DIY Bookshelf Painting- Sherwin-Williams Latino


Hi everyone! I’m Vanessa of and in this video we are going to paint a bookshelf with the help of the ColorSnap App by Sherwin-Williams. {Intro music} Well, here we have the project we are going to be painting. It’s a bookshelf that I finally decided to build myself because after going to a few shops I couldn’t find anything that really appealed to me or that was the size I wanted for my daughter’s room. She’s only two years old but she said it had to be purple. I decided to use the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap App to select the perfect purple paint color. Before we start painting a new project we need to sand it down either with a sanding sponge or sandpaper making sure to go all around the project. Be sure to always wear a respirator to protect you from the dust. After you sand it take a damp towel that’s not too wet because we don’t want to wet the unfinished wood. And wipe off any excess dust. I’m using this Harmony Wall Primer by Sherwin-Williams. I’m going to open it up. And we’re going to paint on the primer just as if it were a paint color. {music and fast forward footage of painting primer on.} After you prime it you can lightly sand it again with a sanding sponge to smooth out any brush stroke marks. This will ensure a smooth finish that will be ready for the final paint color. Now to use the ColorSnap App, you can use a picture, fabric or something else. Here I have a little box. We’re going to take a picture of this with the ColorSnap App so it can pull the equivalent paint colors from the picture Let’s snap a picture. And here you can see the app has started pulling out all the paint colors. So, let’s see… this one is called Brave Purple. This purple is a little too dark, it’s called Forget-Me-Not. You can also click and drag the circle all around your image. And just let it go when you find a color you like. And if you already know the paint color you want to use the app also has a section here where you can explore all the paint colors Sherwin-Williams carries. Here is the paint I selected. It’s number 6982- African Violet by Sherwin-Williams. And I selected it from the Emerald line of paints in a semi-gloss finish. Semi-gloss is going to make it really simple to clean when the kids dirty it. I can just take a damp cloth and wipe it right down. {music & fast forward footage of opening painting.} After the first coat of paint, wait for it to dry completely. Then we go back with the sanding sponge again and lightly sand down any paint drips or residual brush strokes. This way I will end up with a smooth surface ready for the second and final coat of paint. {music & fast forward footage of final paint coat.} Here’s the finished bookshelf. I gave it two coats of paint with paint color #6982- African Violet. Now, I just wait for this coat to dry so I can take it to my daughter’s room. I think it turned out great. What do you think? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to paint a bookshelf using the ColorSnap App by Sherwin-Williams to choose the perfect paint color. Thanks and I’ll see ya’! Bye!

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17 thoughts on “DIY Bookshelf Painting- Sherwin-Williams Latino”

  1. nayeli020991 says:

    Love this! I Didn't know you talked Spanish 🙂

  2. Samantha Perret says:

    Muy linda . Tanbien en espanol !!!!!!

  3. Lynn Golden says:

    Pretty perfect ! ! !

  4. ARIASJN says:

    I wanna be like you when I grow up lol but I'm 23 already. Te quedo hermoso el proyecto como todo lo que haces

  5. belovit unkti says:

    dag why u speaking so fast… did they rush u ooh yeah I dont understand spanish laughing just joking great job my gurl Vanessa blowing up!!

  6. sherrymadeit says:

    Please tell me how you clean your brushes after use.

  7. C1A3T says:

    You speak your spanish so perfectly! I grew up speaking it but I never got the speed down 😕😂 Y si le quedo muy lindo!

  8. philtyrich1 says:

    Hola Vanessa,

    My name is Richard  I just wanted to say thanks for all the great video's you put up for for people who want to learn to sew it's helped me out a lot. I wanted ask you what type of sewing machine would you recommend for me buy that can I do small runs of jeans with between 20-30 pairs a month. Thanks in advance for any advice you can share and if you ever need any vegetarian desserts recipes I can shoot some your way no problem.

    Kind Regards

    Richard H

  9. libertadmakeup says:

    Me encanto y los que te dieron dedos hacia abajo son una bola de envidiosos resentidos faltos de creatividad. Me encanta tu canal, es el mejor de craft que e visto en you tube

  10. Marlene Cardona says:

    Hola! Me encantaría que hicieras un tutorial de como hacer el estante tambien! En las tiendas aparte de ser muy caros son de madera prensada. Gracias por tus tutoriales, no me los pierdo. Saludos desde Puerto Rico!

  11. craftymom7 says:

    Great Job V . Thanks for the captions  lol   I didnt know about that cool app .  I love it thanks for showing it.

  12. FabricFest says:

    Is there a video on making the shelf?

  13. Emily Kim says:

    I love your videos and this will help me in Spanish class! Win win! lol

  14. maría del carmen pereira says:

    Hola Vanesa !!!!! Es un placer para mi , encontrarte hablando en espanol.Yo veo tus videos pero siempre ,son en ingles,yo no lo hablo .entonces quiesiera pedirte por favor
    que publiques mas videos en espanol asi los puedo disfrutar por completo.
    Soy Maria de Argentina.tu admiradora.Te mando muchos besos ,para vos y tus hermosos hijos.

  15. libertadmakeup says:

    Por favor, podrías hacer un tutorial de como se confecciona una bolsa multiusos de esas que se cuelgan a las sillas de rueda y los andadores para viejitos? Es que tengo una vecina que necesita una, se que venden los patrones. Pero yo no los entiendo nunca, por eso veo tutoriales por YouTube y yo misma creo mis patrones o los descargo para hacer ese tipo de proyectos. Soy aficionada a las manualidades, la remodelación y el reciclaje como hiciste las sillitas altas con pintura y tela, me gusta mucho tu canal.

  16. Libni Penna says:

    Felicidades. Por favor más tutoriales en ESPAÑOL para que mi mamá te pueda seguir también. Gracias saludos desde México

  17. Agustín Hdez says:

    Me a encantado verte hablar en Español,los otros videos los veo pero no es lo mismo,gracias por lo que haces y nos das,saludos desde Tenerife Islas Canarias España.

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