DON’T TRUST THIS GAME | Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 1


*Wapoosh* Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called “Doki Doki Literature Club.” Which – Okay – *scoffs* There’s gonna be a few disclaimers about this game before I start. A lot of you have been suggesting that I play this game and when I saw it first, I thought – I kind of rolled my eyes at it – I saw it on Steam when it came out. And I rolled my eyes at it cuz’ I thought it was just a Japanese, schoolgirl, visual novel, dating game kind of thing. And it didn’t seem like anything that I’d be interested in, But everybody on the reviews – this is a 10 out of 10 on Steam – and everybody in the reviews were saying, “Don’t read anything else about the game, just play it for yourselves.” So that already had my intrigue and then when I started up the game it gave me a bunch of disclaimers that said, “You need to be at least 13 years old to be able to play this game.” I had to agree to a consent; And then it said, “Warning: If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you might not find some of the stuff in this game appropriate.” SO I need to say that outright as well and then it gave, like, a link to… like, a disclaimer page for warnings for this game so I have no idea what this is. Apparently it gets very weird very quickly and a lot of people have been suggesting it to me, so there has to be something to it? That – Again, cause if you’re like me and you rolled your eyes at it first, It might be completely different from what we’re expecting, so Let’s give it a chance and give it a shot and see what it’s actually like. Um, I-I literally have no idea what to expect from this *reads dialogue* *reads dialogue* Awe, look at her! *chuckles* So fuckin’ anime. *reads dialogue* Actually I probably won’t be able to do voices for this cuz’ it’s all girls and that high pitched voice is gonna blow out my throat really quickly. “But I caught you this time!” Oh yeah. My name is Jack *laughs* Okay. I guess that works. I wanted to put in Jack cause I wanted the characters to call me Jack. *laughs* My waifus. *reads dialogue* *reads dialogue* *Reads dialogue* Whatever you Say-ori! *kawai girl laugh* *Reads dialogue* Have you not deci- *corrects himself* Have you decided on a club to join yet? A club? Maybe Doki Doki Literature club *Reads dialogue* What’s a NEET? (a young person who is “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”) I look around and realise I’m not *corrects himself* that I’m the only left in the classroom Going through these classrooms always reminds me of playing ‘White Day’ Um… ‘White Day,’ A labyrinth named school! It’s a Korean… Um… Korean horror game that I played ages ago Um… I-It was a bit all over the place, but these classrooms- -the- -the Japanese and Korean- Like classroom styles and building architectures and everything are very similar So, it always reminds me of that. *Continues reading dialogue* Girl 1! Oh god there’s too many of them… I already forgot the voice I gave you! She looks like Kyu from… Huniepop Oh, that- Oh, this is Sayori! OH! I’m gettin’ all confused THERE’S SO MANY CHARACTERS! *Inhale* CUTE GIRLS! I mean, uh- Sorry… *Chuckles* Mutterings… *Continues dialogue* *Clears throat* *Strange noises* All these, uh- Cute girls, uh- *Continues dialogue* Smells great… Nice hair… *Continues dialogue and gets back on track* I have no idea what voices to give these girls *Kitty Jack pose* You look like you have- Like kitty teeth MEOW~ *Continues dialogue* That’s always the case CUPCAKES Are not designed very well It’s not like some baking engineer went out and made cupcakes The most prime candidate for icing sugar…treat ‘Cause if any of you try to bite into, like a proper cupcake, You have to get icing everywhere Maybe that’s the point… *Continues dialogue* I mean- *Talks with mouth full* This is really good *Continues Dialogue* What? *Continues Dialogue* WHOOP THE MUSIC! *Dances* *Continues Dialogue* you’re not the Yuri I know The Yuri I know is in Girls Generation Kwon Yu-ri AHHM- FAKE YURI!!! Little weird Her ‘Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’ impression is getting better though SHIT!!! She’s onto me Immediately Can she read my thoughts? ‘The Shining’ I heard it was called By Steven King AH! Monika comes back in to do her ‘Rock’ impression After hearing me- Actually, after listening to me think about it *Jack about to say ‘What?’ out loud but doesn’t* *Also Jack, you ARE adorable. Right, guys?* *Jack chuckles* *BURP* Or as in Anime they would say, “Oh, oh. Nani?” When all of their cute smiles, And pretty hair, And lovely eyes Stare back at me! DEJECTED! *Jack holds himself* H-hey, you’re choking me Yeeeeaaaaahhhh Heh One of these names is not like the other~ Perhaps, I can even make Da Waifu! See, this is what i expected this game to be Just this like, FOREVER! But apparently it gets much different Apparently, it starts off like this And it’s supposed to make you think that’s it’s all this And then it takes a sharp turn And I don’t know what sharp turn that’s gonna take pretty quickly But the fact that it said, “You’re not gonna be happy if you suffer anxiety and depression” Makes me think that ahh- Their poems are gonna open up a bit about who they actually are. ALRIGHT! Ohhh… So who are we thinking? Who do we like most so far? I don’t like Natsuki cause Her-she seems a little hotheaded And her attitude towards me was a little- A little sharp Sayori is my best friend Kind of but she cute Monika *smack his lips* Feel like Monika is a little too out of my league She’s a bit too, uh…official Since she’s the president I think Yuri is my heart’s desire for now umm I forget what she’s into *Jack laughs* Okay..what should we write about? “Pain!” Ah, hahum “Massacre!” Let’s write a horror! Wait, are these girls bouncing based on what I’m picking? …Oh, you’re just bouncing anyways.. Ummmmm “Raincloud.” Oh, they do bounce based on what I’m clicking! Ummm “Philosophy?” Ahh! So I’m trying to pick the ones that Yuri likes. I like Yuri. “HORROR!” “Melancholy.” Okay. Sayori jumped a little for that one, but I don’t know if it’s just a natural jump. Uhhhh, “tragedy!” Sayori, you like “tragedy?” Ummm… “Boop?” *laughs* “Misfortune.” Shit! “Dazzle?” Ah, shit. “Infinite, fester, eternity!” Yeah, there we go. “Misfortune,” shit! “Effulgent.” I don’t even know what that is, “disown.” Okay, so you like the dark stuff, (Yuri) You like a middle ground, (Sayori) You like the cute stuff. (Natsuki) I can’t even impress Monika! She’s not even here! Ummm “Destiny?” “Wrath.” “Unrestrained?” I’m picking all the good ones! For Yuri. I have to pick twenty?! God Almightly. “Graveyard.” Ummmm “Hurt?” Okay. *laughs* You like that one. Uhhh, inf- -alliblllllle “DEATH.” wHAT!?! Sayori, you like “death?” Ummm, ‘kay, two more… “Insight.” Nice, and “misery.” Crap! Okay, last one! Last one, last one. “Determination!”

