Cliniko This Week: Specify how far ahead online bookings are offered & planned maintenance!

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Hello and welcome back Cliniko Family to another
week’s worth of news, updates, changes, fixes, and more! I’m Rachel from the Cliniko
Team here to bring you up to speed! This week we have an exciting new Online Booking
feature for you! You can now specify how far ahead your patients can book online. We’re
also making a number of behind the scenes changes! This includes increasing space on
our servers and applying some configuration changes which means we will have a planned
maintenance period this weekend taking place either on Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the
24th of February depending on your time zone. Let’s go over all of this in this episode
of Cliniko This Week! [Introduction Music] To get started, let’s look at the new Online
Booking feature! Within Settings → Online Booking you’ll now see a setting that let’s
you determine How far ahead bookings are offered. By default this is set to 1 year ahead but
you can 4 weeks, 12 weeks, or even 6 months! This limits how far into your Online Booking calendar
patients can book appointments. So as an example, if we set this to 4 weeks
and save our online booking settings, the next time a patient visits Online Booking,
they will not be able to view or book past the next 4 weeks. Just note you can change this setting for
your Online Bookings at any time and it’ll take effect immediately.
Finally, let’s discuss the maintenance window taking place this weekend. Depending on your
time zone we will be undergoing maintenance on Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the 24th of
February. If you check out our Cliniko Community we will have a link with a list of the start times
for your area. Just note Cliniko will be unavailable during this time. So we recommend a few things
to prepare. First we recommend printing out your Appointment Schedule for the day via
the Reports Page. If you need your Patient History, if you head to the Patient’s File
we have a History Report you can generate. Finally, since Online Bookings will also be
unavailable, we recommend letting your patients know it’s best to schedule directly with
you or wait until the maintenance window is completed. While that completes this episode if you have
any questions about the releases and news from today head to your account and chat with
us by selecting Chat with Us within your account Depending on your screen size this may be
under Help. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and
until next time, bye Cliniko Family👋!

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