Dresden Files: PEACE TALKS Official Book Trailer


[EVANNA] Blood has been spilled. The assassin… a creature well-known to be your frequent ally. [HARRY] What’ll happen to him? [EVANNA] Justice. [HARRY] Thomas, you idiot what have you done? [MURPHY] This whole conference is Marcone’s baby. [HARRY] He’s building alliances. [MURPHY] And if you screw up his plans? [MARCONE] I mean to continue as I have begun. I will pursue my rights under Mab’s accords, and she will not protect you. [LARA] Tomorrow night I’m taking my brother back. I’m killing anyone who gets in the way. And you, Sir Knight… Are going to help me. [CARLOS] Don’t think I can’t see what’s happening. [HARRY] I don’t know what to tell you, ‘Los. I was doing liaison stuff for Mab. [CARLOS] Rumors call it something else. [EBENEZAR] Your choices have made you an outlier. [EBENEZAR] Boy… Tell me you ain’t dumb enough to try this. [HARRY] Oh… I’m more than dumb enough. [HARRY] Is he strong? Listen, bud. He’s got radioactive blood.

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100 thoughts on “Dresden Files: PEACE TALKS Official Book Trailer”

  1. Richard Reavis says:

    TWO in a quarter?? THANKS JIM!!
    (Let's see, hardcover, Audible, and Kindle. Maybe Jim can actually get a meal out of my purchases this time.)

  2. Monica T. Rodriguez says:

    "Oh, I'm more than dumb enough!" So very Harry Dresden!

  3. Brian Creekmore says:

    This is the best trailer yet. Congrats Priscilla! Also 2 booooooooks

  4. hoosieryank67 says:

    Great Googly Moogly!

  5. emeraldomega10 says:

    2 BOOKS?!?!?
    Butcher is doing some real Sandersoning right now

  6. crimsonda says:

    Some may say cheesy or even…bad…but I applaud this and hell yeah, I'd watch a show if they tooled it right! Beyond that, the books…SQEEEEEEE!!!! And that's from a grown ass man. 😀

  7. Outhouse of Horror says:


  8. bigtimes1 says:

    This makes me happy.

  9. destinedtogame says:

    Masters… Dang

  10. Javier .V says:


  11. Piku Yost says:

    Just a video of me with my jaw open. And, me rewinding and watching this half-a-dozen times.. OMFG.. A video trailer for an Upcoming book? Holy Friggin' Crap! Fantastic work. Wonderful casting, Amazing acting. When you don't have to wonder which character is which, just instinctually know the characters as they appear? with minimal dialogue? in 3 seconds? Genius! +20 pts for spiderman song at the end ^_^

  12. Meg Willsher says:

    Also this trailer was AWESOME!

  13. James Beanan says:

    Ooohhh, I got the goosey pimples!!!

  14. Beatriz Lemus Ortiz says:

    H O L Y S H I T

  15. Michael Lone says:

    Hells Bells…. what the hell just happened?!

  16. Jesús Morales says:

    No wonder youtube has been recommending me jim butcher con panel videos for the past week.

  17. Angelia Parker-Savage says:

    I'm so used to seeing Paul Blackthorne as Dresden that I didn't recognize the guy in the video at first. Blackthorne's looks exactly like I always saw Harry in my head.

    I'm excited for the book, though. It's been too long.

  18. eric mcdyer says:

    2 books, 2 months. So happy.

  19. Flor Gorfull says:

    The Butcher redeems himself with 2 books in one year.Hooked again and sooo easily.

  20. Dragonmaster0118 says:

    2 books one year this is so exciting. I jus hoope book 18 won't be a 6 year wait.

  21. John Parkinson says:


  22. Buzz 'd B66 says:

    Omg 2 books? Between this and all the awesome games this year this is turning into the best year ive had in so long. Thank you Jim! Dresden files is my favorite book series of all time. Also this trailer needs to be made into a full show or movie. Shut up and take my money!

  23. DC's Drive says:

    Sly bastard dropping 2 books on us in one year. Just his style.

  24. Blaze O'Rama says:

    You rooooooock! <3

  25. George Hanna says:

    FUCKING FINALLY!!!! So fucking stoked about this book!! Been waiting for ages..

  26. grays0ul says:

    Who is Evanna? Her name is in the credits!

  27. Thomas Bartelt says:

    Watch Out!!

  28. Parker Barnett says:

    "I'm more than dumb enough" is PEAK chaotic dumbass Dresden energy

  29. TheMonk72 says:

    I like Bernardo's look, but he's a bit short isn't he? I know, hard to find a good fit who is also over 2 meters tall… but I can dream, can't I?

    If only this was a trailer for the movie… 😁

  30. John B says:

    I wish more authors would release book trailers like this, especially in the Fantasy genre. I haven't been this excited for a new book in I don't know how many years.

  31. Night_Waves_USA says:

    2020 is starting to look a whole lot better!

  32. Garbouw Deark says:

    Holy shit

  33. Daniel Cazan says:

    yes yes yes yessssssssss I need these books!!!!!!! noooowwwww

  34. Terrence Timmons says:

    Why does this trailer have better production value than the show? Make a new show with these actors!

