Closing Remarks: Yale-Smithsonian Partnership

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– But with that, I’d like to
invite up Susan Gibbons who, as you’ve heard me say, is both university librarian and deputy, she’s a Steven F. Gates ’68
University librarian and Deputy Provost for Scholarly
Communications and Collections, who is going to give a closing remarks. – And actually, I have a third
hat that I’m wearing today, which is that I am the point person for the Yale-Smithsonian
partnership here at Yale, and have the honor of doing that. So, what I wanted to say first is thank you all for participating in this. For those who have traveled
up from DC and elsewhere, we really appreciate you coming. This has been an experiment
for us, so this is, we are now into our
third, almost fourth year, of the Yale-Smithsonian Partnership. And our question was, while
we’ve had this partnership, and certainly connections have been made, are there other ways that we
can really foster that network and help to push it out? And so the idea was,
could we pick one topic, in this case Michigan learning
across cultural heritage, and bring that, bring individuals together to talk about projects
that were happening? And then from that,
hopefully create networks, and from those networks maybe
projects that build on it. So this is an experiment of ours to say, how can we keep, we have the partnership but we want to really push on it. We really want to find ways that the partnership can,
eventually, create many more collaborations and projects together. So hopefully, you will have
found this to be useful. What we’re looking for are
what are the other topics? There are vast numbers, and
our institutions are so vast that it’s hard to make those connections. So what we need are other
ideas of this kind of theme that we could then, with that theme, find out who across the two institutions should be brought together, share ideas, and then start a network in that area. So I hope you’ll think about
that in the days to come, and give us some ideas
of how we might come up with other themes that
really would have helped to foster this partnership
and move it forward. So I just want to end by
saying a great thanks to Peter Leonard who has served as our wonderful host today and facilitator, the members of Yale’s
Digital Humanities Lab who also served as your hosts, the Yale-Smithsonian advisory committee, as well as Michelle Delaney who
was our key point of contact at the Smithsonian, who
really helped to figure out, we have someone at Yale who’s
interested in this area, is there someone at the
Smithsonian, and visa-versa. And so she helped with a
lot of the match-making that brought all of you
together in this room. So to everybody who was involved today, thank you very much, we
do want that feedback. Should we do more of these,
what are the themes for them? And then I hope you’ll
take up Peter’s offer to really keep the dialogue
coming in this particular domain space and continue to think about potential collaborations and partnerships. So thank you very much, and
safe travels to all of you, and stay dry, hopefully
this storm will go away. (clapping) (Light music)

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