen on TV and so I do recommend this book just a
really good value because it’s on amazon not gonna pay retail for your pretty
much willing to pay shipping because of you know it’s like a dollar whatever
plus shipping so it would come to like 499 66 bucks so i definitely recommend
this book really cool I like the dish and thanks for watching you like my
videos please subscribe if you want to support and going to / 9malls

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45 thoughts on “Dump Dinners Quick And Easy Dinner Recipes By Cathy Mitchell Review”

  1. Kip Paseo says:

    Bro check out Cathy Mitchel on YouTube! She has been the star of many many MANY infomercials.

  2. LovelyPastelPuppy says:

    I love it.

  3. lidsman22 says:

    I have looked at this book in the store before and somewhere on it says that only a few of the recipes are by Cathy Mitchel. Mostly they are just using her name to sell the book.

  4. beauty by Tiffany marie says:

    Should have drained the fat from the beef

  5. Gena Hopkins says:

    Should have chopped the beef up smaller while browning

  6. Eric Williams says:

    OMG that steaming beef LITERALLY looks like a DUMP dinner

  7. Camille Brown says:

    Seriously, how bad could it be? Looks watery or greasy on the bottom though.

  8. hopebear06 says:

    Who designed the screen shot with that title?! Dump. Sure looks like it.

  9. Kaysie Brianna says:

    should have chopped up meat better browning it and drained the grease

  10. Jamie P says:

    that looks like sick prison food or cafeteria food oh my God that looks disgusting

  11. Daisy says:

    You suck at cooking; it was like you were TRYING to fail.

  12. Daisy says:

    Goddamn you didn't even drain the fat off the ground beef?!

  13. Daisy says:

    Shit you suck

  14. Daisy says:

    You're trolling us. You HAVE to be. Didn't break up the ground beef; didn't drain the fat; slopped the soup all over; and didn't even put the casserole back in to melt the cheese. Jesus.

  15. Sunshine Cook says:

    yikes, i make this all the time and you put a layer of tater tots down first then add drained beef, then a giant can of cream of mushroom then cheese and it will turn out much better πŸ™‚

  16. gospos1 says:

    …"and doesn't that look delicious"…damn near spit coffee on my computer screen…lol

  17. ZippyZigger says:


  18. denisejustdenise says:

    Wow – so many critics! Has George Soros been paying Anti-Cooking-Technique protesters too? Well, I appreciate you.

  19. Anthony Pagliaro says:

    If your gonna do this you should atleast put in some actual effort

  20. ferociousgumby says:

    "Dump" has some unpleasant connotations. It refers either to a landfill or a bodily function, as in "taking a".

  21. ferociousgumby says:

    This man knows nothing about cooking.

  22. Malanda Briggs says:

    I would've put veggies in it

  23. sarah movie reviewer says:

    you didn't drain the grease ? Ew

  24. mike polk says:

    bro you are a horrible cook. don't cook go out to eat at a restaurant. my wife makes this and hers looks nothing like yours.

  25. N/A N/A says:

    Omg chunks of meat ,water or grease in the bottom an didn't melt the cheese πŸ˜’πŸ˜΅πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  26. Candi Niedzielski says:

    You didnt even drain your meat πŸ˜›

  27. Delilah Shields says:

    Just Stop!

  28. Frances Vargas says:

    I hope you do her crock pot recipe

  29. Julie Garbs says:

    Your supposed to melt the cheese duh big red truck.

  30. Gabes Petit says:

    Mr. Malls – My Sainted Mother taught me how to cook well, healthily, and with fresh ingredients.Over the years I've enjoyed making all her recipes for my family, but now that I'm old, alone, and don't give two damns anymore..I find your videos fun as all hell – direct, to the point and no screwing around. It's called "dump" for a's not supposed to be healthy. It's cheap, filling, and easy fare.

  31. MrQbenDanny says:

    What the fuck was THAT?

  32. virgonomic says:

    1:50 reads "return to oven to melt cheese".
    5:20 tops with cheese and eats immediately.

    This video makes the Hennessy recipes look good.

  33. P. Sherman Fortytwo Wallaby Lane says:

    If a sportscaster decided to start a cooking channel…

  34. Lala Hernandez says:

    you could tell this dude do not cook what are you doing that looks like a hot mess🀦

  35. jim tom says:

    In detroit just dump in koolaid with chicken cmon,and cheetoes

  36. jim tom says:

    Cook on radiator 4 hours with tinfoil

  37. jim tom says:

    Or smeat

  38. Jim Pauff says:

    For the sake of time? Cut the video and put the damned thing back in the oven you idiot.

  39. Donald Westerhazy says:

    Hope I'm not the first to tell you – you're an idiot.

  40. T bird says:

    Didn't chop up the meat enough, didn't drain the meat, barely mixed in the soup and onion soup mix, didn't melt the cheese……and suggested adding olives!! Lol πŸ˜‚

  41. Ivy Mossgarden says:

    Cathy Mitchell's been pitching products for decades. It's usually a cooking product. I like her! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  42. KC Woolsey says:

    Dude, you really shouldn't be doing this – you did everything wrong – you didn't put the cheese until it was out of the oven? When you said you could add so much more, your suggestion was olives???

  43. Demetria Fore says:


  44. james cook says:

    There is about 4 ingredients.. that you mentioned.. what's so bad about meat.. soup.. cheese.. and popatos.. not everyone eats at a 5 star restaurant.. every night..

  45. HelloDahling1 says:

    Hello πŸ‘‹. Love this video. Next time use 2lbs of beef. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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