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Hi guys, listen I have 2500 videos okay
on YouTube 2500 so sometimes when you go to the
channel it’s hard to find where to start because it’s all random so I wanted to
create a beginners video the basics so if you’re new to my channel if you have
friends and family members that are new to my program this is the first video to
watch okay so let me just kind of break it down and make it really really fast
keto or ketosis what does keto mean when you burn fat your fat breaks down into
these things called ketones your body can then use those as fuel okay so your
body can actually run on ketones it’s a much much better fuel source than sugar
fuel that most people run on it’s cleaner fuel it creates a lot of other
benefits which I get into in other videos okay so keto basically means
you’re burning fat okay healthy keto is a version of regular
ketosis but with a twist a principle that I use is you don’t lose weight and
get healthy you have to get healthy first to then lose weight so getting
healthy basically means in relationship to eating providing all of your
nutrients okay so you’re eating foods that are high-quality that provide all
the nutrients so you get the requirements that our bodies need so
what I recommend is something called healthy ketosis all right so that’s the
version the other action that I recommend is something called IF what
is that that’s intermittent fasting what is that
that is a it’s not a diet it’s a pattern of eating and not eating so instead of
doing three meals or six meals a day or snacks in between the meals you’re
eating less frequently why because every time you eat you raise a hormone insulin
too much insulin is very dangerous in the body so what we’re trying to do with
healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting is reduce the
excess of insulin we’re not trying to make it down to zero we’re just trying
to get rid of the excess the vast majority of the population has excess
insulin but they’ve never been tested the doctors usually don’t test it
they’re focusing on your blood sugars or blood glucose but not fasting insulin
okay I have videos on that but just oh you can watch another video but the
point is that we’re trying to lower insulin so to do that you need to eat
less frequently let’s say you start with three meals per day with no snacks and
then you go to two meals a day no snacks and that would be considered intermittent
fasting and some people do one meal a day but the point is that it’s just
eating less frequent it’s not necessarily focused on lowering calories
even though you will be consuming less calories that focus is not on calories
it’s about eating less frequently at the end of the day we want to provide all
the nutrients so we need a certain amount of calories the cool thing about
intermittent fasting is that because you’re eating less frequent the
requirements from nutrients go down because the body starts being
conservative with its nutrients it starts holding or retaining more
nutrients so what you would need for three meals a day okay as far as
nutrients you would need less nutrients for two meals a day just because the
body adapts sometimes people are concerned about losing muscle mass well
the other cool thing is that when you’re doing intermittent fasting certain hormones
like growth hormone increases dramatically to protect the muscles from
being lost okay so your body tends to now conserve protein as well when you do
intermittent fasting so you’re not going to lose muscle mass so the two main
things that help you lower insulin are the reduction of carbohydrates I’m
talking about the sugar refined carbs the grains the pasta the cereal the
biscuits the waffles the juice the alcohol I have a lot of videos on this
right here like a ton but that just kind of gives you the summary and also number
two eating less frequently what we’re doing when we actually drop
carbs and we eat less frequently is where adapting to fat-burning you’re
actually making a new cellular machinery to run your body on fat fuel okay and no
longer on sugar now what happens when you consume too many carbs the insulin
comes in and takes it out and converts it to fat so a lot of the fat on your
body right now has come from the carbohydrates not necessarily the fat
that you ate but the carbohydrates that you ate the other thing that people
don’t realize is this in the presence of too much insulin you can’t lose this fat
so if you have a stubborn metabolism and you can’t lose weight we know you have
too much insulin is there a quick test to know if you have too much insulin yes
just look down right now and if you could see your belly you have too much
insulin because these are the main symptoms of high insulin belly fat high
blood pressure high cholesterol fatigue especially after eating decrease
cognitive function lack of focus poor memory Moody irritable sometimes
depressed grouchy because the blood sugar issue cravings for carbs for sure
and you’re hungry all the time especially between meals when you get
your body in the fat burning and now your body is burning fat between meals
because before it wasn’t it was dependent on your diet and dietary sugar
so now when you’re burning your own fat wow you get rid of the hunger okay
you’re not hungry anymore it makes it easy to do this you don’t crave anymore
that’s why healthy keto and intermittent fasting is very successful long-term
because it allows you to stick to it because you’re not hungry all the time
you’re not craving sometimes when you look up keto you’ll see this little pie
chart thing right here it’ll say 20% protein maybe 70% or 65% fat as far as
the total calories 5% carbs okay this is very confusing for people because you
have to calculate calories into grams and this and that
this is the simplicity right here if you just envision your plate, okay this is
your plate half of the plate should be salad or vegetables okay a quarter of the
plate should be protein and the other quarter should be fat
so this 65 or 70 percent fat which seems like a lot of fat now remember one gram
of fat is more than twice the calories of carbs and protein so this is
misleading in reality the volume of fat is really only you know a quarter of
your plate and and lot of this fat is actually mixed with the protein so it’s
not as much as you think and then we have the small amount of carbs out here
just to keep it really really simple okay and healthy keto and intermittent
fasting is not just about weight loss it’s about getting you super healthy for
reducing inflammation for helping your cognitive function helping your overall
mood making the body work better okay so now that you have the basics now you can
go to the rest of the videos thanks for

