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Case binding is a common type of hardcover
for books. The pages are arranged in signatures and glued together in a text block. Then the
text block is glued to the cover. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to case
bind a hardcover book. Here’s a list of materials and tools I’ll
be using. This tutorial will mainly focus on the cover.
So to start, I’ve already made my text block. If you don’t know how to make a text block,
check out this video here. I’ll also include the link to this video in the About section
below. While making this text block, I added these
headbands in the process. These are purely decorative and you don’t have to include them.
But if you want to, you can learn how to make your own in this tutorial here. I’ll also
include the video link in the About section below. First, I’m going to cut the board. The size
of the board will depend on the size of the text block. To learn more about board for bookbinding,
check out this video here. You can also find the link in the About section below. Here’s how I measure the width. If you do
add on headbands to your book, be sure to take this measurement starting from the headbands
because their thickness will add on a little width. [Width: Text block – 1/4 inch + 1/8 inch] Measure the width of the text block. Now subtract
1/4 inch (.25) from the width. This is for the area by the spine. Then add 1/8 inch for the
cover to hang over. [Height: Text block + 1/4 inch]
Now for the height, measure the text block and add 1/8 inch to the top and bottom. Mark the measurements out on the board twice. For the spine, trace the text block spine
on the board. That will be the width. The height will be the same as cover boards. Now cut out all the board pieces. To wrap the cover, I’m using this book cloth
I made. You can also use paper. To learn how to make your own book cloth, check out this
tutorial. You can also find this link in the About section below. To start, glue on one board with PVA glue. You can use the bone folder to smooth out
any air bubbles. [Gap: 1/4 inch + thickness of board]
Now measure out 1/4 inch plus the thickness of the board. Use this measurement to make a
gap on both sides of the spine. Glue on the rest of the board. Smooth out with a bone folder. Add some weight to the cover and let it dry.
In the meantime, this is a good point to clean the glue off your brush with water and a paper
towel, and let that dry. After the cover is dry, cut the excess cover
material off to a little less than an 1 inch. Cut all the corners at an angle like this,
and leave a small gap at the corner tips. Now glue on one flap at a time. You can put
a piece of scrap paper down incase the glue gets messy. If you bend the edge over like this, it helps
the flap glue on evenly. Pinch over those little gaps on the tips as
you go from one flap to the other. Now glue the end pages to the inside cover. Position the text block to where the end pages
will have an 1/8 inch border of the cover around it. Run the bone folder across to ensure glued
areas are pressed down. You can also put a piece of paper underneath
the end page to protect the text block. Since the glue warps the cover, I’m going
to put it in the book press so it will dry straight and flat.
You can also use weights. Once it’s dry, your book is finished. Knowing
how to wrap your own hardcover book gives you so many more cover design options to choose
from, whether it be fabric or paper. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If
you don’t nail this on your first try, don’t worry. It may take some practice books, but
you’ll get the hang of it. Feel free to like, share or leave your comments.
For more information on this project, see the About section below. For more tutorials, be sure to subscribe and
check out my channel. To learn how to make the book press I used, check out the video
on the left. For another hardcover tutorial, check out the video on the right. Find more Sea Lemon on links listed below.

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