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I remember Tom Bilyeu once said whatever
it is that you’re going to do in your life if you have any interest in doing
something extraordinary if you have any interest in performing better than your
classmates if you have any interest in getting better grades this is the
takeaway for you the only way you’re going to push past the mountain of
obstacles the late nights studying until 2:00 in the morning the multiple
deadlines that just keep coming and coming
you need to have extraordinary focus to know exactly what you want to have
clarity of purpose to have a crystal clear vision of exactly it is that
you’re trying to achieve whether it’s getting that a grade or 4.0 GPA or
getting into the most prestigious university in the country when you have
that and you stare at it all day and you think about it and you think exactly how
you’re gonna make it happen and it’s the first thing you think about
in the morning when you wake up it’s only then that you have a chance because
then my friends when that procrastination starts to slide into
your life you will muster the force that you need to destroy that obstacle it
takes such a passionate almost obsessive focus to get to the top
you really gotta put everything into it while your classmates are sleeping
you’re studying while they’re eating you’re studying while they’re partying
and you’re studying it really will take everything you’ve got to climb to the
top of the class but it’s achievable it’s definitely achievable and they’ll
look up at you and think how did he do it most of us aren’t defeated in one
decisive battle were defeated one tiny seemingly insignificant decision at a
time when we decide to procrastinate instead of studying and it suddenly
becomes a habit and it slowly chips away at who we should really be that’s how we
lose it’s in those little moments the quiet moments when no one is looking
when it seems like it just doesn’t matter
and so we take the easy path we don’t worry about pushing back each bad
decision you make every one of them by themselves is nothing but when you take
them as a holistic thing suddenly you stop getting the grades you could
achieve you stop passing the exams you could pass
you saw being the person you could be if you are willing to muster the force the
determination to see yourself through to the end of your exams it is not going to
be easy in fact it’s going to be incredibly hard it will challenge
everything about who you are but if you can do it at the end of that journey you
will be a fundamentally different person in fact that is the point of going on a
journey the journey is never the point it’s always about the self
transformation it’s about becoming the best possible person you can be right
now to you they’re just exams you have to pass but the determination and the
work ethic that you acquire and develop and refine it’s these skills that you’re
going to take with you and carry you through life that is what you’re working
for the self transformation it is within you now
it’s up to you to find it what’s the single most important thing that will
determine whether you get the grades you want it’s hunger if you have enough
hunger inside of you you’ll prepare day and night study day and night and no
exam will be difficult you’ve got to keep taking your studies to the next
level you gotta achieve

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    I don't like how you reiterate the fact that its about doing better than others. No, its about mastering what you get into, try to truly understand what the concept you're studying is trying to convey to you. It's finally not about the grades but about how the beauty in what you learn will probably help you create or discover something equally beautiful. That's what I think one's main focus should be.

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