Do Political Opinions Matter in a Relationship? | Tell My Story


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100 thoughts on “Do Political Opinions Matter in a Relationship? | Tell My Story”

  1. Halil Acikgoz says:

    Wait so she is still available?
    Seems like my type of girl.
    But she's way too old (7-8 years)? Help?

  2. coolnamesweretaken1 says:


  3. Uff Job says:

    "It's a penis!" 9:19

  4. Ally Forbes says:

    The birds and the bees part cracked me the f he was talking about how he didn’t understand and then I realized he STILL never understood 😹😭

  5. Maaike says:

    Her face makes me think of Adriene from yoga with adriene

  6. STEFANIA says:

    Politics do play a major part in a relationship because how can you be with someone when they have opposite values, beliefs, and opinions about a huge part of our life. For someone to be conservative dating a liberal, there’s obviously things they will definitely not agree on which can make for a no so smooth relationship

  7. STEFANIA says:

    She looks like someone who would play that passive aggressive young step mother

  8. *[FeelsRestricted]* says:

    Left leg or right leg…. ok she’s smart, she is a keeper!

  9. Candace Cosper says:

    Shes so prettyyyyy!

  10. sophia howard says:

    why does he look like prince william

  11. Linda W says:

    I stopped watching the moment she said she got proposed to twice…girl bye. Seems attention seeking 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  12. Alex AltEgo says:

    Yeah no…

  13. Alma Riv. says:

    Imagine being so privileged that you have the luxury to not care about politics or how they affect you… hm.

  14. Ochre Clay says:

    🤭 I’d like to give them both a good haircut

  15. Lissette Brooks says:

    Why would birds have sex with bees.. He's adorable. 😂

  16. joyyy says:

    i didn’t like her energy like she look mean 😂😬

  17. Remy Huston says:

    She's lame and boring and what adult laughs at sex talks? Weird. This was insanely awkward and I didnt realize people like that existed. Full grown adults who get weird about sex conversations? I can bet shes havin missionary for the rest of her life….

  18. A Random Comment says:

    She is so pretty!!

  19. Nell Franks says:

    Her: “ i’ve been proposed to 8 times”

    Me: “Cookies are for closers!”

  20. Annita Verata says:

    These two look like they’re from a 2005 sitcom

  21. Katie says:

    It's okay girl, I lost half my family for posting a photo of the American flag when Trump won last election xD

  22. MissRandomComment says:

    The way this world works I'm going to predict that woman is going to fall head over heels in love with a guy that doesn't fit her cookie cutter and it's going to change her life expectations and her world view forever

  23. Easyflux says:

    They both looked back, but at different times.. They would both love a fling lol

  24. Kevy Moranski says:

    A man without conviction is weak.

  25. ellimia_ says:

    She kinds looks like Dr. Manning from Chicago med..

  26. Cameron Campian says:

    Bro they needa get married

  27. JV Hunt says:

    I guessed his name was Adrian or Vladimir and her name was Daniella or Carmen

  28. marcqueeta charles says:

    Awee he’s so sweet and I’m happy they understood each other.

  29. C NK says:

    Chemistry there lol 👍

  30. Shirley Savage says:

    At this point in life, choosing a mate based on politics is a good way to start, if you support Trump, you're definitely not the one for me

  31. Hamed Shirazi says:

    Conservatives is family value 😂😂😂😂😂it remind me of stormy Daniel or putting kids in cage.

  32. Livi D. says:

    Politics do matter. I mean some people don’t care, some people do. My thing is if you support someone like the flaming hot cheeto in the Oval Office at the moment, that says a lot about you and who you are. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  33. X Apex Kelly says:

    pulls out gerbil
    slow down there buckaroo

  34. Destiny Coleman says:

    Not super curvy 😂😂I have never in my entire life heard of that😂

  35. Abc Xyz says:

    I liked her. He’s ok, but a child who won’t grow up. In ten years, she will be married with a family and house. He will be at Starbucks and renting a studio

  36. Teyona Williams says:

    I feel like they could be friends. Like in a way of balancing eachother other. But not good for romance.

