DIY School Supplies! 12 Weird Back to School Hacks!


Ready for the coolest and most unique DIY
school supplies that you’ve never seen before? I bet you are so check out these 12 amazing ideas! Do you have lipstick? No, I’m sorry… Oh me neither. Wait! Try this? What? Hey loves! School is almost here and this year I want
you to have the coolest and most amazing school supplies ever. So get excited, it’s time to roll up the sleeves
and let’s do this. Are you ready for an absolutely magical DIY? We’re making an amazing bleach marker! How cool right? This magical marker works like an eraser for
any kind of felt tip pens and allows to make the most beautiful doodles, headings and drawings. Never before was school so much fun! To make this epic marker begin by pouring
some bleach into a bowl. Now grab any marker of your choice – I’m
using a blue one, but this thing works with all the markers in the world! Pull the felt tip out and throw it in the
bleach. Do the same with the ink tube. Take it out and in it goes into the bleach. You’ll notice that the blue color disappears
eventually. To speed up this process you can even squeeze
the ink tube a few times to help release the ink into the bleach. Be sure to always wear gloves when doing this! Bleach is a pretty harsh chemical so it’s
better not to get it on your skin. When your ink tube and the felt tip are completely
white, you can take them out and assemble your magical marker! Place the tip inside the smaller front opening
like this and pop the ink tube inside the larger one. Secure it with the cap and we’re ready to
make the most magical doodles and drawings in the world. This is just so amazing and mesmerizing! I find it so cool that we’ve created such
an epic magic pen out of the usual marker and some bleach. You can sacrifice a marker color that you
don’t usually use much and make something as amazing out of it. For me that’s grey and brown. I don’t know – I just never gravitate towards
these marker colors. Anyhow this DIY seriously makes taking notes
one of my favorite thing to do! It is simply genius. To keep our desks tidy and organized we need
some pen holders. But we ain’t settling for just any pen holders
– we need unique, cute and epic ones, right?! Easy peasy, I’ll show you how to make these
amazing stress ball pencil holders! They will keep your desk neat and pretty plus
they take no more than a minute to make! Grab some colorful squishy stress balls. I got mine online for very inexpensive which
is always a plus. Chose the color you like best and we’re going
to make a pencil holder out of it. Pull this little handle so it stretches nicely. Grab your scissors and cut right below the
handle like this. Now you’re left with a little stress ball
basket – Check out how stretchy it is, wow so satisfying! It also has a nice opening on top, which we
need in order to transform it into a pencil holder. Grab any kind of glass or pot of your choice
and put it inside the stress ball basket. I’m using a pink cactus pots but the color
won’t be visible anyway, so just choose what you have at home. These beautiful pen holders will keep our
desks tidy and organized but they also act as an amazing decor! I love how happy and bright they look with
all the neon colors and those big eyes. You can use them to store your pens, pencils,
tape, clips, pins and other desk necessities. I just love pieces like this – super convenient
and functional but also gorgeous to look at! I’m sorry proffessor, but this is actually
my pen. See? Oh.. OK! That’s right, a fidget spinner you can write
with! Pretty spectacular, if I may say so myself. This idea is so cool and you can use it to
pull a little trick on your teacher or prank your classmates. If fidget spinners are banned from your school,
this may even give you a chance to sneak one in class anyway. Take a large piece of play dough and place
it on a flat surface. Roll it just a little bit to flatten out the
top part but make sure to keep it pretty thick – about one inch or two centimeters thick. Time to grab a fidget spinner! Press it down into the play dough firmly – this
way we’ll get the perfect fidget spinner mold. Lift it up again and there we have it! I like to push those little bumps down as
I want to make a solid spinner without any holes. Grab a cooking spray or a bit of any oil of
your choice and spray it inside the mold. Lastly we need to pop a bearing in the center
of the mold and we’re finally ready to cook up our fidget spinner pen. Take a few pieces of crayon. You can use any colors you like, I went for
red and yellow as I want my spinner to look like fire or a sunset! Melt the crayons in a double boiler. Once the crayons are completely melted pour
the red into the yellow and don’t stir the mixture! We don’t want the two colors to mix together
