Don’t Buy The Knockoff Version Of Stephen’s Book On Amazon


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100 thoughts on “Don’t Buy The Knockoff Version Of Stephen’s Book On Amazon”

  1. Connie Crawford says:

    Go after this rip-off, Stephen! Force him to contribute his profits to these charities, too ! Stay strong!

  2. Oscar Reyes says:

    I went to amazon to check on the reviews on the ripoff book and guess what? It's no longer on amazon! BWAHAHAHAHHA! I guess the threat of having to get a court order just to fart was too much for that a-hole!

  3. Spaghetti Sultan says:

    Oh, well. You know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of You better lawyer up, buddy! 'Cause my attorney is gonna crawl so far up your ass, you're gonna have to get a court order just to fart!

  4. Chris McKimie says:

    Why not Puerto Rico also?

  5. Evel _Knerval says:

    i don't like to buy anything from amazon – even tho, they have the cheapest offer – is there any source, that doesn't support the bright capitalists – or the "one percent"?

  6. The One Above All says:

    The Caravan Exposes the Democrats

    Democrats don’t want to talk about the migrant caravan. Last weekend, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer put out a joint statement accusing Trump and Republicans of being “desperate to change the subject from health care to immigration because he knows that health care is the number one issue Americans care about.”

    Liberal commentators have been urging Democrats to refute Trump’s accusation that the party supports open borders. There are the taunting headlines like “No, Democrats Don’t Want ‘Open Borders.’” There are the opinion columnists who point out that every Democratic senator in 2013 voted for the Gang of Eight immigration bill, which included a large amnesty but had weak enforcement mechanisms.

    Shouldn’t it be easy for Pelosi and Schumer to just say that the people in the caravan should not be allowed to walk right into the country, that any legitimate asylum claims will be processed according to the normal fashion, and that they advise anyone, especially vulnerable people, against making a 1,000-mile journey through Mexico with people they do not know? Maybe it should be easy to say that, but it isn’t.

    In a way, it’s odd that Democrats can’t at least pay lip service to immigration enforcement. After all, their recent promises on the matter have been taken in the same spirit as Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s onetime opposition to same-sex marriage. These are things Democrats feel compelled to say to appease a retrograde electorate, but they don’t mean it and they won’t follow through on it.

    Barack Obama tried to build a reputation as a “deporter-in-chief” by redefining deportation and juking the stats on immigration. The gambit to make Democrats look more serious about enforcement ahead of a grand bargain on immigration failed to convince enough voters, and Republicans ultimately refused to join in. When it failed, Obama reverted to his actual position, taking “a pen and a phone” in hand and signing an executive amnesty.

    But pro-immigration activists are increasingly withdrawing their patience with Democrats’ appeasing statements and gestures on immigration. Consequently, aspirants to the Democratic nomination in 2020 are falling over each other in a rush to promise to abolish Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Liberal opinion leaders have been popularizing academic theories that paint all immigration enforcement as an expression of white supremacy.

    Conservative voters and immigration restrictionists know that they have been snookered in the past. The 1986 amnesty was given in exchange for a promise of strict enforcement. The amnesty ended up being much larger than expected, and the enforcement never came. Given this history, and the arrangement of political power, and the increased power of pro-immigration activists in the Democratic coalition, restrictionists naturally conclude that liberals in 2018 lack the moral will and the political incentive to follow through on promises of strict enforcement, especially in cases where there is media spectacle.

    America’s Democrats are not alone in this. European heads of state and EU functionaries worked hard to create the Dublin Accords, which govern migration and asylum policies on the European Union’s borders. But the commitment to these rules evaporated under the migration crisis in 2014 and 2015.

    That this is such a persistent phenomenon on two sides of the Atlantic suggests that there is something within the anthropology and worldview of modern liberalism that makes maintaining the distinctions between citizens and non-citizens difficult at moments of stress.

    I suspect it is a commitment to egalitarianism that takes legal distinctions between citizens and non-citizens to be “unreal” or fictive, which implies that enforcement of them at moral cost is unjust. There is also a habit of mind among liberals to take the treatment of any individual, as a judgment on the whole class of people that individual is held to represent. Pro-immigration activists say “No one is illegal.” But members of the caravan are less troubled by symbolism and continue to distinguish among individuals: One told the media, “It’s criminals in here.”

