DECORATING MY BOOKSHELVES AND MOVIE DATE 💫 Weekly Reading Vlog: 21st-27th Jan 2019


hey guys today is Monday January 21st today is actually a I dunno civilization English in Spanish it’s called in bf video though I don’t know how you say it in English it’s not a free day oh my god why is my English failing me umm it’s what it’s when it’s a holiday it’s not really a holiday because it’s not Christmas yes video though in English oh yeah you do say it’s a holiday okay as I was saying today is a holiday or as we call it here in bf4 yellow today is in the other nice I’m gonna yeah that means that everything is closed so I have no college I have no college which means that I have even more time to read which makes me extremely happy and just so good I just want to update you guys on what I plan on reading this week I am currently in the middle of Thunderhead written by Neil Schuester man I am in page 328 and then I’m also listening to the audiobook of clockwork princess I’m in page 11 I just read the prologue I’m in chapter 1 and I’m actually using my tiede bookmark it says it was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone this is one of my all-time favorite quotes fitting that it comes from one of my all-time favorite series as well hopefully I will finish both of these books this week also hopefully I will be able to pick up girls of paper and fire written by Natasha McGann which would be the last book that I was planning on reading on January which makes me feel like such a champion I am on top of the world I am so proud of myself I’ve been killing it this month and yes I am proud of myself I feel like it’s important to celebrate your victories and celebrate when you’re doing good I’m trying to love myself more than year and this is helping me to love myself here’s to having an amazing week and hopefully you guys have an amazing week as well I hope you have a wonderful Monday and catch you later [Music] [Music] I look like a mosquito I can see my mom right now and she’s a beauty my mom is one of my favorite people in this whole freaking world because she’s so cool I’m so glad that she’s my mom because then I can be like y’all I have a cool mom you know that’s right it’s gonna be fun introduce yourself to my channel okay Venice mom that’s not your name but that’s my favorite way to be so you’re saying I’m your favorite daughter that’s what you just did there you having kids I’m the favorite one how you feeling it today I’m very happy that’s great feel accomplished only three have done [Music] library books no mom’s our reader yeah I love it but there are few books that need to be moving on my new home define a new home leave life and spark somebody else’s like wow this is cool they don’t have a library so together with my very good friend Pete we’re setting up a library expanding their horizons well we have reached home ladies and gentlemen thank you for accompanying me in this trip [Music] I’m gonna be real with you for a second I’m not feeling the most confident lately because I’ve been dealing with like some acne issues that I’ve never had ever in my life so I’m feeling I’m feeling very self-conscious about showing my face to you guys I keep telling myself like oh girly don’t worry it’s like a normal thing everybody had hope the majority of people have it it’s nothing to be ashamed of it’s okay it’s gonna leave but it’s hard when you’re like seeing yourself and you’re like oh very cute I’m trying to push past that so yes I wanted to update you guys on my reading I actually finished Thunderhead right to my newest Shuster man I gave this a 5 out of 5 stars because it was such a good book I’m so happy that I picked it up because I just I enjoyed it so much because it was so fun it was so interesting and I love where Neal is taking the story I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do with the third and final book of this trilogy which still has no publication date so I don’t know what to do with myself on my audio book of clockwork princess I am in page 323 this is the hardest book for me to reread because a lot of sad stuff happens in this book so whenever I read those little scenes that just make me want to tear my heart out it’s hard to not cry but I still haven’t cried I know I’m gonna cry in the epilogue but I still haven’t cried yet everything about this series is my absolute favorite so I’m very happy that I picked it up because I am just enjoying it so much I am only missing one book to complete my TBR for the month and that is girls of paper and Fire I think I might actually read a few chapters today it keeps staring at me and it’s just like why haven’t you picked me up yet oh I hadn’t read this but this says please be aware that this book contains scenes of violence and actual assault thank you for the trigger warning I feel like it’s very important especially nowadays and it should have been important back in the day but you know at least we’re growing I think it’s very important for books to have trigger warnings because I feel like a lot of books well a lot of authors or publishers or whoever has to do with that some still haven’t grasped the importance of warning readers of what they might encounter in their books so I really appreciated that that’s about it for my reading updates I hope you’re having a great Thursday so far I’ve had a very productive Thursday today like I just came back from doing errands with a friend and I already have plans for the night so I’m just feeling very happy I hope that you’re feeling happy too it’s a great feeling it’s a great feeling so yeah I’ll catch up with you later [Music] [Music] so what did you think way too much water don’t hey guys I have tried to record this clip three or four times already and every time I just don’t like how it comes out or I feel like I’m trying too hard or just something always stops me from being like yes this is it instead of just being like super happy and super perky and being like oh my a so this is what I read I’m just gonna be real with you guys and be like I don’t feel like recording today it’s been a pretty good day but it’s also been a long day so I don’t have a lot of energy and I know that it’s funner to see videos with people that have a lot of energy but right now I just want to go to bed I literally just want to go to bed and like binge watch YouTube videos that I have on my watch later it’s not like I’m sad or anything it’s just I’m tired so I’m trying to like fake my energy and stuff it’s just it’s not coming out genuine obviously and I don’t like that so I just thought that I’d be real with you guys and just be myself I wanted to conclude this reading vlog because today is Sunday so that is the last day of this vlog and if you’re listening to like some noise in the background that’s my dad he’s currently watching some fail videos and whenever he’s watching fail videos nothing can move him from his spot so y’all are just gonna have to deal with that background noise I’m so sorry I managed to finish clockwork princess I was literally sobbing and my mom came in and she was just like should I come back later that was really funny I was just like sobbing with the book in my hands and then she just came in and she was like what’s going on so yeah that was funny I also started reading girls of papering fire I’m really enjoying it so I’m very happy that I finally picked it up I also started reading dumplin written by Julie Murphy so far I’m not really enjoying it it has a lot of problematic parts the main character is just she’s not a good person I don’t know it’s just very problematic and I’m not really into that sort of stuff so hopefully it will get better and if it doesn’t sometimes it is what it is I feel like this week was pretty successful in regards to reading and also my life in general like every single day I was just so happy yeah it was just a really good week so I’m very happy that I decided to vlog it thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed if you did let me know in the comments or by liking it or however you want to and yes I’ll see you guys next time [Music]

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12 thoughts on “DECORATING MY BOOKSHELVES AND MOVIE DATE 💫 Weekly Reading Vlog: 21st-27th Jan 2019”

  1. aphroditereads says:

    ahhh !! I loved this vlog !! your mom is the CUTEST

    "should I come back later ??" MOOD

  2. Michelle Benavides says:

    Yas vlog kween

  3. Lorena Saraniero says:

    I loved your videos sm!!! And I love that you’re posting really frequently!!!

  4. Renata Abud says:

    I miss ur mom

  5. Danni Buxton says:

    I started watching the Netflix adaption of Dumplin' and thought it was problematic too! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who thought that! 😊📚❤

  6. Books_and_More says:

    Omg 00:09 is actually me trying to think of the English words for the Irish sentences in my head. The bilingual struggle is real 😂💛

  7. Luly Hernandez says:

    Bilingual struggles!! literally me LOL

  8. Chiara in Wonderland says:

    I didn't know you were bilingual!!!

  9. yana Mae says:

    Started binge watching your vlogs and really loving ittt! Love how real you are and how hyper😍

  10. Milena says:

    i need to read the scythe and start the infernal devices, omg, i'm a mess with book series!

  11. V says:

    i am currently organizing my bookshelf and this video popped up in the right moment!¡!

  12. read more says:

    I'm hungarian and i also have those struggles

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