Como converter e enviar arquivos de texto para o Kindle com o Calibre


Greetings! Welcome to Cris Santos Info channel In this video I want to show you how to send files to your Kindle using it’s USB cable Supplied with the device or with a compatible cable In other videos I showed how to send files via e-mail; with direct sending computer Or send Web pages texts In these situations it is necessary to have the Wi-Fi connection to receive the file on the device I will now show an option where you can send When you do not have available Wi-Fi connection Using the USB cable that comes with the Kindle or compatible In many cases the USB cable smartphones are compatible with Kindle For this I will use the Caliber program is a program that allows Before sending to kindle convert to the proper format Kindle Much more interesting you send in original format (Kindle), and the phone’s features On the screen is the official page of the program. For those who use Windows You have the download link on this page of the installation file I am using Ubuntu. For those who use this system, go to the Software Center Do research in the search field (Caliber) to locate and install For those who already know the installation on Ubuntu, you need the system password It is quick to install … Without further ado, I will open the Caliber The program has several features … I will open the welcome wizard, like mine is already installed, I’ll put here the wizard for those who are opening the first time Will appear this initiation wizard where you choose the language (the default is Portuguese) Choose the location to save the files, If you want to save a file On your machine (which is not the case of this video) The program has a default folder that you can change (Change button) In the next window you choose your device (Kindle / model) We are dealing with the Kindle, Amazon choosing the manufacturer And device you choose according to your model (in my case, Paperwhite) you choose according to the model of your device The next window is the e-mail setup, we will not move Has another video on the channel showing how to send files to the Kindle via email I will close this window, open the application again To add book just go in the first toolbar option Add books or any text files, such as PDF Word files (DOC, DOCX), txt and other formats of text files I’ll get one as an example … You can select as many files as you want Click Open … He gave a warning in the program that this file has already been added The file is already in the Caliber library. I will make the Kindle connection to the USB port In a moment the program detects the connected device You will see this detected Kindle device alert To make the conversion, The file in the library is in doc format (PDF actually – .doc is the name of the file) I selected a file and the option will convert books (the arrow next to the button) For the Kindle, which is output format (top right) Switch to AZW3 (standard format Kindle) and press OK. Starts to convert (wait a moment) He completed the conversion To send to the device, select the file or files you want to send And with the right mouse button and select the second option, Send to device And then Send to main memory An alert appears indicating that it is sending (taking a few moments) By changing the alert was sent the file (shows another device files reading of alert) Once sent you can go on the device- option (right arrow) To release the USB connection Has the option Eject the device On your Kindle screen will appear the normal screen protectors Then I will go to my Kindle screen, check the uploaded file I’m here showing my kindle device Logo appears here in the featured library the book I sent him With the stripe again. And it’s in the Kindle format itself You can even then read as an e-book Kindle So this is a good resource in the absence of WI-FI connection You with a cable, so that comes with the device Like most cell cords that have the same standard connection Normally the plug works You can use to transfer files I ask if you liked, click the Like botton, share with friends Sign in the channel. I appreciate your attention, the audience. Thank you and see you next time!

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3 thoughts on “Como converter e enviar arquivos de texto para o Kindle com o Calibre”

  1. Eliane Costa says:

    Olá, boa tarde Cris! Já tentei por duas vezes fazer a conversão seguindo passo a passo como você explica. Creio que o problema está no "Adobe Acrobat Reader", é o que faz o Download dos meus arquivos no PC. Será que tem outro que eu possa baixar? Meus arquivos baixaram tudo em PDF no Kindle. Obrigada.

  2. Jefferson Santanna says:

    Obrigado, muito esclarecedor seu vídeo.

  3. Edson lima lima says:

    Cadê o link do programa

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