Crush Your Fear Of Rejection In 60 Seconds


Kind of like fear of rejection, even though
I improve myself, I just have a fear of rejection, getting the phone number. Have you tried? Have you gotten rejected? Have I gotten rejected? Yeah. How many times you’ve been rejected in the
past two weeks? Zero. Four weeks. Yeah. How about four weeks? How many times have you been rejected in four
weeks? Four weeks? Zero. Six months, how many times have you been rejected? How many times have you been rejected in your
life? Five times. Five times? Yeah. Bro, that’s fucking nothing. That’s nothing and you’re like, man it hurts. Listen, I’m just teasing. What hurts about it? Where’s the pain? I’m asking you, what hurts like when you get
rejected? What don’t you like? Think about this for a second. I mean, no one likes to be rejected. Of course, it’s a hit to your ego, but the
problem is you are letting other people tell you your value. Oh shit. I just blew your fucking mind. Yeah. Because I get it man. I’ve been rejected. I’ve gone through the process of going, why
does rejection even hurt? Why do I even let it hurt? It’s because you’re allowing in that moment,
them to judge you. When you need to be creating your own judgment
of yourself. Don’t look for external validation. Look for internal validation. Only “you” get to choose how you feel
about yourself and your value. Problem is, if you’re letting other people
judge your value, your basically just projecting and saying that you think that you’re a piece
of shit. If you had high self esteem, you would never
be letting other people say that about you. You wouldn’t think that because you’d be like,
no, that’s not, I know I’m awesome. That’s what you’d be saying yourself, I know,
I’m awesome. Yeah. It blew my mind. That’s you need to be thinking about. Last, I’m gonna combine the fact that once
you get rejected 30 times, so get rejected. You’ve been rejected 5, let’s get 25 under
your belt. You’re not going to care anymore so much. You’re not gonna care. You’re gonna become numb to it. It’s gonna be, who cares? Plus, you’re gonna realize that when you go
out, you’re gonna get rejected because eventually you’re going to meet someone who’s not going
to reject you. It’s going to take rejections and it becomes
worth it, because you don’t let those rejections bother you. There you go. Yeah. Thank you. You’re welcome, man. Thank you, Tripp. Thanks, man. Take care.

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16 thoughts on “Crush Your Fear Of Rejection In 60 Seconds”

  1. The Adventurous Guy says:

    First Comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. M J Pes player says:


  3. TheBlack Metal says:

    Dude on the phone sounds high…..

  4. Romer Castellano says:

    How can someone
    In the external
    World even know my value!

  5. Clint Zuleger says:

    Tripp Advice: โ€œHow many times have you been rejected in the las yearโ€?

    Me: โ€œYesโ€.

  6. Sir Edy says:

    When he said 5 times that was a BRUH moment

  7. Axel Hart says:

    A rejection (by a woman you really like /love) hurts because it matters! It can break your heart or, in the worst case, end your billion years long genetic lineage,wasting your whole existence.

  8. Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war says:

    I never get rejected

  9. Diego says:

    Crush the fear of rejection by using it as a learning strategy to boost morale, character and confidence etc.

  10. Arion Starks says:

    "You are letting other people tell you your value"
    "Oh shit"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Dilidjent says:

    No offence to the dude on the phone but it was really kind of funny. 5 times? C'mon dude. Seems like you didn't even tried in your life. Listen to him, listen to Tripp he gives really brilliant advices!

  12. starraider25 says:

    The more times you get rejected, the more masculine you become

  13. Israel-Did-9/11 says:

    I think girls who reject me are not mentally that smart ๐Ÿ™‚ but at least I dodged a bullet

  14. Rigsby says:

    Never rejected by his dealer..

  15. I can do this all day says:

    Bro this is the best advice in my life. Thank you so much. I'll keep that in mind all the time

  16. jakkam girish says:

    You just blew my mind lol

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