Dark Tower Series MOVIE

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HEY TRIPPSTERS, ok got some Stephen King news for you. For fans of The Dark Tower Series, there is a movie coming and it’s going to be released July 28 of this year. So you know, get excited. Ok now this movie is going to be based on The Gunslinger which, I’m thinking is the latest book in that series. And it’s going to star Matthew McConaughey. Now I haven’t read The Dark Tower series but, I am a huge Stephen King fan, I’m also a huge Matthew McConaughey fan, so I may end up watching the movie just for those 2 reasons alone. But in case you guys didn’t know, I wanted to give you a quick heads up that yes The Dark Tower Series is finally getting its own movie, and it’s going to be based on The Gunslinger, and it’s actually going to be called The Gunslinger. Okay but, there you have it. That’s the latest and greatest on The Dark Tower Series and the movie that’s coming. Remember guys it’s July 28 this year 2017. That is gonna do it for now this is ICEPETS QUEEN, and I am TRIPPIN OUT

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