DIY SCHOOL STUDY HACKS Every LAZY Student Should Know!


Hello. I am Natalie and I am a lazy student. Yeah Now don’t get me wrong, I love to learn but i don’t really like to learn math that much or get reading assignments, or writing assignments. I like to learn things that I like Raise your hand if you get lazy as a student *slowly raises hand* In that case give this video a thumbs up. It’s okay, I wont judge you. I’ll bond with you. I am gonna show you the best math, reading, writing and studying hacks that every lazy student should know. HOLD UP! I am doing a huge giveaway where I am giving one lucky subscriber a canon camera~ To enter just subscribe to become a part of the family and that’s it, that simple I challenge you guys to get this video to 1 million thumbs up! Oh my Gosh So that schools can stop existing for ever. . I am just kidding, or am I? *illuminati music* You guys have been beating every single on of my challenges… I challenge you guys to get this video to 150 thumbs up So I dare you to turn this to this by clicking below and hitting that thumbs up And just maybe from these million likes the government will listen to us and end school *illuminati music again* I wanna give a huge shoutout to Irina for watching my videos Thank you so much So if you want a shoutout in my next video just comment below #natificationsquad and I’ll be choosing one of you in first 30 minutes that every video goes live so make sure you’re here early. And I am on Instagram doing a huge giveaway. I am giving away my favorite makeup, polaroids, stationary, brushes basically Natalie’s essentials to you. And don’t forget I post new videos every Monday and Saturday. Let’s get on to this video. Oh my Gosh! This math ugh. WOW, this is so easy. Let me just get my handy-dandy calculator *gasp* what *gasp*. Oh my God (you only have one minute to complete the question) N-n-no this cannot be happening to me NO BATTERY? ugh. How in the world am I gonna do this? Wait a minute! I remember this bomb hack It’s simple. So 97 and 96 are both 3 and 4 away from a hundred each 3+4 would be 7 and a 100-7 would be 93. 3 times 4 would be 12 and thus the answer would be 9312 huh! not so bad, piece of cake. all right guys im planning my next givaway which is coming up so be sure to comment below #NatifacationSquad and follow by the givaway that you would prefer Oh my god. This camera is on sale! What? 40% off? (No laptops in class!)

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    Happy Saturday! I got a lot of requests to do school life hacks so here we go! ✨😇
    Comment below what other videos you want to see next? As always I love each every one of you guys! 💖
    Now it’s time to start replying to some of the early #natificationsquad comments ^_^

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    Okay…I’m really confused….I used to get bad grades like a F or a D I have straight A’s? Am I dreaming?! Thank you Natalie I guess it did work

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