Demo: AETA uScoop Opus IP Codec with & ipDTL

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Hi! I’m Roger a broadcaster, voice-over
artist writer and a bit of a geek when it comes to technology and very recently
I discovered a little black box from a French company called a AETA that is an
audio codec that is sip enabled. What does that mean?
Well, it means that I can use my account from inQuality to talk to
any similarly enabled device anywhere in the world and of course ipDTL too. It’s no
bigger than the paperback book that it’s currently resting on here on my desk and
it’s ready and loaded with my account so let’s call Kevin from inQuality, who I
know today is at a studio in London; Cameo Studios in fact. So let’s just give
him a quick call and see what happens.. Hi Roger! How’s it going? It’s going very
well Kevin! I’m talking to you via my AETA micro scoop or uScoop as it’s
affectionately known. How does it sound to you?
it sounds great, to me you could be in the same room and you’ve dialed into a
comRex access unit here at Cameo Productions, which of course is
configured with a account. Should we try something else? Why don’t
you call me via ipDTL? Great! Okay, so you drop off and I’m gonna establish the
connection from ipDTL. Roger has gone. I’m gonna go to my ipDTL dial pad and enter
his sip address and click on connect.. And as if by magic.. that really is the way we
should be going! the ounce with the ISDN boxes and in with the SIP enabled for from inQuality boxes instead. Absolutely! Bye-bye!

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