  35. Valorin says:

    All these years… and now a trailer and two books this year?!? Awesome! Thanks Jim!

  36. Ezra Cold says:

    I would watch this series as a T.V. show.

  37. MrPaddystone says:

    Really ecstatic with how this turned out. After so long without any new Dresden, because life happens, it's wonderful to not only see this, but to know that I got the chance to work on it as well. Priscilla, this turned out amazing, thank you. Jim, thank you for giving us the chance to express ourselves within your world.

  38. Markus Eckelt says:

    Very nice surprise (my wife had guessed something was up).

    One of the positive things coming out of this horrible situation may be that we see better progress on our favorite book series. I feel like these pesky book and PR tours had really gotten out of hand in recent years and took up way too much time.

  39. Joe McCartney says:

    This is awesome!!!!!

  40. Matthew Rose says:

    Fabulous job on the trailer! It looked awesome! None of the previous hokey! (Can't wait to see what Harry is doing upside down in a chimney, singing the TV theme to "Spiderman"!)

  41. Rational Orc says:

    As someone who knows the book well, I love it. But I'm not sure a potential customer unfamiliar with the Dresden Files would be persuaded to check it out. A movie trailer needs to convey the core plot to the audience with a clear hook to make people want to know more.

    "A vampire is on trial for murder, and the hero needs to prove his innocence before other vampires declare war on his captors."

  42. Okratron 10,000 says:

    I'd pay to NOT see a live action Dresden series.

  43. TechGuy Teaches says:

    So when do we get Jason Bernardo to be Harry in a full feature? I'm game!

  44. Agent Chaos says:

    Dude kill it with fire…please kill it with fire noo!! This is my favorite boom series of all time and remembering the old Dresden files TV series is painful enough, this already looks Cringy

  45. Joe Chittenden says:

    wait what?! another book in September?! Faints

  46. the Bro Gamer says:


  47. mori0ni says:

    wait wait wait, 2 books in one year? I must be dead cause this can't happen in my lifetime

  48. Bob Bobb says:

    One of the problems with Jim’s writing is that every female character is impossibly the most beautiful woman one has ever imagined/encountered. This presents a challenge for casting. Even so I did not see Murphy as this woman, who actually looks like a cop, contrary to every written description of Murphy we have. I always imagined Caity Lotz or Emily Rose being good casting choices for Murphy.

    Tolkien’s written description of the elves was pretty much ignored for the Lord of the Rings films, so there is precedent.

    Paul Blackthorne will always be Dresden to me however. Say what you want about the show, typical Hollywood dumbing down, but that guy was amazing.

  49. Indy Bart says:

    This is awesome!

  50. Kierstin Schmidt says:

    I’m not convinced that the guy playing Dresden has the acting chops. His diction is rather stilted as well. But I got to say you nailed Lara and Justine. I think Marcone really needs to have those green eyes but otherwise he’s pretty scary.

    Mab and Murphy pretty underwhelming. Still not sure where Molly is. Gotta keep pausing the trailer.

    Awwww, Maggie and Mister.

    Looks like Butcher pulled a Harry Potter/Avengers/Twilight/ with this last book. People are saying two for one, but it’s more like one for two.

  51. James Hull says:

    Did anyone else notice that the runes in Harry’s magic circle were from the covers of Jim’s other fantasy series, The Codex Alera?
    Specially Furies of Calderon and Captain’s Fury.

  52. Where Aretgepoank says:

    Mab looks like my Grandma. Hardly a woman that " make friends murder each other". And I always imagined Ramirez as someone like Antonio Banderez, Diego Luna or Nicholas Gonzalez. Not this homeless looking dude with messed up hair.

  53. Sulaiman Mohid says:

    Should make the Dresden Files movies with these actors and actresses.

  54. KingOfNormans says:

    Me, five years after the last book: Who the f*ck are these people?

  55. Odinson 44 says:

    I fully appreciate the production value and hard work they put into it but it’s weird seeing the characters as actual people you know? You get an idea in your head as to what they should look like so while it is cool it’s almost corny in a weird way? Idk maybe I’m just too much of a book person. That said I can’t believe we are being blessed with 2 fucking books after a looooooooong 6 year wait. Can’t wait for summer

  56. Kirill Kuznetsov says:

    This ebenezer is just no good. Waiting for the book though

  57. Kevin Culleton says:

    It's been a long time coming! Now we get two this year!

  58. Kenneth Harkin says:

    It has been so long shouldn't Harry's daughter be in college by now…

  59. WAYWARD SON says:

    Come out and play Harry, rise and shine! It's about freaking time!

  60. Into the Coagula says:

    Two books in a year!! Jim still loves us!

  61. Bryce Beattie says:

    The actor playing Lara looks a lot like the actor who played Bianca in the TV show…

  62. dussan2 says:

    Uhhh, WTF is going on here?

  63. LAGUEp666 says:

    Dresden's going to throw down with- Well… Shit… that's…. that's going to end…. hoo boy.

