CSUF Study Abroad | Pre-Departure Orientation – “Online Process”

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This online tutorial will walk you through
the two stages of completing an application for study abroad in the CSUF study abroad
office’s new online system. Each stage includes varies required tasks so keep watching to
understand how to effectively manage your application each step of the way. Once you’ve
selected a study abroad, click the apply now button from the program’s online brochure.
You’ll find a button on the top right corner. You’ll be asked to create a profile and provide
answers to a series of questions. After this, you’ll receive an online massage confirming
the creation of your account and inviting you to log to the online system. If you’re
a CSUF student, your login credentials will be the same as for your CSUF portal. If not,
the system will ask you to create a new password in order to log in. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll enter
the application of the first pre-decision stage. During this stage, you’ll be asked
to complete a series of tasks. Some tasks will be in the form on online questionnaires.
Others will be in the form of documents to read and sign electronically. You may be also
asked to upload certain documents to your online application in the attachments section
of the application. As you complete each task, it will be checked off so that you could easily
see your progress towards completing this part of the application. Please note, some
tasks may need to be reviewed or approved by the study abroad office before they will
appear as checked off or completed in your application. Finally, depending on the program,
you may be required to send recommendation requests by email to faculty members of your
choice. As the faculty members complete the online recommendation forms for your application,
these will also appear checked off as completed. When all items are checked off, you can now
finally hit the submit button on your application page in order to complete the “pre-decision”
stage of your application. At this time, your application status will appear as pending.
The study abroad office will review your application and contact you if any further tasks or information
are required. Once everything has been reviewed as satisfactory, your application status will
be changed to accepted. Congratulations, but you’re not done yet!
Next you’ll be notified by automated email message that’s your application status is
changed, and you’ll be instructed to log in to your online application where you’ll see
you’ve now been accepted by CSUF to proceed with your study abroad program preparations.
You’ll need to select the option to commit to a study abroad program. Once you click
this button, your application status will now appear as committed and you’ve just entered
the second post-decision stage of your application. You’ll now be able to see that there are a
few more online tasks to complete. Again, these will be in the form of additional online
questionnaires, electronic signature documents, and document uploads. You’ll also receive
access to videos covering important pre-departure information and assets and assessments. Please
complete all of these tasks as well in order to meet the requirements for the second and
final stage of your application. Your completion of the online task will have a serious barring
on your program acceptance, financial aid, course transfer credit, insurance enrollment,
and many other important matters. For this reason, you’ll receive regular notifications
for incomplete application tasks until they’ve been checked off. The best and easiest way
to stop these messages is to complete the required tasks and/or inform the study abroad
office why you’re delayed. Please keep in mind that this information
pertains specifically to the CSUF study abroad office application procedures. You may or
may not have separate program specific application requirements depending on your chosen study
abroad program. For example, exchange programs, non-CSUF programs, the CSUF Fall Florence
program, and the CSU IP academic year programs. All have application requirements separate
from the application details explained in this tutorial. The study abroad office can
help advice you about these seperate requirments. Once your program officially starts, you’ll
enter what’s called the “While Abroad” phase. You’ll be able to access your application
information and records while abroad as well as a journal feature you can use to keep track of your experiences. When you return, you’ll enter a “Returnee” phase where you’ll be asked to
fill out a short survey about your program. You can also enter in your alumni information
so that students applying to the same program in the future can contact you or read your
comments about it. Well, there you have it. The study abroad
office looks forward to receiving your applications. If you have any questions about the application
process, please feel free to contact the study abroad office using this information. Thank

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