as that would give us a solid orange color. Instead, pour the mixture into the mold as
it is to keep that pretty marble effect. Leave it to cool down completely and now you
can take your brand new crayon fidget spinner from the mold. I also popped in that little plastic circle
in the center, just so that it’s easier to hold. Check out how nicely it spins! Wow, I’m super impressed. And the best part is that you can play with
it but also write or draw with it. A perfect anti stress and anti boredom toy
for school. I also made a galaxy spinner by mixing blue
and purple crayon colors. These work so well! I’m definitely making a pink and green ones
as well because they are simply to much fun! Another back to school essential is a pencil
case! And not just any pencil case, we need a super
cute and sweet one. I’ll show you how to make this adorable candy
pencil case. Oh, did I mention that there’s no sewing required!? Yup, that’s right! You’ll need a bigger rectangle piece of fabric,
a squared piece of felt, fabric glue, a zipper, and two small elastics. Unfold the fabric on a flat surface with the
front facing down. Place a piece of felt in the center. Take your fabric glue or a glue gun and apply
a stripe of glue along the top side of the felt. Fold the upper fabric edge down like this. Do the same on the bottom edge – apply the
glue and fold the fabric up. Take your zipper and place it on the felt. Apply some glue along the top side. Now fold the entire top part, fabric plus
felt, down to glue it on the zipper. Repeat the same steps on the bottom side. It’s already starting to look like a pencil
case, so exciting! Close the two openings on both sides of the
zipper using a bit of glue. You guys know that I like to give a face to
my DIYs – it just makes any project that much cuter. I cut some kawaii eyes and mouth from felt
so now we have to stick them on our pencil case. Finally, grab two small elastics. Pinch together the fabric on the left and
secure it in place with the elastic. Just as you do when you make a pony tail. Do the same on the right and our stunning
candy pencil case is finished! What a cutie, right?! The candy shape is already so adorable, while
the kawaii face and those anime eyes makes it even cuter! The sweetest pencil case for sure. I love how easy it was to make and you can
use it for your pens and pencils or even a makeup bag! So pretty and convenient. Are you tired of your boring pencils as well? No worries girl, you can easily make the most
amazing rainbow pencils from scratch! Look at that pencil sharpening residue! Wow, it’s absolutely gorgeous! These are actually super easy and fun to make
so let’s jump right into our pencil production! We need a pencil lead, and four colors of
clay. Note that the size of different clay colors
is increasing. Start with a second smallest clay piece, for
me that’s green. Roll it on a flat surface until it’s a few
millimeters thick. Grab the smallest piece of clay, mine is pink,
place it on the green one and roll it in a little burrito like this. Cut off the excess clay using a knife and
set it aside for later. Get your second largest clay piece ready,
for me that’s blue. When it is thin enough grab that green burrito
that we made earlier. Place it on top of the blue clay and roll
it in. You guys are probably wondering um.. Sara are we making a pencil or clay burritos. Finally we have to roll the largest clay piece,
which for me is yellow. This is also going to be the color of our
pencil on the outside. Take the blue burrito from before and roll
it in the yellow clay. Cut off the extra clay on the sides and we
have our final yellow burrito, which we’re about to transform in amazing rainbow pencil. Start rolling it with your hands. You’ll notice that it will get thinner and
longer. This is just perfect for me so I’m going to
cut it on the sides to get neat and pretty endings. The inside of our pencils looks so stunning,
how exciting! Take a pencil lead and push it in the center
of our pencil like this. Next you have to bake your pencil following
the instructions on your clay packet or let it air dry. Finally it’s time to sharpen our amazing pencil
and look how flipping gorgeous it is!! I made a few different color combinations
because I’m a DIY obsessed person and they all turned out spectacular. Before I never liked sharpening pencils because
it’s just messy and you get that residue all over… But now sharpening pencils is like my favorite
thing to do! These are hands down the coolest pencils I’ve
ever owned! I’m pretty sure all your classmates will want
to know where you bought them! You can only get those in the best store ever
– the DIY store! Boring notebooks are no fun! But they are super affordable! So, what to do? Buy cheap notebooks and transform them into
