David Sedaris on Storytelling, Humor & Chatting with Strangers


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67 thoughts on “David Sedaris on Storytelling, Humor & Chatting with Strangers”

  1. Armin Nadery says:

    i wonder if joe rogan would go on jimmy kimmel

  2. Daru freak says:

    He looks like my English Teacher.

  3. Errin Robinson says:

    ur the man

  4. laubowiebass says:

    Good question !

  5. Holly Quinn says:

    Man, I had no idea he was just over here.

  6. Richard Jones says:

    Bernie is our only hope!

  7. New Message says:

    I was sure his sister had dressed him at first.

  8. Magnus Wong says:

    Saw the name, thought he was from songs of war, realized he didn’t have an “n” in his last name…

  9. Marius M says:

    he's elderly now. wow.

  10. Bob Thompson says:

    Jimmy found that statement very funny and so did I. But the audience, not so much.

    "I'm mentally ill and that keeps me pretty busy." Hilarious.

  11. lovemesomeslippers says:

    He's still wearing pirate pants! (Superfan joke)

  12. Ingrid Sabisch says:

    David S. is one of the best storytellers there are, I could listen to him for hours just talking of things he saw and people he met.

  13. Kio Revana says:

    Calypso is HIGHLY RECOMENDED 🤗

  14. Kio Revana says:

    He's such a chill guy

  15. B A says:

    LOVE this man

  16. Jolene Carlier says:

    I'll go find a boyfriend named Robert to take over that book, I'll make sure he dies if David wants to plot it with me!

  17. Marius Thefaker says:

    Having a cheap father ain't all bad. My dad was too cheap to spring for a 30 cent condom, hence… me! 🙂

  18. Beck V says:

    I would follow David around just to hear his stories. He's the best storyteller since Mark Twain.

  19. Jo Laderach says:

    I love David Sedaris. Its so weird to know soms voice so well and then see them in person.

  20. lydia says:

    David is a great, great man

  21. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation says:

    Best storyteller in the world

  22. MamaSheCrazy says:

    I actually took his Master Class as soon as I was aware of it and it was brilliant

  23. Allison says:

    The entire Sedaris family is a national treasure.

  24. Stillness Within says:

    Oh he has a new book out! Love him.

  25. Simon Allen says:

    The king

  26. Social Media says:

    David you look so handsome. We got your post card and I hope you enjoyed Australia. Fly safe and come visit PA soon. We would write back but you travel to much 🤣😉 xoxo Tell Hough we miss him.

  27. Andie says:

    this guy is so uniquely funny

  28. Gary R says:

    Adam Schiff is the best storyteller. In fact he repeats the story over, and over again.

  29. terry fuckwitt says:

    I wondered why I hadn’t seen him litter picking recently.

  30. Linen Gray says:

    I love, love, love David Sedaris. He is the Mark Twain of our time.

  31. axnyslie says:

    The tombstone woman sounds like a self-entitled Karen.
    I did meet him two years ago and he just wrote "we talked about ice cream" because it was late and he wanted ice cream but didn't know what was still open in my city that would serve ice cream.

  32. Christina Lomeli says:

    I just adore David Sedaris ❤️😎😘😍

  33. Matthew Hochman says:

    I had the extreme pleasure of working backstage for Mr. Sedaris this past summer, The man is charming, he really does take the time to talk to EVERYBODY, and he is genuinely interested in what you have to say. An absolute pleasure to work for.

  34. Martin Rayner says:

    Too bad that tickets to his shows are so insanely expensive.

  35. Adam Whitley says:

    When David Sedaris signed my wife's book, he drew her "naked from behind" 😂The man is a treasure

  36. Diana Dowland says:

    David Sedaris is so funny, his books and this interview made me laugh out loud.

  37. Mason Jordan says:

    If an author drew and signed a tombstone on a book for me , that would be a dream 😂 honestly, too cool

  38. aquablushgirl says:

    So few people like him now. The world is sterile so having people like David around is a bloody gift.

  39. loveforeignaccents says:

    Never heard of him so glad I clicked him on to check him out, funny!

  40. Wendy Meador says:

    Sedaris is the funniest man alive. For real.

  41. Brendon brucale says:

    Why is this guy famous ?

  42. Brendon brucale says:

    My god not funny.

  43. katherine hunter says:

    What a hoot!
    "Do you know many people in wheelchairs?"

  44. Geoff Britton says:

    For some reason the music David walked on to reminded me of Sparks, and I realized that a collaboration between Sparks and David Sedaris might be amazing.

  45. tomitstube says:

    amy and david come from a big family, makes you wonder what it was like around that household… and it's probably a good idea for a writer, a humorous writer at that, to engage and be interested in people. reality is by far the most interesting part of life.

  46. Humor Mike says:

    David Sedaris is awesome! Someone please give me the password to access MasterClass so I can check this out. The way my bank account and taxes are set up, I won't have the funds for this for a while! LOL

  47. Liberty Blueskyes says:

    He just exposes the crap of humanity.

  48. Thelma and Louise says:

    Miss Amy on David Letterman before He went to the Bible. Ha-ha, who is the cookie one now – ha-ha!

  49. hhhh9579 says:

    Fake comedy

  50. Hb Jameson says:

    I love that he appreciates people and all of our idiosyncrasies.

  51. Thomas Shockley says:

    I’ve been on a Sedaris binge the past few days, thank you!!

  52. carrotjuse says:

    Sedaris is our greatest contemporary literary humorist. He an absolutely original treasure. He seems to be a modest man but he's gone through some hair-raising adventures.

  53. Kyle Whitmore says:

    I've read all of this man's books three times over and now have a six pack from laughing so much. Thank you Mr. Sedaris so so much for the killer abs.

  54. K Schmidt says:

    If you have the chance to see him live, take it. I laughed so hard my stomach muscles hurt for days after.

  55. Kristina7 Long says:


  56. GARrett YouTube says:

    Long time fan. What’s he on? To much.

  57. Simon Five says:

    David should be remembered as global folk hero.

  58. Lea Wilson says:

    Thank you, D.S!! Delightful Smiles!! Much Love and Many Blessings for Many and Awesome Playful Days, Precious Heart!!

  59. DJ CSWS says:

    I had tickets to see David about fifteen years ago in London, Ontario. I broke up with my girlfriend in the meantime so insisted she take the tickets. Her and a friend went and she bought and had signed for me Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk. David wrote "I met your bitches and they were beautiful."

  60. Kristen D says:

    Genius. Love. Thank you. ✌️💙🐕

  61. Kristen D says:

    Top best writer. Aristotle, Sedaris. Kinda great

  62. annette fournier says:

    Well that woman had no sense of humor. A book with a doodle AND signed by the author? Priceless. Plus I like his perspective. 😉😂

  63. mary hershelman says:

    What a fabulous coat…..

  64. Jason Nestor says:

    I drove for David once and he was very polite and quiet and listened to my stupid stories the whole 2hrs. He laughed at me and wrote me an amazing letter after. One of the most amazing moments of my life.

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