Como enviar mensaje silencioso sin sonido con Telegram Android e iOS

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Hello again Infonauta, welcome or welcome to a new delivery of your YouTube channel Infoductiva on this occasion we are going to see a new function that has Telegram incorporated which allows us to send silent messages without emitting absolutely no sound … You know when we send something on Telegram This is how we hear it … and we do receive a lot … … is a burden, so when you have to have a long enough conversation or With many messages I will explain how to do so that these messages that you send do not emit any solid … interesting right? We start … this trick is very simple and is perfectly valid for both Android devices and devices iOS, this is iPhone, iPad and so on … well the fundamental idea is that when we are in a chat or in a group fundamentally what we do is write the message and once we have it written we have a blue button that when you press it, it will send us the message, but we would be sending this message emitting the typical Telegram sound or the one set on that device … well, the idea is that after writing the message instead of pressing it what we are going to do to that blue button is to keep pressing … and how do you see all the screen we blur and only the button, the message and another button that clearly tells us appear clearly: send without sound well … if we press In this last button, what we are going to do is send without the receiver ringing the device I take this opportunity to recommend you update it and of course the utility is It will focus on not being annoying when we have to send many messages … I hope this information has been helpful, if so, like, share this information and see you in the next installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva … See you soon Infonauta

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