something epic, like these beautiful fruity ones! They’re so cute and unique, right?! And super soft too! You can make any kind of fruit that you like,
I’m going to show you how I created this watermelon and lemon ones. You’ll need a notebook and colored felt. First we got to cut the cover and all the
notebook pages into a half circle. I am using my exacto knife and a frying pan
as a guide. You got to be creative with what you have! There we go – a perfect half circle notebook. Set this baby aside for later and grab some
felt fabric. Cut out a yellow half circle, which is of
the same size as your notebook, four rounded triangular pieces and white half circle which
should be a bit smaller than the yellow one. Using a fabric or hot glue, stick the white
half circle on top of the yellow one. Now go ahead and glue the four triangle pieces
on as well to get a perfect lemon half! All that’s left to do is to apply some hot
glue on the front cover of your notebook and place on that pretty lemon! What an amazing transformation, don’t you
think? From a plain and boring notebook to a gorgeous
fruity one in just a few minutes! I loved this DIY so much that I had to make
a watermelon version as well. For this one you need green, white and red
felt. Cut them into half circles, where green is
the largest and red one the smallest. Glue your white piece on top of green and
finish up with a red half circle. To make it look even more realistic we have
to add some black seeds. Cut small raindrop shaped bits from black
felt and glue them on. Last step is to stick our watermelon onto
the notebook’s front cover and we are done! This looks so yummy! Watermellons are seriously the best! Both watermelons and lemons remind me of summer
– all these happy and carefree days. I don’t know, they just make me happy! Be creative and try out different fruit sorts
like grapefruit kiwi or passion fruit as well. I like to go for ones with bright and vibrant
colors – because colorful life is a better life! Alright guys! This DIY or life hack is absolutely mind-blowing! I’ll show you how to make a legit spray blow
pen out of any marker, sharpie or other pen that you have. Yup, in just a few seconds you can transform
your usual markers into cool blow pens that apply the color like an epic graffiti spray. Remove the cap at the end of your marker and
take out the ink tube. Remove the front cap. We have to put the tip into this opening. So pull the tip out the pen and throw it in
the larger opening at the back. All you have to do is blow in this large opening
on top. Check it out! How amazing right!? I’ve seen such blow markers in store and I
thought they were super cool, so I really wanted to DIY them. It took a bit of experimenting but I was so
happy when I figured out how to make them! It works with any kind of felt tip markers,
which is amazing! The spray markers are so much fun and think
about how beautiful and colorful your notes will be. To store them just put on the front and back
caps – this way the ink won’t dry out and you’ll be able to use your markers for a long
time! A seriously mind-blowing DIY that will make
your school days super fun. The struggle of falling asleep during boring
lessons? Luckily I got a solution for you! We’re making a super fun sparkly sequin notebook,
that you can actually write or draw on! How cool right?! It’s just like an erase board. So when you’re bored in class, you can simply
doodle on your notebook and that boring lesson will be over in no time! Because time flies when you’re having fun
right. To make it you’ll need an inexpensive notebook,
glue, and reversible sequin fabric. Unfold a large piece of that fabric on a flat
surface. Open up a notebook and place it in the center. Now grab some scissors and snip away the corner
of your sequin like this. Do the same on the remaining 3 corners plus
you need to take away two little triangle pieces on the center of the top and bottom
edge. Apply a stripe of hot glue on the top edge
of your notebook and fold the fabric down. Continue doing this on the other two remaining
sides. I liked wrapping all my school books in a
transparent self adhesive paper this way. But why go for transparent when you can choose
sparkly sequin right?! Turn all the notebook pages to the left side
and lets glue the fabric on to the notebook here as well! I ordered my sequin material online for pretty
inexpensive, plus I got a very large piece that I can use for different DIYs. Our notebook looks completely stunning and
check out how much fun you can have with it! It is so satisfying to draw and write on this
mermaid sequin fabric! I could literally do this for hours and wouldn’t
get bored. I also made a smaller notebook in blue and
