Dolores Cannon Teachings and Predictions (with Landria Onkka)


Landria here, and today we’re going to talk about Dolores cannon one of the most interesting people in the 21st century and 20th century and in my opinion Who was she why was she so unique unlike anybody else out there? And what were her teachings get ready? We’re going to do that right now Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through those fears and live an awesome life I’m going to supply the tools for you to manifest anything why we want to race the frequency the planet One light being a time it starts with you and it starts with me So weird talk today about Dolores cannon. Why was she such an interesting person? Why would her teachings so out there and bizarre and why don’t more people know about her Well, they are learning more and more about her Unfortunately Dolores is now passed But she was doing something for over 45 years. I think more like 50 years or more unlike anybody else out there now, I am a Quantum healing hypnosis technique hypnotist. What is that? It is the teachings of Dolores cannon who was a hypnotist now. She started at a very young age She was married at the time but a very young age going into hypnotizing people Her in her husband who was in the military at the time now I’m not gonna go into her background because I really think you should explore her Interesting life and how she got to be so well known for this unique technique that she now teaches other people What is quantum healing hypnosis technique? dolorous like other Hypnotists found out that their subjects were starting to talk about things that happened before they were born other Lifetimes this is not unique however it was something people wouldn’t talk about because those Practitioners were either thought to be crazy or discredited and didn’t even go into that space or the people being hypnotized We’re thought to be crazy and they discredit these stories however Many of them were proven to be true Things that people couldn’t possibly know about a past life another person in another time Addresses that details about their family how they died how others died It came to the point where it couldn’t be ignored Now Dolores did not deliberately go after this but while hypnotizing one of her subjects who wanted to lose weight They found out that she was going into another lifetime and her husband wanted to explore this further now, of course when word got out that they were doing this there was some great discredit given to them and it was the work of the devil and this is why so many people Were discouraged to talk about these things if a doctor talked about these things and believed it Well, of course, like dr. Brian Weiss who’s one of them? They’re out stood out of the medical community What did Dolores – she’s not a channel? She’s very clear about that Dolores was only getting messages from the subjects that she hypnotized but what she was doing is she was taking them to a much deeper considered an unsafe place by hypnotists going into that realm where they’re going to the other side out of their bodies and connecting to something very unknown and A little scary for a lot of people she referred to them as the collective or they in other words She was now not just getting the past life experiences from the people she hypnotized who are very unaware that they were even having these discussions, but now there was another force of Several beams that would come in during the session that would talk directly to Dolores in fact they dictated books to her. One of them is called the convoluted universe and she has several of them They’re very thick books. Now. Here’s what happened. She has Hypnotized I don’t know tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of people. That’s a lot of people now imagine if you’re hypnotizing somebody here in Atlanta and The beans come through and say they want to talk to Dolores and they start to dictate information Now, let’s imagine that you the hypnotist goes to California in hypnotizes somebody there Doesn’t know about this conversation and has no connection to that last person that you hypnotized yet at the end of the session These beans come in and pick up their information in their story their dictation Right where they left off this was going on. You can’t make this stuff up What were they dictated they were giving? Universal information and I really highly recommend that you read these books now some of the books are a little bit out there that because they go into Alien life and some things that I don’t know They might be just a little bit too long for you to go over but I found the convoluted Universe quite interesting because you can look up different areas of things. You want to know about the afterlife. What is God? How does the future play out? how do you know how do we change our realities quantum physics all this stuff many many conversations and many answers to Subjects because Delores would ask questions to these higher beings and then she would write it in these books Seems cray-cray, doesn’t it but you cannot make up some of the stuff that she was doing now. She does have a book about Nostradamus where she actually was speaking in Astra Thomas not after he was dead but in her time zone and his time zone They were talking and she has she’s considered one of the foremost experts in deciphering the quatrains of Nostradamus so she was talking to him in real time because there’s no such thing as time So this is way out there stuff, but I think you’re ready for it. Now why I don’t suggest you read Nostradamus is because Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce and many others who have Predicted the future also stated that that the reason why they were sharing it with us is so that we could change the future So most of the predictions that they have given have not come true nor will they for us? Because we are going to a higher conscious We are awakening therefore some of the destructive things certain Wars and things were supposed to take place have nots Nostradamus stated this that there was nothing we couldn’t change as did Edgar Cayce. I believe that we have changed it so to read quatrains about Forecasts that have already passed and not happened. I don’t know not the best use of my time But you can go ahead and read them. This is what she was doing and she was doing it through the subjects that she hypnotized now I want to share something with you and I truly adhere to this and this is why Dolores is one of my favorite Spiritual let’s just say teachers, I guess so to speak out there Dolores did not run into lower beings Now I truly believe this I think that what every frequency exists But she was telling through all of these interviews she did through these Hypnotized subjects that there really is only one thing and it’s all love Everything else is created by us. So if you experience low level frequencies or situations or whatever It’s completely made up in other words We get to create it through our freewill and if you believe something and if you participate in the lower frequency Here on this planet you’ll experience that so her