hi guys welcome to a new video so let’s go talk super today electric bikes are the enduro bikes from 3000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 watts e then by popular demand why why a few weeks ago I put up here youtube a place where I asked you if could be a video of yours interest and to vote yes or no just if this video was done the place caused such a stir all empty so let’s go and see these superbikes here I put some photos for them first I can tell you guys that they are simple normal bikes electric motor made up of a motor control electronics for the engine obviously attached to this electronics control we have the cloud for let’s say the accelerator the plant front and rear brake a display to go and see all parameters the kilometers programming trip times etc. then the more optional kit is more expensive more information will have in this displays also change the displays themselves bigger smaller smaller simple large like a smartphone that precisely they give all the information on time real against the rita bluetooth with an app and so on and so on then we have the structure the body on frame the guys frame in this type of super electric bikes e we say a void internally internally because because in the part low there is the battery pack inside the frame the internal body and say let’s do a function container that contains the package batteries and control electronics even that dedicated to the engine the engine is a standard bike behind it there are some of and have wanted to overdo it and they put me 2 1 on the rear wheel 1 in the wheel front that way guys at 12 x 2 power and torque both forward and behind however obviously in addition to the cost it what you need to be careful of the one with one behind you have to stay careful I have it I have done some research for I can tell you that these products they are already available for sale ie you want to go to its largest stores online world cup buy one e clarified beautiful ready assembled ready to work or alternatively if you do it yourself do you want to assemble it yourself however, you must go first and find yourself all the various components that as we have said I am motor attached to the wheel a the circle and then we have tab of engine control therefore all the control part that also give me a good kit donation in this same kit the display or brakes all connector cables then there is the battery with the charger good model for this use are the 72 there are also smaller as voltage however 72 have good power though attention girls 72 times we talk about medium almost high voltage current therefore keep an eye, be careful as for the other components I’m chassis I took note why not I can remember everything even pieces saddle because certainly the saddle is there shock absorber group front to back there is the part he had to hook into hooked to the front wheel a good product I finished ready to use with performance similar to this prototype that I say calculated in I have not found my leaflet there was someone approaching it was around 2 thousand euros is ready made 2000 even 3,000 then there were some who had a different computer a different electronics dear to 1 also a 4 thousand euros so this is the plan and the components that I have chosen I rotate from 18 inches but there was also small there even larger 19 inches 8 thousand watts it’s the most powerful one I’ve found the most controller ie the whole controller and the cable brakes computerino computerino to turn nice you will also have settings you will have a lot of information in real time bluetooth display therefore you can also watch it interface very smartphone chassis chassis e container therefore in there go to put electronic drum all you need put in the frame in the upper part the hole for the seat or in the part low to the hook for the rear wheel in we also start at and say it structure to connect the piece let’s say metal that we will come now that I am shock absorber ahead with two pistons and air plus this kit I have the world is also chosen as a donation nor for behind ie under the seat peter spring with piston with piston ad air let’s do some calculations guys wheel control electronics that I was in motion that is, it rotates a whole lottery display sant 8 euro container frame 526 euro saddle about eighty euros shock absorber group shock absorbers in front and behind 452 euro battery lithium ion with 18 cells and 50 cells this specifically that I tried guys mounts cells from 2200 will be wrong they say samsung though i don’t know i don’t don’t I saw them I didn’t try to win them the little information the seller I can give this information and it’s a 17 22 p so watch out guys we talk about it high voltage, however, 72 times 15.5 ham per hour price 858 euros total of all the components that I have marked this is all you need it serves to do the 8,000 watt electric enduro with 72 volt single-engine battery obviously on the rear shock there is in front of air that behind air more spring is normal that six laps you can find maybe something better new prices and some sellers can also ask you for shipments some on some products because obviously I weigh parcel boys they are big these that I took if I’m not mistaken they were all shipping included therefore with you may already have everything you need it is used to assemble yours electric enduro if we want to be careful the front wheel is missing the wheel front and just choose an 18 normal inches and go to replace it or are you already on a normal bike with wheel rim 18 can go to put but I don’t know that one better they went to buy one more let’s say reinforced one made especially for the off road will not be cheap but that goes back to forty euros maybe you can go to then find like all the others components are now the point question and I should take it new already made assembled ready to use or not I build guys I see on the market there are many models also finished, however, from 8 thousand watts as motor then also on this question mark why why many times the Chinese put in the technical data labels little values above it may be that it is not 8 thousand watts it may be that i have 6,000 it may be that a 7 thousand unfortunately without having it in hand you can do little no guys i hope this video will was useful below I insert some links to the various accessories or I found to the various components that finds nothing removes I see that you start with them a new search and go combing well and find the products let’s say a little more economic that have say a relationship price quality also good though attention must not miss anything e try to take more little products real possible not to take for example mode 20 thousand watts because boys 20 8,000 thousand watts and java are too many e maybe not real let alone 20,000 here just for facts to make you understand ditto ancona with the battery do not take batteries that write to you in call for now 72 face which then the dimensions are a little already a 72 battery times more than that are 17 x 22 series cells x she are a lot of cells they also have a burden not to be underestimated and yet another thing this battery mounts cells from 2002 this same battery made with cells from 3,500 milan per hour for example of samsung would have dimensions clearly lower so I go in broad lines without doing calculate 17 s remains but has place of 22 p maybe 17 maybe fifteen here therefore ai almost half the weight to the almost halved the size of this package batteries from having to enter or therefore it is also worth a DIY as for the battery guys thanks for watching I recommend subscribe to the channel a like a comment let me know if this I said nobody and nothing at the next video

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  1. luca pinto says:

    Ehh finalmente ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”

  2. FoxTech Channel says:

    La batteria non รจ 22p ma 7p 17s! Con celle 2200mah.

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