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I don’t know about you, but I get sick and
tired of always just finding and a nook in the floor somewhere that I can put all my
books, paperwork, and folders. I’m going to create industrial bookshelf so
I can have a nice and neat tidy space. These are all the tools and materials required
to make an industrial wooden bookshelf with a bit of a twist. By the time it’s complete, friends and family
won’t believe that you’ve made it yourself. Let me show you how. Before you get started if you do all your
pre-measuring, you’ll be able to get most of it pre-cut at your local Bunnings store. All that you’ll be required to do is possibly
some straight cuts and some miter joints. To make the A-Frame, we need to start with
the miter joint. Remember once you’ve done your first cut,
measure up your desired length, but when doing the second cut, make sure it’s mirrored image. The miter joints have now being cut, so we
need to put the basic A-Frame together. To do that, we need to pre-drill, glue and
screw it together. Both frames have now been assembled, so we
need to brace them together. To do this, we need to clamp it, pre-drill
it, glue it and fix it together. Repeat the same process with the other two
bracings, so the A-Frame can be secured on top. The bracings have now been all secured, it’s
time to put the additional A-Frame on top. You’ll see it really start to take shape. I’m just going to use a little bit of additional
bracing to help support the front. Now that I’ve lined it all up, like the bracing
I need to pre-drill, glue and fix it together. The A-Frame has now being put together, now
I need to secure the bracing for the shelves. To do this I’m going to flip it on its side. You can have your shelves as close or as far
apart as you like. For my one, I’m just going to have the two. To fix the bracing for the shelves, it’s the
same thing as the bracing for the actual frame. You need to pre-drill, glue and screw it together. Putty up the screw holes and give it a light
sand. The A-Frame is now complete. All that’s left to do is paint it. You can paint it whatever color you like,
I’m going to go with black because I want it to have an industrial look. Just remember when you are painting though,
make sure the area is really well ventilated. For the shelving, I’m using a hardwood. The best part is you can get it pre-cut at
your local Bunning store. So all that’s left to do is give it a light
sand and a coat of wax. By putting a coating of wax on it, it will
help bring out some of the texture and grain in the hardwood. It will also help protect it. Everything is now ready to be assembled. The hardwood shelving will hold it all together,
but if you like you can secure it to the frame just for some extra stability. Because the inverted frame won’t stand up
on its own, you may need an extra set of hands to help hold it in place. If you don’t have anyone though, you can also
clamp it. There you have it, the industrial bookshelf
is now complete. It looks fantastic. You can do the shelving in line with the actual
framing if you like or you can just leave it with a straight edge. You can do whatever you like, but it will
definitely be a talking piece amongst family and friends because they’ll never believe
you made it. Let’s get it into the study. This industrial bookshelf looks amazing. With the inverted A-Frame, it gives it a whole
new dynamic look and as you’ve seen, it was very easy to do. You don’t have to limit this to a study, it
can be used in any room in your home and you can paint it to any color scheme that you
already have. Do you remember how my paperwork, folders,
and books looked before? It was an absolute mess. Have a look at it now.

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