    The Democrats’ ability to kid themselves about their commitment to border enforcement is one of the reasons America’s debate about immigration is so deranged. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want to avoid the subject of the caravan for a very good reason. Because now it has become obvious. In order to pass legislation, they ask Republicans and restrictionists to believe their commitments to enforcement. Out of the other side of their mouth, to avoid primary challenges and hassle, they ask activists not to.

  7. Bo Hogland says:

    You forgot Puerto Rico??

  8. Kaden Mohlow says:

    What about porta Rico

  9. Masc Judah says:

    So you ain't going to say nothing then proceeds to Puerto Rico so you ain't going to help out the Puerto Ricans Hispanics so called what you going to help out the Bible Belt white folks so-called

  10. James Humphrey says:

    dTrump incited the pipe bomber and is just as guilty and responsible

  11. Carl Forbes says:

    When did Colbert write a children's book , and who taught him how to spell

  12. Gnorts Mr Alien says:


  13. IoriaDieffenbach says:

    Be nice if SNL Eric and Trump jr. made a sketch on weekend update about Eric’s new book,“ whose boat is this boat?” And takes it out of his backpack.
    It’d be funny as hell!

  14. Jeff Corsiglia says:

    Trump thought if a boat ended up in your yard it was your's. He really is a child.

  15. Joseph Momma says:

    Why no $$$ for Puerto Rico?

  16. SURAJ KHADE says:

    Wow…1st postion on amazon…great 😁😂😂

  17. Epian Rose says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wrote a book. Its terrible.

  18. Kowasi says:

    Another low for the Colbear…

  19. Deprecated Account says:

    That's a whole new level of low ripping off a book that is designed to raise money for charity. Probably a Trump supporter.

  20. Foxworth Vorn says:


  21. NPC #8675309000 says:

    Trump Is A Bad Man!!! That Book Is The TRUTH!!! Just Like CNN!!! Beep Beep Boop

  22. Lynn R says:

    No hurricane relief for Puerto Rico??

  23. Krys Quinlan says:

    I completely love that you are supporting hurricane relief efforts, but what about Puerto Rico?

  24. Punishment INK says:

    Can some of the money go to Puerto Rico too? Asking for my brown brothers and sisters.

  25. Jimmy Reid says:

    Fortunately, nobody is watching you anymore. Btw, this wasn't funny. Just boring. Good night.

  26. LL Lew says:

    Lmfao! Get a lawyer just to fart!😊😄

  27. Shanna Wheeler says:

    Even this book can't escape cheap Chinese knockoffs on Amazon. Sick how people will do anything to make money.

  28. Jesus A. says:

    They should drop it on audible with Stephen reading it in his best Donald Trump voice impersonation! Lol

  29. Pcheruka says:

    What if I buy two and their both the wrong ones

  30. Scott Smith says:

    Stephen Colbert's one of the reasons why I stopped watching TV getting tired of all the Press being very unpatriotic towards the president yeah everybody's allowed to have their opinion but it's to the point where it's unpatriotic now

  31. Lukas Harkotte says:

    Stories like this always amuse me. The same thing happened with "Fire and Fury". If a majority of Americans would actually support retail and in this case bookstores, this simply would not happen. It's their own laziness of shopping for literally anything online that makes the success of such nock-offs possible.

  32. Black Rod says:

    I almost threw up the last time Stephen promoted this book as no.1 bestselling and I went to check Amazon's bestseller list and found Tucker Carlson's book at no.1 and Stephen's(Trump's) at no.2. It's great seeing Whose Boat Is This Boat? at no.1.

  33. tasneem x says:

    I'm not from the US but even I know the Late Show raised money for Puerto Rico. Understanding your frustration and anger, maybe you should take up these concerns with your government. It's wonderful to see a late night show do so much. Thanks Stephen!! 😘

  34. pukeyourguts says:

    that time to go number 1 joke was amazing

  35. WormholeJim says:

    Thinking about the subtitle (by [unmentionable abomination], I can't tell which would be the funnier. That Twump files a lawsuit against the book for copright infringement with demand for royalties from each copy sold, or Colbert makes a fund, "The Twumped Retirement Fund," say, where all proceeds gets collected to be handed over to Twump at the time of his retirement (and/or removal) from office. Remembering another comedian saying something along the lines like nothing pisses of your enemies more than being nice to them.