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    can you follow this plan with Keto and Intermittent fasting while breastfeeding?

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    Both you and Thomas DeLauer are amazing! Thank you for all your help!!

  5. Emelda Goodridge says:

    I started the keto diet two weeks now and start feeling better about myself

  6. Shelley Compton says:

    QUESTION: how do you prevent "sagging" skin with weight loss. I have 65 to lose?????????

  7. Larissa Whitt says:

    THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!! I have Insulin resistance/ pcos and I am struggling! You just broke this down the best I’ve seen. Thank you!

  8. Diana Manotti says:

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  12. StopandSmell TheRoses says:

    Dr Berg, I have been putting in a keto app of my food etc… I am averaging 900 calories a day. And the app says I should have 1600 calories… but I never eat that much food… ever. I am 5’10” and 43 years old. Large boned ( wrist is 7” ) and up to this week, I have live a sedentary life for the most part…. ( this week I have used a treadmill and a Pilates machine… everyday at different levels of intensities….
    I have intermittent fasted for the last year… but just ate what ever I have wanted… I do love my sweets!) so… now I am staring my day with food grade hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, then chase that with morienga tea, and I put apple cider vinegar, half a lemon, cinnamon and cayenne pepper (just to cover all my bases ) so by lunch I eat something eggy with a salad and my organic full food vitamins
    and then I’m ready for dinner at 6 … done. Is it going to stop my process to have less food… ? I’m taking my organic vitamins… so why do I need more food if I’m not hungry at all?
    My assumption is that my body is telling me it doesn’t need more, cause it’s taking care of itself right? Help ? What would you suggest I try for my situation
    Thanks 😘💕
    ( health problems, none. Medications, none. )

  13. Bursleygirl says:

    I wish you were in the uk,I desperately need to lose weight but have health issues including needing to have a daily growth hormone injection.
    I need an expert in this area so I do this safely without detriment to my health.

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    I started on keto this week. So far, it's been delicious and I've not felt the soul sucking, sanity shredding hunger I always feel on a restricted diet. Every morning, I look at my plate of bacon and guacamole and think, "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" 😆

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  20. Knowlege Fair says:

    Sir your teachings are simple and awsome.

  21. rachid id says:

    shame of us we muslims we not fast as it should be we eat in ramadan more than other days .prophet muhamed (pbuh) said fast and you will be healthy

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  23. ERROR 404 NOT FOUND says:

    For 30% of people who are watching this video and have Sick liver like i do and theyre weight its going from 70kg to 73,5kg just coz eating 1 wrong thing dont this keto diet it will not help just drink a lot of water and dont eat Junk food and hard foods at all this diet its for those who have healthy liver gall bladder this diet its mxitape of a lot of fucking FAT this will not help if you dont belive me just keep on wasting youre time and those who readed this comment will thank me later.

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    How does this work for people who want to eat plant based meals? I don't eat meat or fish and can't eat eggs or dairy. Do beans, lentils, tofu etc count towards the 25% protein?

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    I admit to doing dirt keto
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    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any help someone can offer. This seemed like the best place for me to ask these questions if there is anything with my meals that could be altered to be more keto-friendly or if someone has thoughts or recommendations than I would love to hear them.

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    AWESOME videos THANK YOU!!!

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  100. Second Sister says:

    Why haven't doctors and weight loss specialists known about fat burning all along? It's always been "Reduce calorie intake" to lose weight. Now it's "Eat high fat foods" to lose weight. I'm still not convinced that the high fat diet is healthy regarding cholesterol.

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