message and from these beans is that we can change any of that We don’t have to go into those deep dark places. Isn’t that wonderful? I truly believe this and this is my teachings and this is the information that I receive through my downloads All right. I’m not channeling either However, all of us have access to this information if you want answers to all of this All you have to do is meditate ask and things will show up for you. You’ll know certain things Dolores was getting this directly from these higher beings It was pretty powerful stuff But what they’re saying is nothing but hopeful Beautiful messages that we are perfect light beings and that anything else is as I teach Just an experience not to be judged good nor bad. It’s just the one experiencing every form of itself So if you want to read some really out there stuff you can read her books and they do give so many answers But they did hold back There’s a lot of things that we are not supposed to know while we’re here It would affect our future and our decisions and they want us to make our own decisions about that that’s why we’re here is our own journey to create that future now herein lies the challenge what future are you going to create and All of these beans are out there are supporting us loving us allowing us to do whatever even if it’s not in our own best interest or Others and we see that go on constantly around us. All of it can be changed This is our journey and our personal evolution of our own energy field of which Contributes and is the one but we get to experience our own journey Delores talks about all of this and her message even including I know some of you will not believe this including alien life She has never run into a negative one and all the things that do happen are not meant to be negative They’re meant to help us pull out of what we’re doing Even though sometimes it seems very bad a lot of the things that happen to people with abductions and stuff were predestined Agreements just like we talked about Kobe Bryant. Why did he die why to all those people in the helicopter? Why 9/11 all those people died? There are predetermined contracts in place that we forget about so we’re like why did this happen and then you go to the other side and you know Why exactly it happened you may have decided to participate in something Maybe some people are participating with other life forms to improve the planet To help them to create something much more powerful. I don’t think their intentions are bad However, let’s put it this way. There are different frequencies in everything in everything that exists out there So, of course, there are some lower frequency beings that exist But I don’t believe that that’s what we’re experiencing because if that were the case We’d be gone right now because we are the most destructive dangerous energy fields Species in the universe. All right were the worst ones So if they were so bad, trust me, they’d take us out and it wouldn’t be with some kind of nuclear thing They would just release something and we would die so that they wouldn’t hurt the planet any more than we already have We’re here to raise the frequency of this planet. We can change any future we want there is nothing in stone And this was the message of Delores cannon that everything is changeable. We hold unlimited power She states it in her books I have told you this I know it’s Not easy for us to imagine because we struggle and suffer so much and it seems like the outside world is what? Contributes to that and it does only if you’re connecting to that frequency. So if you experience a low frequency Thoughts beliefs you will experience the limitations of the other energy fields within there raise your frequency It’s not just about manifesting You’re always manifesting raise the frequency and you will connect to the better options of better opportunities The more joyous and abundant and happier Situations all of this is true, and I think you know this So Delores can an amazing person again all she did is hypnotized people and she always said she was just the messenger But her hypnosis technique is very unique considered very dangerous I have used it myself and I’ve got to tell you something it heals people It can open gateways to why you might feel a certain way you do Maybe there’s a pattern you’ve had of an energy field that you’ve created that needs to be worked through this time there’s a reason why you earth abusive parents or in certain situations because this is your opportunity in this lifetime to Be the higher frequency to forgive to stop seeing blame and other people to stop stop saying somebody was a bad person They should have died That’s judgment. That’s a lower frequency Issue that is has been on this planet for ever and we need to pull out of it. So please join me Please join me and find passion in every single person Please join me in seeing that every single person no matter what they’ve done is Unconditionally loved and you should do that too for them because that’s what the one does for us Right, and that’s what we’ve been taught. Who are we to judge another person? You know, what? If you’re perfect come on my show come on my show I’ll interview you you can tell everybody how it works But so far I think that we’re all human beings going through this experience and it’s just an experience not to be judged good nor bad It’s part of the evolution of your energy field. Let’s raise it. We’re all very special on this planet right now This is a very unique group of souls that came here We volunteered to come in one of the most challenging Time periods on the planet because we’re warriors and we opted to come here to take on some very tough stuff because we opted to raise our frequency and thus Everyone else’s that contributes to the one which is everything come join me in my monthly webinar in February I have activate perfect love whether you’re in a relationship or you’re looking for one. Come join me we’re going to talk about finding that ideal person and Maintaining an amazing relationship with that person or one that you’re already with How do you create perfect love and what is it? And why aren’t you experiencing that every month? I have a webinar and then I post them on land rocket calm so you can visit them Break through fear is still being discounted. I’m letting that continue on for a little while if you use Inspiration with land Rhea you get a big discount It’s a six-week course and for that with that discount, I give it to you for a year. It has five stars. It’s changing lives Use these tools Land Rhea anchor dotnet here gives you a free workshop series and that’s for people who are looking to change Their careers and earn money in other ways online We have training there. Go check it out. Let’s expand it 2020 is the year of expansion. I’m offering these gifts Subscribe share my videos. Let’s expand. Let’s spread the word. Let’s help people make decisions to make life changes that go beyond their Self-limiting thoughts and beliefs it’s time. You have nothing to lose Your whole imperfect strong and powerful loving harmonious and happy blessings to you my friend namaste