  36. J L Morris says:

    …. and that damn sleigh ride was HELL! jojo? what about me too, or just me? emojoi

  37. Pork fried rice says:

    Jon in the background "..ok"

  38. Tyler Baraby says:

    Considering this is about the 12th time you've plugged this book on air, honestly, if someone is selling a rip off then you kinda deserve it at this point.

  39. preasail says:

    One thing Colbert can't get straight is that penis jokes are not funny

  40. Michael Schweigart says:

    It seems that the knock off is only available as an e-book and the cover is totally different than Colbert's actual one. There's also an e-book called Fire and Furry: Pets Get Political, supposedly edited by Michael Woof (instead of Wolff)

  41. Doctor Feelfunny says:

    ripped "off" his book

  42. Yes I’m Blessed says:

    By Donald J. Trump (by accident) 🤣😂😹

  43. Ann Arvi says:

    stop ruining my youtube feed by existing.

  44. Ean James Elmore says:

    I’m in an American Romanticism class and my teacher told us to tell him any pop culture references to Moby Dick (which is the focus of the class). I’m sure he’ll be excited to hear about this. Although Moby’s Dick is already in Moby Dick in chapter 95

  45. J H says:

    That dirty rip off, con job should be dealt with. That's so messed up.

  46. Andria Marie says:

    Oh yes. I pre-ordered 2.

  47. Manored says:

    1:50 is he allowed to say this on CBS?

  48. OrionoftheStar says:

    The story ends on a cliffhanger when you discover the boat belongs to Boatsy DeVos, who has come with her navy of junks to repossess her boat.

  49. CK_Twist says:

    I was unable to find the knockoff on Amazon… removed perhaps? hope so!

  50. Michael500ca says:

    The fake "news" boat is probably from Donald Trumpster fire himself.

  51. Charles Roberts says:

    Whose Country is this Country?

  52. LazySpoon Utensil says:

    So, what you're saying is: You've taken a natural disaster, one which affected so many lives, and decided that the way to show your support and care was to place division piggyback-style on a legitimate fundraiser. It's not only stooping to the level of divisiveness, yourself, but it's downright disconnected. Trump didn't physically cause the hurricanes. His policies, blah blah, OK that's a separate issue, and one that trump is not solely responsible for deploying. I don't care if you don't agree with him, but if you want to see unity in the nation, you must not take a stance of divisiveness, even against him. It's like fighting fire with fire… there's just fire everywhere, when it's all over. I should state that I am not supporting trump. I support productive energies.

    Trump is not standing out there with a jackhammer tearing up your sidewalks.
    Trump is not tossing napalm at Planned Parenthood, hoping to immolate your unborn fetuses.
    Trump is not personally requisitioning your birth certificate at bathroom doors.

    So just chill the fuck out about some old dudes far away in a stuffy room, wearing stuffy suits, laughing about what is real and what's a hoax and counting their pocketbooks. They don't brush your teeth, they don't say hello to your neighbors, they don't scrub your bathtub. They're a bunch of soggy old farts, disconnected from those citizens they have been charged to represent.

    And if my history serves me correctly, those leaders who attempt to impose their views without proper representation or support usually end up with revolt. But you don't have to throw tea in the harbor to get your point across. You can live your life every day in defiance of the establishment's decrees. In fact, we could let him "ruthlessly dictate" all he wants on paper. If nobody pays him any credence at all, defying those decrees with a subtle indifference, he'll be the most ineffective dictator in the history of the world. Everyone gets what they want.

    …and how about, instead, write a book of ACTUAL poetry, or something that outlines the GOODNESS of the WHOLE american people, not the relative buffoonery of an individual. Stop riding the coattails of his insanity. DEFINITELY support the human family.

  53. Amreen Panjwani says:

    Just a thought, donate to Puerto Rico too.

  54. Tricia A says:

    Isn't this just like what TDS did last year (book of Trump quotes)?

  55. M Rogers says:

    What about Puerto Rico? They are still waiting for our help.

  56. Nina Marin says:

    … and none to Puerto Rico? 😢

  57. ioana ilea says:

    ok, ok, not cool to have that knock off BUT ITS SO COOL, do you get me?

