Cliniko This Week: New Online Booking Reservations feature

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Hello Cliniko Family! It’s your pal Rachel
here and I have some exciting new features, updates, and changes that have been released
this past week in Cliniko! Our featured release is we’ve added an Online
Booking reservation feature which will allow time slots to be reserved from other bookings
and appear as in progress while a patient is making an Online Booking. This feature can also be disabled or customized
in Online Booking Settings! I’m going to show you exactly how this feature
works (including how to customize your Online Booking Settings) and of course, fill you
in on our other updates that were released in Cliniko This Week! [Intro Music] Whenever a patient makes an Online Booking,
previously, if the patient selected a slot at the same time as another patient, they
wouldn’t know that slot was unavailable until they finished filling out their booking
details and confirming with the Book Appointment button. They would then see an error message letting
them know that their appointment was booked and would have to select another time. This could also happen if a clinic was creating
a booking on their end at the same time. If the patient created the booking first, the
clinic would no longer have the slot available. Of course, this would lead to headaches, frustrations,
etc. So we’ve released a new feature to tackle
all of these issues! Now, when a patient selects a time slot via
Online Booking, we will reserve that time slot for a certain amount of time. That reserved
slot time will not show up for any other patients during that time we’ve reserved as well. On the clinics end, they will also see an
indication that an Online Booking is in progress. So, while the patient is in the process of
making a booking, that spot will be held, and that hold will be visible to anyone who
is viewing the calendar. This includes both individual appointments as well as group appointments. The amount of time the online booking is reserved for
is set to 7 minutes by default. After those 7 minutes, if the patient hasn’t completed
their booking. We will open up that time slot for another patient and on the clinic’s
end. Just know, while 7 minutes is the default, we have also added some settings to control
the new feature. If you head to Settings → Online Booking you’ll now see an option to control
the Online booking (in progress) reservation length. You can disable the feature by selecting
“None” or select 1 to 15 minutes for the Online booking reservation time length. Once
you save your Settings, it’ll take effect immediately. We hope this feature helps but definitely
let us know your thoughts! In regards to our remaining changes, we had
a number of bug fixes related to discounts on Invoices and Patient pronouns. Specifically,
we fixed an issue where a large dollar-value discount was causing rounding or calculation
issues. There was also an issue where setting or updating the patient’s preferred pronouns,
was not saving correctly. Again both of these have been addressed. That completes this week’s changes, updates,
and new feature releases but I can’t wait to be back next week with more! Until then,
have a good one! Bye, Cliniko 👋!

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