This might be a bit controversial because It could be a controversial opinion like we love that well hello people’s of the internet my name is Kevin and welcome back to another video as you may notice I am in a different location right now even though It’s just a white background So maybe you wouldn’t have noticed it just from a white wall? but in case you did I’m in a new location as I am currently in London as you also probably could tell from the title of this video But today in London I’m gonna go book shopping and I have a couple of different book shops that I want to go to There’s three that I have in mind and one of them I’ve never been to before but like I looked up book shops in London Like a couple minutes ago when I was on my phone and I saw this one and like honestly just from the photos alone it’s so stunning. it literally looks like the library in beauty and the beast and I’m like I need to go there and then two of the other ones I’ve been to before one’s a waterstones and then the second one is like this Lgbtqia+ bookshop, which is honestly one of my favorite book shops in the world like I’ve been to it before it’s literally one of the best shops ever like all they sell is queer literature and like I’m here for that but feel like I’m probably gonna spend most of my money when I’m in there So I’m going to that one last because I know I’m gonna do the damage in there But I am gonna go to the other two as well and it’s gonna be a fun day Also, if you’ve never been to London and you’re looking for like ideas for book shops I’ll link the addresses to the book shops all down below so you can find them yourself and also Include clips and footage of the book shops in case it’s something you want do for research Whenever you come to London and you want to go book shopping because London has so many great book stores Like these are only three that I’m going to but there’s so many more that I’ve been to before that are amazing So like you just can’t go wrong with book shops in London Like you literally can’t and I need to move here as soon as possible. I want to live here so badly anyways, I’m gonna get up now because it is currently 12 o’clock, so it’s about midday Weather currently is okay. Like it’s typical UK and Irish weather. So like what can you expect? Yeah, I’m gonna go now. I need to get myself some breakfast first So I’m gonna go to Gregg’s because if you know me, if you know anytime I come to London I always have to have a Gregg’s or anything anywhere in the UK I always have to get Gregg’s because Gregg’s is like a deli and like a bakery that It’s just so good and like I can’t put into words how amazing gregg’s is until you’ve actually had it yourself Like it’s the only way to explain it You just need to get one for yourself Like it’s just amazing but I’m going to go there for breakfast on the train then into central London and go to all my different book shops because the First one I’m going to is daunts books. I believe it’s called That’s the first one going to which is the beauty and the Beast one I’m so excited Can we talk about this jacket because I feel like I’m too gay to wear this like I feel like this is very straight boy jacket, you know, also I know I’m wearing airpods Oh As I was saying also I know I’m wearing airpods and like, I feel like I’ve just leveled up like I know I’m one of those bitches now because I’ve air pods so I’m sorry, if like you trusted me and now I’ve evolved to that person with airpods I’m very sorry – Life is a winding road- -No telling where it goes- -Driving through days and nights- -Won’t stop for traffic lights- -Figure out where the road goes- -Even if we’re falling down I will keep on searching for my highs- -You can say I’ve lost my mind and I will keep on holding my head high- -Even the sky is falling down- -Jumping from cliffs so high- -Trusting our wings to fly- -Sometimes we’re crashing down, but we get up and start from the ground- -I really wanna know wanna know- -if I- Even if I’m falling down on I will keep on searchin, okay guys So that book shop was literally one of the most stunning things I’ve ever been to in my entire life like it was so pretty I Didn’t buy anything Because they didn’t really have anything I wanted but as I said not to worry because I am going to two other book shops today So, I’m sure I’m gonna buy something eventually I know I am like because I took money out to buy books, so it’s definitely gonna happen But that was such a pretty book shop literally so stunning! You can say i’ve lost my mind, I will keep on holding my head high even if the sky is falling Even if the sky is falling Okay guys, so I think I found the first book I’m going to buy and this might be a bit controversial because it Could be a controversial opinion like we love that but I picked out shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa because you guys know I love wicked Fox by Kat Cho one of my favorite books ever of last year and I feel like this book is gonna be similar to it because this one follows a kitsune so I’m like I want to get this but my controversial opinion is this cover is So much better than the hardback like I think that’s controversial. But look how stunning she is I Love that also I’m sitting on this little tiny stool Feel like y’all need to know this I’m sitting on that little tiny stooll in like a little children’s history section about dinosaurs and stuff So we love that because it’s very loud, and I needed to vlog so think I’m gonna buy this is only 7 pound 99 cover is stunning and it’s definitely a book I want to read so I think I’m gonna get this one Okay, guys, so I bought the book in waterstones and now we’re going to gay’s the word bookshop, which is the LGBTQ bookshop Which I know I’m gonna do so much damage in. so Here we go Okay, guys so I am now back from shopping and I actually didn’t vlog anything when I was in the gays the word bookshop, which is the lgbtqia+ bookshop because when I went in there there was literally me and two other people and then the Shopkeeper like guy working at the till and like that shop by itself You guys may have just seen from like the clip. I showed