I am completely obsessed with both of these. They’re so sparkly and gorgeous – probably
the most glamorous notebooks I’ve ever seen. These will definitely keep you awake no matter
how boring your lesson may be! Sometimes an emergency happens and we need
to look extra pretty! But we cannot carry the entire makeup collection
to school right? An amazing hack is to use the usual coloring
pencils as lipsticks! I used them as eyeliners before, but I was
quite skeptical whether they will work on lips. And OMG they’re just perfect! Pour some hot water into a glass and pop in
your coloring pencils with a tip facing down. Wait for about 10 seconds and pick the color
of your choice. I went for the classic red. Guys, look at this color payoff! These coloring pencils are literally working
better than many of the lip liners and lipsticks that I own! I was afraid the color will be quite clumpy
and difficult to apply, but I was so wrong. The coloring pencils were simply amazing – smooth
to apply no streaks or clumps whatsoever! I give this life hack a massive thumbs up! Make sure to use non toxic coloring pencils
and keep in mind that these are not made to be used on the lips every day. So only use them on special occasions. Like for Halloween for example, when you may
want to experiment with some freaky lip colors. When the color dries it looks exactly like
a liquid lipstick – mat and it doesn’t smudge at all! It’s amazing! But you know what else is amazing? You are! And you don’t need any make up to prove it! Guess what we’re making right now! Nail polish? Um, nope! We’re DIYing awesome nail polish highlighters! That’s right – these highlighters look exactly
like nail polish, so cool! I love how different and creative this idea
is, inspired by FimoKawaiiEmotions. Grab any marker or highlighter of your choice
and take out the ink tube. Squeeze the ink out into a little container. Add a bit of pure alcohol and give it a quick
stir. Using a dropper or a syringe transfer your
highlighter liquid from the pot to an empty nail polish bottle. To clean a nail polish bottle simply pour
in a bit of acetone, shake it up and pour the acetone out. When your bottle is full grab the polish cap
with a brush and we can start using it! These highlighters are so adorable, unique
and unconventional! As always I had to make two more colors – orange
and yellow. I mean, we must have a complete polish highlighter
squad, am I right?! These are also perfect to prank your school
mates. Let them try and paint their nails, that would
be so funny to watch. Our nail polish highlighters look so pretty
on the desk, but they are super compact so you can throw them in your school bag or pencil
case. Whether you are a nail polish addict or not,
this is definitely a really fun idea to try. Is this makeup? You have detention! Sorry miss, but this is actually my notepad. An now you are lying! You’re going to be so sorry for this young… Ugh! You can play a little trick on your teachers
or classmates with this awesome blush notepad. But even if you don’t want to prank anyone,
it is just so adorable and cool to have. Unique school supplies like this are impossible
to find in stores so let’s quickly DIY it! Take an empty blush container and some sticky
notes. With an object that is the same size as your
blush trace a circle on a pile of post it notes. Grab a bunch of these paper pieces and cut
the circle out. You can use any color of paper notes. However if you’d like it to look like a real
blush, pinky or peachy orange sticky notes will work best. Collect all in one big pile and place them
in your blush container. Voila! Our blush notepad is ready to use. I love how neat and compact this notepad is. Post it notes quickly become all scrunched
when you have them thrown in your school bag. But inside the blush container, our sticky
notes will remain neat and pretty. How convenient! Store bought school supplies can be pretty
expensive. If you go for the affordable ones, usually
these are too plain and not cute at all! So try DIYing your own school supplies this
year. You’ll save up money and end up with the coolest
school necessities ever! I promise! That’s it for today, I hope you find these
ideas helpful and give the video a big thumbs up if you did. Question time! I want to know what color is your school bag
this year. I just got this multicolored red one and I
think it’s super cute. Thank you so much for watching guys, I love
you and I’ll talk to you soon. Mwah, Bye! Try to make the most of your school days. You may think right now that school is just
boring and unnecessary! But I promise you, in the future you’ll look
back and think wow, those were the days. So make sure to enjoy, learn a lot and don’t
worry too much! I wish you a happy school year!

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