Downloading Books from NLS BARD

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bjbjD Hi, this is Chris Corrigan again with
the Adaptive Services division of the DC Public Library and the Library for the Blind and
Physically Handicapped, and this is another in a series of YouTube tutorials going over
how to access and download books from the NLS BARD Website. ve already gone over how
to fill out a BARD application and how to browse books from the from the BARD web site
and now we’re going to go over how to download books after you’ve selected a book you wanted
after browsing. And so the first book we selected is for my mother, it s The Calhouns by Nora
Roberts. And remember from the last tutorial that there were after an annotation was a
link that said download The Calhouns That is the link you click on to download a book
and that ll be the case for any book you Download from BARD. It ll say download and then it
ll give the title. so to get to that link you press the JAWS key
Okay, and then
you press ENTERokay so that file download window that pops up Saying
do you want to save Do you want to open or save this file and then there’s some metadata
in there that doesn’t that doesn’t really concern you but what does concern you are
the tree buttons that pop up and the first is cancel then save and open. You don t want
to hit OPEN and you don t want to hit cancel. What you want to do is you want to hit SAVE
So you press SPACE BAR On SAVEAnd that SAVE AS dialogue will let you know that you
re in a window that gives you the option to change the name or the location. And so the
default location here is the desktop and we like that because we were to save this on
to a stream so we re gonna need to find it easily, so we re gonna say keep it in the
desktop So I m gonna TAB over until I hear the SAVE buttonOkay, it says SAVE
BUTTON, so that s what I
want, so I m gonna press the SPACE barand thisThis
is the progress window letting you know how much progress has been made and downloading.
And you re hearing a different percentage, and you re fifty-two percent away fifty six
percent away from from having a complete downloadokay they re not quite
done yet but you t have to do anything, the computer Copying it onto the desktop, after
it s downloadedAnd you re all done. And
the next segment, we re going to go over how to transfer it from the desktop onto a Victor
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