Conditional and Unconditional Offers for Study in UK – Cardiff Met International Quick Tip


Greetings students of the world, in this Cardiff
Met International Quick Tip I’ll be explaining the difference between the Conditional Offer
Letter, and the Unconditional Offer Letter, that you’ll receive when applying to study
in the UK. Hello again, Jack here from Cardiff Met International
with a quick tip video to explain the difference between a Conditional, and an Unconditional
Offer letter. When you’ve completed your application to
a UK university, once it’s been assessed by the university’s Admissions Team, hopefully,
you’ll be lucky enough to be offered a place on your chosen course. The university will let you know the good
news, by sending you an offer letter – although usually it will be sent as an email! The offer letter that you will receive will be one of the following. An Unconditional Offer – an unconditional offer means that you have met all of the academic
requirements of your offer, and provided everything that the university needs to offer you a place,
and support your visa application. Well done! A Conditional Offer – a conditional offer
means that whilst you have met enough of the academic requirements to be offered a place
on the course, the university still needs you to provide further documents, or information to be able to confirm your place on the course. These requirements are called conditions. They may be extra documents, requirements
that you complete your current studies with a certain grade, an interview request, or
anything else the university needs before it can officially invite you to start the
course, and support your visa application. If you have questions about your specific
conditions, it’s best to get in touch with the university Admissions Team. Once you’ve met all of the conditions of your
conditional offer, it will be updated to an unconditional offer, and you’re ready
to go! Another well done for you! So there you have it! Hopefully you now understand the difference
between the two types of offer you may receive, and what it means for your application. Please do give me a like if this has been
helpful. If you want to find out more about Offer Letters
for Cardiff Metropolitan University and study in the UK check out my full-length video. If you’re looking at study options in the
UK make sure you watch my videos about Cardiff Metropolitan University and subscribe to our
YouTube channel for more tips, guidance and advice. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions
just let me know in the comments below. But for now thanks for watching this Cardiff Met
International Quick Tip, and hopefully we’ll welcome you to Cardiff Met one day soon. Bye bye!

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