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    Aww I have anxiety I should probs lea- ENJOY THIS AMAZING SERIES 😄😄😄

  16. fnaf bonnie says:

    Hey Jack here's a spoiler.
    Your awesome

    Also I know I am very late to this and Jack won't read this but it's still fun to pretend

  17. noth ing says:

    10:22 kiddy teeth? those are considered cute in japan. your third teeth to be sticking out.

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    My favorite girl is Natsuki

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    Person who likes puzzles: huniepop

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    Me: then why the fuck is jack playin’

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    Natsuki: “I hate horror.”

    The DDLC community: You’re in the wrong game then…

  34. Banana_ Chopsticks says:

    This whole vid. I only god anime game ads I was laughing so hard

  35. destiny 2,fortnite and anthem talks,ideas and fun says:

    Cutest character is clearly natsuki

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  52. GachaTaco818 says:

    NEET is basically the anime term for a shut-in. Someone who just does nothing and never goes outside. Just stays in and watches anime or whatever

  53. Gangsta Bela says:

    This is my first poem ok here it goes

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Natsuki and monika are mine
    None of them is for you

  54. Stranger Things says:

    Its sad because i suffer from both anxiety and depression lol

  55. PhyoVlogs andgames says:

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    DISCLAIMER: Don't play this if you have any depression or anxiety and if you are under 13.
    I have depression and anxiety. Also I am 12, under 13.

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