Did NASA’s Twin Study Results Just Change Spaceflight Forever?


Most of you probably know the name Scott Kelly. He’s a retired astronaut who holds the current
U.S. record for the longest ever single spaceflight, clocking in at 342 consecutive days in space. Some of you may also know that he has an identical
twin…who is ALSO an astronaut. What are the chances of that?! Mark and Scott Kelly were the central figures
in a brand new, totally unique twin study. NASA just published the results that let us
know, in unprecedented detail, what happens to our bodies during long-term spaceflight—and
we’re here to give you the rundown. In the decades since first sending humans
into space, we’ve been monitoring spaceflight-induced physiological changes in hundreds of astronauts. We can compare an individual to themselves
before, during, and after a mission—allowing NASA to develop countermeasures against issues
like decreased bone density and decreased muscle mass. But so far, we’re most familiar with the
results of 1-4 months of spaceflight, and comparing an individual to themselves doesn’t
clearly let us know what could be caused by spaceflight vs. something that may have happened
to that individual anyway. If we’re expecting humans to survive years
for something like transport to Mars, how do we prep for that? How do we know what’s going to happen to
our bodies? Well, Scott and Mark Kelly presented an incredibly
exciting opportunity for NASA. While Scott spent a year in space, Mark served
as his ‘genetically matched ground control’. Both twins were monitored closely before,
throughout, and after the mission—physiologically, genetically, and cognitively—creating a
massive amount of data in the first twin study of its kind. Some things changed during spaceflight that,
while SUPER interesting and important to keep measuring in future studies, don’t seem
to pose a significant health risk. For example, body mass decreased, gut microbiome
composition changed, and inflammation increased—all temporarily. Plus the flu vaccine works just as well on
someone in space as it does for someone on earth, which is a relief. Then we’ve got the medium-risk stuff, stuff
we may need to be careful about. Urine sample metabolites indicated that spaceflight
could interrupt collagen regulation in the body. While we may most often hear about collagen
in the context of our skin, it’s also part of all our veins and arteries and valves,
and disturbance in its production and incorporation could result in issues like blood pooling
at the bottom of our legs or issues with blood pressure regulation. And don’t even get me started on the telomeres—these
are the caps on the end of your chromosomes that protect your DNA from damage and that
deteriorate as we age. Scott Kelly’s telomeres actually lengthened
during his year on the ISS—but then shortened rapidly and significantly when he returned
to Earth. They’ve since recovered to around pre-spaceflight
length, but given the essential nature of telomeres in protecting genomic integrity
and the role we think they play in aging, further research into this aspect of space-induced
genetic changes could be really fruitful, not only for spaceflight, but for other areas
of science and medicine. And now for the high-risk stuff, the stuff
we really need to work on solutions for. A comprehensive suite of computerized tests
indicated that while some measures of cognitive function increased, especially early in the
mission, other cognitive functions—like emotion recognition and abstract matching
accuracy—actually declined during spaceflight, along with cognitive speed. And these declines persisted for about 6 months
after return to Earth. In a weightless environment, our veins and
arteries can also get a little…confused. Usually, they have to work with or against
Earth’s gravity to move blood around our body, but in microgravity, we see thickening
of vascular walls, an increase in vascular stiffness, and a ballooning effect in the
vasculature of the upper body. We’re actually still not sure if all of
this is reversible after an astronaut comes back to earth—that remains to be seen. We also confirmed observations made in many
other astronauts: spaceflight is associated with altered optical function. .We see swelling of the optical disc, a flattening
of the actual globe of the eye, along with other structural changes, which can lead to
onset of blurry vision, blind spots, and more. We haven’t been able to pinpoint what causes
these changes but they’re obviously not good for your eyesight, and may be permanent. And lastly, blood samples pre-, during, and
post- flight determined that spaceflight can significantly increase genotoxic stress. Space is highly radioactive, and while galactic
cosmic rays may sound awesome, they can really do a number on your DNA. Cytogenetic analysis, which means looking
at changes in your chromosomes, revealed higher levels of genomic instability for the spaceflight
twin. This comes in the form of increased chromosomal
translocations and inversions, which can be linked to disorders like infertility and cancer. Genetic analysis also revealed dysregulation
of genes, especially those associated with immune function and DNA repair, and these
changes did not return to normal when they got back to Earth. All this talk of DNA changing may make it
easy to ask the question, “Are they still twins?”. The answer is YES. Media outlets a while back went a little overboard
with the ‘news’ that 7% of Scott Kelly’s DNA was different. If 7% of Scott’s genes were completely different,
not only would he not be Mark’s twin anymore, he would be an entirely different species. The real way to think about it is that yes,
some genetic mutation occurred, but most of the change was epigenetic change. This means that something like DNA methylation,
or a little add-on unit to a gene, changed the expression of the gene, not the actual
makeup of the DNA itself. This can result in upregulation or downregulation
of the genes in charge of things like immune function and bone growth..So yeah. They’re still related. All of this data represents, as the researchers
put it, “a uniquely controlled and integrated framework for comprehensively quantifying
astronaut biology in space”. And opens up so many exciting questions that
are going to be fascinating to build on. Even though NASA doesn’t currently have
any more twins in the pipeline, this kind of research can continue with those who take
on longer and longer spaceflights. Building a better understanding of the effects
of long-term spaceflight on the body and the mind will prepare us to test even more spaceflight
boundaries that no human has ever broken before—while hopefully keeping us all in one piece. We’re working on a new series that we’re stoked
to share with you that’s all about what goes on in your body when you get sick. And it’s called…well…Sick. And here’s our sneak peak of our first episode Beyond treatments and symptoms, we’re curious
about how exactly viruses, parasites, and other invaders wreak havoc on our health. Is there a disease or illness you want us
to cover? Let us know down in the comments and make
sure you subscribe to catch the first episode. Thanks for watching Seeker.

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