DC Super Hero Girls “Power Outage” Recreation | DC Super Hero Girls

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DC Super Hero Girls. MAN: Bumblebee, you’re up. THEME SONG: If I
just reached inside. GIRL: 96, wow! -Yeah! THEME SONG:It’s
where the power lies. MAN: Wonder Woman. GIRL: Go! THEME SONG: Get your cape on. -Oh no! THEME SONG: And
let’s take flight. We can do anything. We can be who we like. Get your cape on. Now’s the time. Step into the light. Save the world from crime. Get your cape on. -There goes my superhero career. -I’m the worst superhero ever. -Everyone has bad days. -I know you’re an
amazing superhero. -Thank you, Bumblebee. THEME SONG: We’re
DC Super Hero Girls.

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