  37. exclusive music says:

    birds 🦢 & bees 🐝

  38. Ankit Kalluraya says:

    She looks like some Hollywood actress

  39. Green Runs Deep says:
    I don't think her name is Allie nor Norma…

  40. Falling Skies says:

    Rachel McAdams Twin?

  41. thepianoboy2011 says:

    OMG I just saw this woman on the TV show let's make a deal season 10 episode 163 I swear she was with a different guy obviously and she said her name was Norma lol

  42. abnattitude says:

    8 engagements and two fiances by the age of 27.. she is a time bomb.. discussing sexual history with most women in the west make me want to throw up.. no wonder men go mgtow..

  43. Andrej Nikolov says:

    She's like 33

  44. yuvs says:

    why are his eyes so freaking watery

  45. Blondifull Life says:

    It’s insane to me that that people feel so strongly about politics that they can’t be open enough to keep friends or ppl they care about! That’s so sad & too common these days! My uncle & I had drinks the last time I saw him & argued( & he yelled a lot) over that. But before he left I gave him a hug & told him how much I love him cuz I would NEVER let my relationship with family or somone I really care for be ruined over things like that.🙈🤯✌🏼✌🏼

  46. mia manning says:

    I have friends who are conservatives
    But I can’t date one
    Especially if I want to go further 👀 like if you have the trump flag in your room
    I’m out but that’s just me

  47. mia manning says:

    But I don’t believe a relationship always ends in a marriage …
    I’m not 100% for marriage
    I just … now I’m just meh
    Also changing my last name? To his? Nope
    But I want to adopt

  48. Naomi says:

    His ideal dream girl basically summed up how I feel about myself and I honestly did not think that was something people desired. Short, not skinny but not curvy 😑 just a blob with a nice smile. Is he real??

  49. internetguy says:

    yes they do matter cant be getting along if your gf is a communist while yourself is a libertarian xD

  50. Amadou S says:

    Oh White privilege…

  51. Big Mass says:

    I have a huge crush on Brendan but my parents would probably want me to marry Alexis

  52. õñê çîã says:

    Who's watching in 2019?👀❤️

  53. Rants/Tips says:

    I can see why she still isnt married or with someone, I think she's psycho underneath. I can sense it. crazy person

  54. Clint Beasthood says:

    He's such a cool guy, and he's very smart. I'm a liberal myself, and a lot of liberals these days are kind of stuck up their own ass. I'm glad he's not one of them. She on the hand is kind of backwards, and appears to be unable of any introspection.

  55. bubu meh says:

    He would be the 9th if they were dating

  56. Oitnb Oitnb says:

    She looks like she came right out of the early 2000s

  57. Nae_nae4567 M says:

    She’s got such a soothing voice 🤩

  58. Yolanda Wilson says:

    So she doesn't date unless its heading toward marriage yet she's been proposed to eight times and not married…

  59. L Lawliet says:

    Brandon is like cory michael smith

  60. susan snap queen123 says:

    After she said ‘messy marvin’ he lost interests lol

  61. Seagull Livingstone says:

    She seems to know what she wants but I hope she doesn't end up in a sperm bank .he seems immature and probably struggles .

  62. K Town says:

    The birds & the bees concept is based around the description of female flowers becoming fertilized by male flowers, because the bees moves the “male matter” to the “female matter/sex organs”
    It is also the reason that many farmers are worried about declining bee populations. It leads to less fertilization of crops & thus a smaller yield.

  63. Thomas Kurian says:

    She was gorgeous.

  64. GOD SANTA says:

    they both like each other, it is what it is. even they walk away looking at each other was the wrong timing. not meant to be

  65. ruzh xyz says:

    Bruh,this girl has pointed toooo many red flags bro

  66. New World Grover says:

    Ummm, no….liberals and conservatives don't matter if they have the same goal or outlook.

  67. Katie Giles says:

    "I'm kinda like a dog so if u throw a ball i just go chase after it."
    "Oh so it would be ideal if I was a dog trainer?" Ouch lmao

  68. Saussinati Beats says:

    8 proposals, she is bad news..

  69. Bory Man says:

    He is a male ISFx and she is xSTJ. Their Extroverted thinking is in conflict.

