DIY Bath Salts With Essential Oils | 3 Easy Recipes


hey guys and welcome to shi walks with
God my blog and YouTube channel teaching you how to live with purpose and create
a life you love today I’m going to be teaching you guys this super easy DIY
bath salts with essential oils that you guys can do at home all by yourself. if
you love essential oils and bath salts or both together this is perfect for you
I was amazed at how easy this was like literally doesn’t take that much time at
all the first time I actually made these I gave them as gifts for Mother’s Day
and literally people have still been asking me for these they love them so
that’s really really cool be sure to watch all the way till the end guys
because I’m going to tell you where you can find these awesome super beautiful
the looking labels that I put on my gifts that made them just like look
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at home and just keep watching okay guys so this is everything you’re gonna need
to make your bath salts some measuring spoons your measuring cups containers to
make everything in and get going this first recipe calls for Epsom salt
grapeseed oil eucalyptus essential oil and mint essential oil I didn’t actually
have mint essential oil so I just stuck with the eucalyptus but I’m sure with
them into this recipe is even more amazing and relaxing go ahead and grab
you our measuring cup that you’re going to start with 2 cups of Epsom salt and
just use any kind of container that you have these are just haven’t we never
used so I don’t really care and I’m not playing eating out of them
so that’s no biggie and go ahead and pour your two cups into your container
the next thing you’re gonna do is grab your grapeseed oil this is the one that
I use and I really really love you’re going to pour four to five tablespoons
of grapeseed oil right on top of your Epsom salt because you’re going to grab
your eucalyptus essential oil and you’re going to put ten drops of that if you
have the mint it’s ten drops of that as well once you’re done you’re gonna just
stir it up and mix it around make sure you stir it really well get all the
grapeseed oil and the essential oils blended this smells absolutely amazing
guys I wish you could smell it in person go ahead and after that put it in your
jars I like to use these mason jars for our second recipe it calls for Epsom
salt grapeseed oil and lavender essential oil just like last time you’re
going to grab your container and pour in your two cups of Epsom salt use four to
five tablespoons of grapeseed oil and then ten to fifteen drops of lavender
essential oil and just like last time you’re going to mix everything together
really well in your container make sure everything’s blended and once you’re
ready go ahead and scoop your bath salts into your mason jar containers or
whatever containers you have our last and final recipe calls for Epsom salt
grapeseed oil lavender essential oil and rose essential oil again you’re going to
start with your Epsom salt here grab your grapeseed oil put six tablespoons
of that in and your rose essential oil I use rose absolute go ahead and put
twenty drops of that in there stir that really well grab your lavender essential
oil put ten drops of that and you’re going to mix it all up
really and once you’re done with that go ahead
and start scooping it into your container here you guys can see those
gorgeous labels that I had mentioned to you earlier I absolutely love these the
round ones are for the tops of my mason jars and you can see I printed them on
like a glossy kind of thicker paper because I wanted them to get glued to
the tops and the other two I just printed on like a thicker kind of
printing paper so they had some kind of thickness to them here I have my
scissors my rubber cement glue and my string for attaching my labels button
cut out your top labels that are a little bit glossy I’m gonna test use
with the rubber cement just a disclaimer make sure you’re 18 years or older if
you’re using the rubber cement if not make sure you have a parent present and
take this glue it right on to the top of your mason jar and it’s gonna look like
this I love it and then the other label that you cut out and attach with your
string it’s so gorgeous I love it so much guys so this is the finished
product here with all of the labels I love the glossy top I think they just
make them look like such a beautiful gift for giving to anybody these are the
lavender rose I put them in smaller jars because I ran out of the big ones
so these are the gift bags that I used for my gifts for Mother’s Day I just
wanted to kind of show you guys because I thought they were so pretty and I
loved them so much alright guys so that is it it’s super
easy like I said takes very little time and it ends up looking amazing if you
guys want to try these on your own and get these awesome beautiful gorgeous
labels check out if you head over to Pinterest or
website just got plenty of other recipes and kind of essential oil DIYs with bath
salts and things like that so really really really awesome check them out
and try it for yourself before you guys go my question for the day for you guys
is what is your favorite essential oil scent that you would like in your bath
salt mine personally is lavender I love it’s so relaxed thing it just makes me
want to go to sleep be sure to share in the comment section below
guys I would love to hear from you I will see you guys next week until then
remember to live with purpose and create a life you love I’ll see you guys

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2 thoughts on “DIY Bath Salts With Essential Oils | 3 Easy Recipes”

  1. Lolly says:

    Thanks! Loved this video. I have allergies and cannot live without eucalyptus oil. I always put mint or eucalyptus in my bath. God bless sister, keep up the good work.

  2. As iT reaLLy iS says:

    Thank you. What is the grapeseed oil for ?

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