DIY Miniature Ladder Bookshelf


Hi guys! It’s Cath! Today, I have a super easy project for you! We’re going this build this adorable miniature
ladder bookshelf out of some popsicle sticks. I finished it in this modern gray stain but
feel free to paint it in any color you like! Let’s get started. The first thing you need is some standard
popsicle sticks. Take two and cut the round ends off one end. I’m just using a miter saw to cut them. Then glue those cut ends together to create
one super long stick. Make four of these. We’ll be using two of these to create an
angled segment. Take one and add wood glue to one end. Add another one to the top of it at a 30 degree
angle. Do this to the other set as well so you end
up with these two angled pieces. Then grab a round dowel. This one is 5/16th of an inch thick. Cut out a 1.5inch length. I just use that miter handsaw again to cut it. Add wood glue to one end and add it to the
corner of one of the angled pieces. Then glue the other angled piece right on
top of that. This is already starting to look like a ladder. Now I just draw some lines parallel to the
ground about 6 inches away from the top. Cut the excess off. This will ensure the ladder stands flat when
upright. For the ladder steps, grab some more standard
popsicle sticks. Cut out a 1.75 inch length. Make eight of these. Glue them to both sides of the ladder starting
1.5inches from the ground and 1.25 inches between each step. Here’s one side all done. And both sides finished. Now let’s build the shelves. Grab a bunch of jumbo popsicle sticks. These are quite thin so I’ll double them
up by gluing two sticks together. Use binder clips to clamp them so they don’t
warp as the glue dries. Make two of these double layer popsicle sticks. Now glue them together lengthwise so it creates
a panel. Measure and cut out a 4inch section. I just cut it with my craft knife on both
sides and snap the wood off. Here’s the 4inch piece. Also cut out a 3inch, a 2.5inch,
and lastly a 1.75 inch piece. Now simply add each shelf to the ladder starting
with the longest shelf at the bottom. I chose to glue these down but you don’t have to. There you go, the bookshelf is all built. Alright, last step. This paint this bad boy. To create a gray stain, I mix some black acrylic
paint with a drop of white. Then add some water to thin the paint out. There, that color is perfect. Just paint it onto the bookshelf. Add it everywhere including the steps. I added about two coats for this semi-opaque
look. Now just add some cute miniature trinkets
and your bookshelf will look absolutely perfect for your dollhouse. Super easy project requiring very simple supplies. I hope you guys liked this video! Give it a thumbs up if you did and make sure
to subscribe for more. I’ll see you next time, bye!

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45 thoughts on “DIY Miniature Ladder Bookshelf”

  1. Rusha Pyne says:

    it is really cute….

  2. S.R.B says:

    This is hip with the kids! 😂

  3. InU Love says:

    hi YOU are amazing!!! You can make a rotating spice rack? pleaseee

  4. Nour Wesam says:

    OMG you're so creativity 💜

  5. Shaikh Kausar says:

    anyone is indian???

  6. Arjun U.K says:

    Someone give her an OSCAR award!

  7. MiniKawaiiWorld says:

    hi kat hun, this is so super kawaii. been loving all 5he work youve done lately hun even though you havent seen me write or comment to u ou. trust me darling I have not missed one video k. stay kool sweety and keep up that amazing work. Ttys xoxo

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  9. Ronja Pfeffer says:

    Nice! I would try to do this !

  10. Paula Unger says:

    That is so lovely! ❤

  11. Aravindsk Aravindsk says:

    lvu'n it……

  12. Linda Hutchings says:

    Another wonderful project! Love it!

  13. Анастасия Гетман says:

    Very cute shelf ^3^

  14. jedimaster jesse says:

    imagine if this was in real life that would be cool! I think I'm going to make it

  15. jedimaster jesse says:

    expect I'm afraid I'll get cut again..

  16. Katrina Laliberte says:

    I'm in need of a tutorial about making a miniature fence and gate 👍 Great work as always

  17. G.W.P 3 says:

    Awesome…really great work!

  18. Kajal KS says:

    It Looks so Adorable 🙂 …………..Please can you make something for Birthday theme?

  19. martin falcon says:

    Amazing! you could make some Star Wars ships or also the Hatch from Lost 🙂

  20. Nico Nico Bleh says:

    I need this! 😀

  21. Rebecca Sun says:

    love allllll ur videos!

  22. Liz Chen says:

    Please make a miniature violin tutorial 🙏… By the way I love your videos☺ don't stop doing them!!

  23. monika medok says:

    gray suits the shelf…..n why so simple nails???….I mean no nail art??😍

  24. Турбо* Кисель says:

    А что у вас за клей?

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    Расскажите, пожалуйста, как сделать эти книги и коробочку😊🤗🤞

  26. Monza Burger says:

    stop trowing that wood stick…make me laugh so hard xD
    kinda funny

  27. Турбо* Кисель says:

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  28. Anna Dal says:

    My desk looks exactly like this

  29. Bobo Rose says:

    I'm so inspired by you i have made nearly everything that you have made

  30. Beau says:

    This isn't a ladder, this is a step ladder, so unprofessional!! (jk, im nitpicking, good tutorial)

  31. Andrea Di Battista says:


  32. polaroid_ people says:

    does anyone know where she is form

  33. Min Tae-gi says:

    you very very good 😮

  34. Talalal a says:

    YAAA i love ur channel <3

  35. Mat C says:

    1:07 Jeez…you don't have to be so violent with those poor sticks! LOL

  36. Zhanna yuryevna #huskiesruledaworld says:

    can u make bunk beds for a video? ur tutorials are so good:)

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  39. MSP GAL says:

    I love your videos your so creative

  40. Belle says:

    Beautiful as usual!! 😁

    Are these 1:12 scale? Also could you make a few "basics" videos with maybe a craft tour, most important supplies, and basics on staining, varnishing, finishing etc? Sorry if my request is dumb but I 💙 vids like that

  41. Aylin İmbat says:

    Why am I obsessed with these vids lately 😂😂👌

  42. Linda Hutchings says:

    Hey, just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your creativity. I plan to try some of the projects during our time off. 😊😁

  43. tv션주 says:

    wow!fantactic~!!very fun~and i'm a Korean~^^

  44. Ashlee says:

    So cute!

  45. Annabelle Alyssa Yin says:

    I doubted the title when you made the ladder first

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