of the outside of it. It’s a really small shop So like if I was vlogging in there, like it would’ve just been a really awkward experience. so I was like, you know what? I’m just not gonna vlog in here, even though I really like this shop because it’s the Lgbtqia+ shop and literally all queer literature in there. It’s like one of the best shops ever But yeah, there was barely anyone in there. It was too awkward if I was using my camera, so I was like We ain’t doing it sis but anyways, I do have a bag Full of goodies. So we love that. This is the bag that I got from the gays the word bookshop It’s just black like it’s just a plain black bag Nothing really exciting there, but I will show you they gave me a bookmark So just says gays the word and it just has all their different information on it and I love that like such a cute little bookmark but anyways Let’s get to the good stuff and look at all the books that I bought because that’s the exciting part The first one that I bought I did already show and that is shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa which is the book that I know is about kitsune’s and that’s basically why I’m getting this because I loved wicked Fox by Kat Cho and One of my favorite books of last year and I loved that that was about gumiho which is basically a nine-tailed Fox where she consumes the energy of men in order to survive and This one is about a kitsune and if you guys have seen Teen Wolf you might know what a kitsune is And I don’t really want to explain what it is because I don’t think I can explain it correctly myself So I don’t wanna like do incorrect information to you But if you’ve seen Teen Wolf, you know what a kitsune is and then I bought three books when I went into the gays the word bookshop and I am so excited about the three books that I bought because I’ve heard great things about all three of these the first one is little and lion by brandy Colbert and this is one that I actually heard from From Emma from Emmmabooks. She talks about this book on her channel, and she really really enjoyed it So when I saw it actually in the bookshop, I was like, oh, I remember Emma talking about that I know she really talks positively about it So I was like I should pick this up but basically this follows a brother and a sister I think who end up falling for the same girl So that just sounds like a lot of Tea a lot of drama it’s gonna deal with like complex family issues and stuff like that? I’m very interested to see how it’s gonna be done and I’ve heard great things about it from Emmmabooks I trust Emmmabooks opinions on books. So I’m assuming this is gonna be a good one Let me know down below in the comments if you’ve read it yourself, and what you think of it? But I’m very excited to read and also it’s a flimsy paperback We know I love flimsy paperbacks. Also this won a Stonewall Book Award So, I mean you don’t win awards for nothing So just saying then the next one that I picked up is actually a graphic novel And it’s one that Chloe from books with Chloe recommended me and obviously Chloe is my bestie So I trust her opinions when she recommends me a book and that is fence Volume one. so Yes This is a graphic novel that I’ve heard a lot about also just on booktube in general I feel like a lot of people have talked about this but mainly I know about it because of Chloe like Chloe read it and she really liked it and she told me that I would Like it as well, so I’m excited to read it I when I saw it I was like, you know what, I need to pick this. Oh my god the artwork. Oh Oh My god that picture alone I’m hooked. I’m hooked hooked. You’ve got me i’m very excited to read this I actually might read this maybe on my flight home to Ireland because this is obviously a graphic novel. I read them really quickly So this probably will be a very fast read for me and I feel like I could read it on my hour flight So I might do that might not we shall see how I’m gonna go. I know, it’s about fencing and there’s a male-male romance. So I’m here for it, even though I don’t really like sports but like fencing for some reason interests me like I love fencing especially from The Parent Trap if you’ve seen that movie the fencing scene in that one of my favorite scenes of all time and like that’s probably why I like fencing but anyways, I’m getting off topic and then the final book that I ended up buying was actually a Hardback and that is the black flamingo by Dean Atta and this cover once again So stunning, and so queer I live for it, honestly I don’t know too much about this book myself, but I have heard once again many great things I’ve been recommended it as well for my friend Gabby from Gabby pop on book Twitter You guys might know her and she recommended this book to me and she said that she thinks I would really like it So once again, I’m trusting her opinion and also Jesse from bowties and books They told me about this book and they said that they wanted to buddy read it And so when I saw it in the bookshop, I was like oh my god I’m gonna buy that and then me and Jesse can do our buddy reads. So I’m excited to do that I don’t really know how to explain what this book is about. It’s just basically a lot about finding your identity and stuff and Yeah, and I just want to read the back to you because I just think the back is amazing So it says it’s not about being ready. It’s not even about being fierce or fearless. It’s about being free That just sounds amazing I also believe drag culture is involved in this book because I believe the main character becomes like a drag artist So I’m excited to read it it sounds like it’s gonna be right up my street and I Think I got an amazing couple of purchases today. Like I think I kind of snapped like I snapped Yes, that was my book shopping in London. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video Let me know down below if you’ve read any of these books if you’ve been to these book stores as well. Let me know Yeah, that’s gonna be it for this video So I really hope you guys enjoyed it and I shall see you all next time in my next video. So goodbye guys!

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