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Hi! I’m going to show you how to download library
ebooks to your Kindle Paperwhite or to the Kindle app. This will also work with older Kindle models,
but if you’d like to use the OverDrive app on your Kindle Fire, check out our other video
on the OverDrive app. Start by going to on any computer
and login with the amazon account that is connected to your Kindle or Kindle App. In a separate tab go to the Deerfield Public
Library website, Mouse over the Read tab, then click on the
eBooks link. Then click My Media Mall. My Media Mall is where you can search for
and checkout titles in the library’s ebook collection. First we’ll have to sign into My Media Mall. Click on the “Sign In” link in the upper
right hand corner of the page. Select the Deerfield Library. Enter your library card number. And click sign in. If this is your computer, be sure to leave
“Remember my Card Number” checked, so you don’t have to put your library card
number in each time. Now we can search for an ebook to checkout. You can search by Subjects, like “Fantasy,”
or by Collections, like “New teen additions.” Or just click on the magnifying glass to search. If an item is available for checkout, it will
say “Available.” If it says “Wait List,” the item is checked
out and you can place a hold by clicking on “Place a Hold”. You can also click on the “Available Now”
link on the left side of the page to see only books that are currently available. You also want to make sure to look for ebooks
in your search results. Audiobooks can only be checked out through
the OverDrive app. You can click borrow from here, or, click
on the book cover to get more information about the title. From here you can also choose your lending
period before you click borrow. Click Borrow. Once you’ve borrowed a title, you’ll be
prompted to go to your Loans page. You can get there by clicking on any of these
three links. In order to access these ebooks on our kindle,
we’ll need to click choose a format, and select Kindle Book. This should open up a new browser page from On the right side of the page, choose which
device you want to send your book to, and then click on “Get library book.” Your book should now transfer automatically
to the device you selected. And appear on your home screen. If you’re using the Kindle App—make sure
you’re signed in with the same Amazon Account you used at the beginning of this process—and
the book should appear the next time your app syncs. Thanks for watching. Check out some of our other informational
videos and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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