  58. ioana ilea says:

    the fact that it surpassed your book is hilarious

  59. dennis bryan says:

    The knock off version is really good

  60. bleach00101 says:

    He should of said court order just too “boof”

  61. Rr Ii says:

    It's our boat. Aid floots

  62. Rr Ii says:

    Thanks Steven for the boat, follow through and for the other book. Punt !

  63. Rose Boston says:

    What about Puerto Rico?

  64. Cindy Allaer says:

    What about proceeds also to Puerto Rico ?

  65. Anne George says:

    Haven't bought anything on amazon since january 2017 and I don't miss it. Amazon treats their workers like slaves.

  66. mahoganimedia says:

    sucks that you can't have anything nice!

  67. Gerplore Sumerte says:

    "Played and Booked It"

  68. Evon Williams says:


  69. Rich Beatty says:

    Left out TX & PR?

  70. Alex S. says:

    Making profits towards hurricane relief is brilliant haha I’m sure Trump is pissed

  71. David Brown says:

    Looks like Steve Coogan on the fake book.

  72. David Brown says:

    Amazon has taken the fake down.

  73. Zian Fox says:

    Stephen you don’t own the whole of America’s intellectual property yet and it’s easy to see which book is which, don’t be such pushovers you are already Rich multimedia Giants I’m sure a lil independent poetry book won’t harm you helping hurricane victims! Kind of shame is on you, you guys piggy back on absolutely jus Anything at all on your show, it’s basically a show about wathever anyone else is doing, come on guys! Still enjoy your show but come on.

  74. Zian Fox says:

    Stephen I think half a days salarie of yours can pay off any damage some small poetry book could toll on helping the hurricane, come on your a people man right? No? Not whe a few dollars are involved?

  75. Romantic Outlaw says:

    colbert: providing the hurricane relief the potus wouldn't through his words

  76. John Stoner For Life says:

    No Puerto Rico 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 it was screwed,
    already before hurricane destroyed it physically

  77. Debbie Henri says:

    Strange. I couldn't find the rip-off version on Amazon? Was Stephen joking – or has it been removed by Amazon?

  78. Eponine Reads says:

    This seems kinda shady. Your book does. If people feel like giving money to hurricane relief…..give it directly to hurricane relief. I don't care what your explanation is. This isn't the time to get a souvenir because you gave money to a cause.

  79. Nate Hill says:

    It’s an American dream – steal someone else’s idea

  80. SedonaHealthCoach says:

    Puerto Rico needs money too!

  81. Fateh Haddad says:

    Marlon Brando's copy (which was original)… come on dude .. come up with an original idea , you are number 1 !!!!

  82. Orange Trees says:

    Very creative of you guys. Excellent work

  83. Tairneanach says:

    I wanted to check the reviews of the rip-off to see whether people were calling them out, but it's not there anymore. Maybe Amazon have taken it down, maybe the lawyers came through – either way, good riddance!

  84. Adri Rizo says:

    "It is time to go number one!" hahaha! Brutal!

  85. Dan Koen says:

    Sounds like the Seminites are going it scream foul.

  86. joseph bodden says:

    nothing for Puerto Rico? tsk.

  87. exactinmidget92 says:

    surprised they didn't censor "ass".

  88. Marilyn Newman says:

    This is why we can't have nice things.

  89. Chris R says:

    What kind of low-life hijacks a charity project for their own gain?

    Apart from the Trumps, I mean…

  90. to ninho says:

    Greed might be the downfall of US

  91. Angry Kittens says:

    For shame. Those tens of dollars could have bought a paper towel!

  92. erikk77 says:

  93. Le Chevalier Grenouille says:

    Man I need this book !

  94. Miss Chief says:

    Why aren't any of the proceeds going to Puerto Rico? Surely they need it more than the other states mentioned, plus that would irritate Trump all the more 😉

  95. TheJimtanker says:

    Got my book in the mail last night.  Glad I could donate to such a great cause.

  96. Rebecca Bradley says:

    Have you copyrighted the book? Did you ever stop to think – just maybe – someone might want to know how much it *costs*? Why are you so ashamed of the price?

  97. Dave Dee says:

    Colbert's book is #2 and another book is #1. I was expecting the #1 book to be by John Oliver.

  98. Brian Lacy says:

    reading of the book

  99. William schlenger says:

    Das boot.

  100. CrystalblueMage says:

    How about the poor victims in Alabama?

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