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21 thoughts on “Dolores Cannon Teachings and Predictions (with Landria Onkka)”

  1. Steph Stephanie says:

    🥰 good morning lovely 😊🌺❤️

  2. diana harks says:

    Hey Landria, I love her teachings ❤️ Sadly none of her books are translated in german…. Great video💖 Thank you🙏🏻

  3. Zaira says:

    Landria 🙂 You're such an inspiration ❤

  4. Carina Cruz says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing knowledge😁

  5. Audrey Christie says:

    Love Dolores cannon ,its only now I'understanding her message ,thank you🙋‍♀️🙂💜

  6. Iva Vukmirovic says:

    hi Landria! you are completely right! Dolores was the first spiritual "teacher" that I stumbled upon, and based on what I 've read in her books, it was easier to follow your work, and work of others, becuase I had an excellent base! However, some information are already outdated, because we are on a much much better timeline then back in the time when she did those interviews (as you also said). But, nevertheless, more and more information are coming through, and can be quite overwhelming, so her books are an excelent starting point for anyone who wants to dive into esoteric and quantum knowlegde. Thank you for sharing her story on your yt channel. She really is an angel, and so are you. Many hugs from Serbia!

  7. Rickey stinson says:


  8. Jacky Chandler says:

    I've seen a lot of Delores' videos over the years, but didn't know she had passed. You are correct, her information was deep, and way out there so to speak. The average person will think the information is ludicrous, but her, Gregg Braden and a few others have opened my mind over the past 12 years more than all the religious leaders in my entire life. Delores was definitely Unique, but it takes Unique people to unravel life's mysteries.

  9. Shelter says:

    Ahead of her time and wow, I'm reading the Third Wave book now, amazing work by her. I bet she's having fun watching all of this unfold from the other side and I bet she's back again also. I don't think many realize how much help and assistance we get from the other side/other lifeforms, they are all ahead of us on the frequency scale and want earth to succeed and grow…even sending high vibrational souls to manifest here to help.

  10. Tamim Noory says:

    I had read in Google that awaken people also known as the change makers the solders of light and love so its true then 😇

  11. Alien2U 92 says:

    Just bought her books yesterday. What a coincidence

  12. Ren7ee says:

    Linda Moulton Howe makes some ETs seem bad due to cows being mutilated, but I think if given a choice, cows would rather have a handful of them mutilated once in a while rather than having billions of them slaughtered for food and treated inhumanely.

  13. Lyjeana Swope says:

    I love Delores and her work. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. ❤️

  14. Orsolya Minik says:

    After reading her books it never occurred to me that she indeed never encountered negative beings. However, I’ve come across the information ( maybe through her as well) that all challenges we experience in this lifetime are opportunities for us to learn and grow. They were pre-arranged by us while “designing” our lifetime prior being born. How fascinating is this!

  15. Grow With Wesley says:

    Hey Landria love this video. Dolores is the one that awakened me. Btw u talked about there is negative being other than human form. Do u also believe that the negative beings, or aliens that deal with the government eventually they have the potential to get to be one with the universe and enlightened like us? Also what is their purpose of existing if not destroy humanity? I see some spiritual community have been negative these days on blaming aliens and government that stops them from growing. Which I know is a very toxic believe.

  16. Graciela Saenz says:

    Blessings. Thank you for your gift. Namaste

  17. Dona Glosser says:

    I like Delores. Watched many videos of hers

  18. Dianne Schoenberg says:

    Fascinating,, I’d heard of her but didn’t understand what she did really. I’m going to research her more! I think her story will help my book!

  19. Susan Grande says:

    I’ve devoured several of Dolores’ books (online), especially the books about Jesus and his life. They’re fascinating!

  20. Jas Phillips says:

    I love Cannon’s convoluted universe series

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