DIY – Garrafa decorada com biscuit


hello guys I’m Luci Buzo and I’m
here my channel one more video and in today’s video I will make a decorated bottle I hope you like it and enjoy it
quite the video This is the glass bottle I’m going to
use in my decoration and i will paint the bottle but before painting pass
a cloth with alcohol in the bottle To remove all dirt and
glassiness I will pass glass primer the primer will help the paint stick
on video and also the collage that I will make in the bottle this one is a biscuit dough, too
known as cold porcelain here I’m dyeing the dough but i just
I’m doing this to highlight the dough my workbench here and the bottle for this job I’m doing it is not necessary to dye the dough to open the dough i’ll use a piece of pvc pipe as i don’t have the proper roll to open the biscuit dough I’m improvising stretch the biscuit dough a lot as if you were making a pastel pastry i’m doing with some arabesques in biscuit dough after you make the dough markings
cut the arabesques with scissors Well, this is the first time I use biscuit dough that’s why I don’t have the
own tools to work, to shape or sculpt the dough.
So I’m improvising if I like and adapt to this mass I buy the coffins, the boleador the plastic roll the pointed earwigs and everything. OK Biscuit dough is easy to work with and easy to shape As I’m used to working with Durepoxy, I found it a little strange She doesn’t stick to her hand like durepox and she’s much more malleable to do another experiment I
I also used a porous tip pen to make the designs of the arabesques and
then cut with scissors it also worked Make various types and sizes of arabesques To remove the burrs just use scissors or you can model by hand If you have difficulty making the arabesques you can search the internet and go find all kinds of designs with various sizes and designs Like I said this is the first time I’ve been working with biscuit dough And to cut this dough
there are several types of cutters If you have any in your house, it will pulp a long time I took every bit of this dough to cut the arabesques only after you have enough curlicues is it time to paste the paste into the bottle and to paste in the bottle I will use the white color PVA spread the glue on the surface of the bottle with a brush and glue the paste prescribe the dough so that it sticks in the bottle I didn’t wait for the biscuit dough to dry. I made the arabesques and I was gluing And it’s already leaving your like your
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with this you will be helping in growing my channel Fit the drawings to cover the whole body of the bottle and don’t forget to apply the glue. It will help fix the dough to the glass I let the dough dry out one day
to each other and she was already rigid Then just apply the PVA acrylic paint
across the bottle Paint well until you cover every corner when the acrylic paint dries I’ll
pass a bitumen coat of jewish I dilute this bitumen with a little bit of turpentine that is for easy application of bitumen in the bottle.
Then you come with a cloth and remove the excess bitumen that was in the high relief part of the bottle I usually do this kind of patina
step by step I go painting one piece at a time.
This patina you can also do with acrylic paint As I found that the bitumen darkened the
bottle I’m taking the excess bitumen with sharpening on a cloth. Just to give a biggest highlight in the arabesques after the bitumen dries just spray it to conserve your work look with a bottle it was beautiful.
Anyway, I enjoyed working with biscuit dough And I think you will see
many pieces of biscuit here on my channel a kiss and until the next video

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33 thoughts on “DIY – Garrafa decorada com biscuit”

  1. Ledi Maria Chaves says:

    Linda amei quero mais videos

  2. Daniel Gomes says:

    Linda Luci amei. Belíssimo

  3. Naza Santos says:

    Ficou linda 🙌🙌💋

  4. Kentube gamer says:

    Belo trabalho,como sempre tmj

  5. Maria Ines Palma says:

    Olá Luci, impossível não amar tu e suas artes …. a arte ficou maravilhosa, um encanto 👏👏👏👏👏

  6. Artes da Maria says:

    Que lindo parabéns!!!

  7. Penha Lima says:

    Muito lindo demais parabéns

  8. Gipsy de Brum Fernandes says:

    Luci… Primeira vez que vejo um vídeo teu. Já trabalhei muito muito tempo com biscuit. É maravilhoso. Vais te acostumar fácil fácil.

  9. Gipsy de Brum Fernandes says:

    Tá ficando muito lê. Se quiseres umas dicas sobre biscuit, me procura no face… Meu nome é exatamente como aparece. Podemos conversar no Messenger ou whatsapp

  10. Andrea Cristina Silva says:

    Ficou muito linda eu gosto de ver trabalho com betume chic 👍

  11. Vera Tassi says:

    Adorei a praticidade dessa massa, e a garrafa ficou linda! Onde eu encontro essa massa de biscuit?

  12. Kathja Hoelzle says:

    E com estilete vc tentou?

  13. Kathja Hoelzle says:

    Parabéns, ficou linda!

  14. Eliane Gomes says:

    Ficou fantástico 👏🏻👏🏻🤩

  15. Vladimir Oberling says:

    Mais um belo trabalho, muito bom!!

  16. Onelf Grillex says:

    Uma obra de arte parabéns 👏😍

  17. Fatima Silva says:

    muito lindo seu trabalho e gratificante ver como vc facilita o manuseio do material utilizado.

  18. Maritza Galdames says:

    Maravilhoso trabalho, muito lindo. Saludos cariñosos desde CHILE 💝♥️💯👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Jussara Moreira says:

    Adorei! Será que dá para passar o risco do arabesco sobre o biscuit com carbono?

  20. Cida Ribeiro says:

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  24. Cristiane Rodrigues says:

    Amei a dica!👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  25. Ahana Salma says:

    Without the Tools you have done a Marvelous job, its Superb.

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    Nossa ficou linda perfeita gostei da cor tbm .

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    Lindo demais!!!👏👏👏😍😘

  31. hannah hannah says:

    Luci …estava pensando se vc colocar um stencil de arabescos ou de folhas…flores em cima da massa e riscar acho que ficaria bom…o q vc acha? Parabéns por tanta criatividade e beleza…gratidão por compartilhar.. Sucesso sempre!!! Bjs😘❤

  32. Sonya Marinho says:

    Bom dia!!
    Vc adivinhou meus pensamentos rsrs que bom.
    Simples, rápido e o resultado é espetacular.
    Gratidão por compartilhar.

  33. ione cordeiro says:

    Linda!!!!! Parabéns!!!!

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