  64. Richardanderson81 says:

    Um yeah, wow. I was going to get the book anyway but now we just need the full length movie.

  65. nolan saylor says:

    I am very confused upon seeing Marcone and Dresden getting off a couch together and putting their pants on.

  66. Виктория Панкратова says:


    why did my country stop publishing dresden files in translation :/

  67. Ancient Guard says:

    Please tell me Harry isn't dumb enough to sleep with Lara.

  68. jmlada says:

    This was so bad. I don't think I've had a visceral KILL IT NOW reaction to something as strongly as this video in quite some time. I don't think I've ever even left a YouTube video comment before, it's that bad that I'm coming out of lurker status to request please, don't do this again! I'm so pumped about the books, but what in the hell WAS this? Why does Harry look like a douchey, aging Ed Hardy reject? What accent does Lara even have? Thomas' wig is… a choice. And McCoy actually make me cringe. He looks like a character right out of The Waterboy. What did this even accomplish? It's the 16th book in a series, what new market is this trying to reach?

  69. Thales Arvindr says:

    I'd watch this series and pester my mates to do so too, when's the announcement?

  70. Zero Whitefang says:

    [otherworldly squealing] <3

  71. Jonathon Bartos says:

    @1:12 Is… is that scene of Harry and Lara Raith getting it on? Oh, that's not going to end well…

    edit: But, actually, it makes a ton of sense. Lara's ability to inflame lust, combined with the mantle of the Winter Knight's primal instincts… yeah…

  72. Kelt4ever says:

    Sorry – doesn't reach it for me… 🙁

  73. Gjohnst4 says:

    Come on, Where is Mouse!

  74. Katherine DeMarsh says:

    Super excited about the books!! Not sure if I loved the casting of the trailer but it gave a great glimpse of what is to come.

  75. Barry On says:

    "I'm more than dumb enough." I think that's like, "Hey, watch this!" But with more self-awareness.

  76. mr. kojak says:

    This would be a "Chicago" show that I'd actually watch .

  77. Daryn K says:

    I guess I better reread Skin Game again

  78. C-Tron says:

    fuckin FINALLY!!!!

    Can't wait

  79. James Clausen says:

    I would suggest you don’t watch this trailer of Jim Butcher’s book Peace Talks. It contaminated my preconceived perception of the characters. His next book after Peace Talks will be Battle Ground and will be out on September 29. Hurray for the illiterate and Hollywood money men they will again.

  80. zeriul09 says:

    2 books in one year? you crazy bastard you did it, you had to spoil us 🙂

  81. Assembly_Language says:

    I am all excited for books, but can we have this as a series now? please? This was really well done.

  82. Nigel Baldes says:

    Most people binge watch a show, I binge read Dresden books. I can't wait to get this book and disappear for a couple of days.

  83. Sideburnchef says:

    The old series wasn't too big on acting, but this one hired some really crappy ones. At least Paul Blackthorn had character.

  84. lala L says:

    I stopped at book 4 because I was tired of reading his thoughts on young ladies. Can someone be objective and answer if it does get better, as in, he stop looking at young ladies that are very very very young and starting to bloom into womanhood? I never finished book 4, but this trailer makes me wonder if I'm missing out.

  85. theresa Bradley says:

    Looking forward so much to these books! Alas, I cannot imagine anyone else as Harry Dresden but Matt Merback. Sorry.

  86. Christopher Dalton says:

    Very Buffy-esque. Blackthorne, where are you, buddy?

  87. frodoro 710 says:

    i dont understand the last part

  88. Brian Fischman says:

    just as terrible as the last one yall made.

  89. Adam Billman says:

    …Now I want another series. This one darker and more mature.

  90. Karen Heinrich says:

    when's the movie coming out?

  91. Will Lettman says:

    excited for the book. disliked the trailer. not sure why. maybe its just not what my head cannon had everyone looking like. orr maybe its just that the trailer looked to cheesy

  92. Murdoch’s Mind says:

    1:19 is that Molly at the cabin in Demonreach?

  93. adragon707 says:

    Who else wants to see this made into a full movie with the same cast??? o/

  94. Clark Bitner says:

    This trailer is like the worst parts of popular fantasy and the worst parts of a perfume commercial combined together lmao. Wonder if we'll be seeing a continuation of all the weird rapey stuff from the brothers Dresden in this book too.

  95. Andrew Ihle says:

    Christ I despise this fan created things. Always a terrible disappointment

  96. Michael H says:

    28 Denarians have watched this video apparently…

  97. moominclone says:

    "Is he strong? Listen bud, he's got radioactive blood…" Dammit, now that tune is going to be bouncing through my head the rest of the night, both the original & the cover version done by the Ramones… This looks like it's going to be one heck of a kick-ass Harry Dresden adventure!

  98. unknown potato says:

    If they they kill Thomas ima fucking freak

  99. thusdus says:

    Good bones for a new TV show …

  100. Ignis King says:

    Yikes, has it really been 6 years since I've last read a Dresden Files book? To think, it was the first book I picked up once I took that faithful step out of the young adult section way back when and moved on to "mature" reading.

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