Downloading e-books to your iPad

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When you find an ebook that you want to read,
you can either read it on your computer screen or you can download it to most reading devices.
This video will show you how to download an ebook to your iPad. So the first thing you
need to do is download the free Bluefire Reader from the Apps Store. Once that’s done, click
on the appropriate link to access the book back in the catalog. At this point, if you
are coming from off-campus it will actually ask you to put in your last name and student
ID before you access the ebook. So here is the ebook, and like I said before you can
actually go through it and read certain sections on the screen without downloading it and going
from page to page using the arrows at the top. You can also do some highlighting and
even actually search the inside of the book for certain words as you can do here. But
I actually want to download this so I’m going to first login to my account. It’s free to
get an account– all you have to do is come up here to the “sign in” button and if you
had an account you would sign in here, but you want to create an account–just simply
fill in the information, hit create account and then it will create an account for you.
Since I’ve already got an account, I’m going to go ahead and put my important information
in here and once I’ve got that in, I can download it, so let me show you what it is going to
look like. The download button is here in the middle of the screen– I click on that
and then it comes up with another option to download– and this is where you are going
to click on that third button down where it says under “Special format. The entire document.”
This is where it is going to download it to the Bluefire Reader. Hit OK. And now it is
going to appear on your Bluefire Reader. And you will have it for 14 days. I hope this
helped and good luck with all of your reading!

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