  70. De K says:

    Grew up Mormon…Of course she’s been proposed to 8 times. That’s a no brainer.

  71. Aiden W says:

    Anyone else notice that she didn't actually flip the next page, and just said she wouldn't after he did?

  72. Sea Cruz says:


  73. Turbomanonskyline says:

    The guys that proposed are simps

  74. Jock Marais ASMR says:

    He was such a sweetheart.

  75. Alleyup1994USA says:

    America is probably the only place on the planet where being tall, handsome and White is seen as a turn off

  76. P Pumpkin says:

    We make assumptions all the time. There's too much stimulus for our mind. We fill in what we see with what we expect to see, we hear what we want to hear. The question is no making assumptions or not, the question is how to handle it.

  77. P Pumpkin says:

    I'm not surprised his parents got divorced. His father said "go to church", his mother said "ignore your father".

  78. C Liverpoolboy01 says:

    Avoid her

  79. Balmain Chanel says:

    dating her is like dating you’re grandma who’s is soo old school and soo backwards in life, Who would want that? Especially in this generation? That’s disgusting

  80. Himanshu Pant says:

    people hating her just coz she is conservative

  81. A N says:

    I always keep my personal politics to myself. I realize I tend to upset people on both sides. It produces unnecessary arguments. I just say I am not into politics and leave it alone. Trust me it works and it’s less stressful.

  82. ricecakejohnson says:

    Yea I def knew she was goona say NO to dating him since he said he didnt want kids!

  83. Oscar Navarro says:

    To this day, he's still wondering about that "Messy Marvin" nickname.

  84. Keatina Blakeney says:

    When she said lost friends over politics I’d say you better step back a bit buddie she’s scary lol

  85. akelly929 says:

    There is no difference with the two parties in politics because they are two sides of the same coin. Its an illusion of choice.

  86. Jamie Reyes says:

    She is beautiful.

  87. mohamed mow says:

    She seems mentally occupied

  88. Trouble Trouble says:

    Where can I download these questions I'm using these next for my dating life?

  89. monstercameron says:

    yeah she's a dumb repub…

  90. Tarina Aleamoni says:

    I relate to that guy so hard

  91. Justine Dincorn says:

    The hand kiss! What a gentleman

  92. Chasing Skies says:

    Isn’t she in pretty little liars?

  93. Junette Delinois says:

    Why did I lol when she started talking. Just something about her doesn't seem right.

  94. S K says:

    lmao. this girl is going to be in for a rude awakening if she thinks marriage and kids will make her happy. I've done both. Definitely does not make you happier.

  95. EDM TOWN says:

    is everybody ignoring the fact that she looks like Rachel McAdams?

  96. Doppelganger D says:

    Political opinions matters about the same as religion does in a relationship. Religion is important because it shows what kind of morals a person believes in. This also includes Athiesm. A Christian and a Athiest will have two difference sets of morals and lifestyle choices. You can also say the same for people of different political views. Liberals tend to be more athiestic, which makes them more likely to support abortions and homosexuality and laws based on individual feelings; while conservatives are usually more likely to support heterosexual marriage, reproduction, and biblical moral values and laws. Thats why its best to date people who share, not only your relgious views, but also your political opinions. It just makes keeping the peace much easier.

  97. Jennifer Tietjen Purser says:

    Literally the most boring white "couple" on this entire series. And yeah, lady, politics affects everyone and how luxurious of you to think its not important to be a part of it, this day and age. Your boss into politics, your co-workers are, your state legislature is…..what a sheltered viewpoint. Eye roll.

  98. Liv Livin says:

    Off rip I knew this wasn’t it. 😂 I get why ppl in the comments are not for her, it’s not that she’s rude… she’s just gives off a very strong … idk not even really personality… aura?? Idk but they both seem nice just definitely not for each other. This went smoothly tho, both respectively declining

  99. Ho Sniper says:

    He’s a moron, what kind of man doesn’t want kids?

  100. Leks says:

    Wow this guy was at late late tinder by james corden and i was wondering where i knew him from, then i found this video again after binging these blind dates

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