Classic 10 Week Video Course | Wim Hof Method


I’m totally convinced that YOU can do what I can do. Ok, let’s go for it. Focus on that feeling. It’s the spine we work on. Nice one Mark! In control by breathing. Keep your focus towards it. It needs focus. Otherwise… Boom! [Laughing] That was a nice one right? Make it circular. Today we are going to practise in ice cold water. Because you are ready, your body is ready. Your mind is ready. If we can do it in these couple of weeks… Everybody can do it! Ready?

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38 thoughts on “Classic 10 Week Video Course | Wim Hof Method”

  1. Nour mourad says:

    I'm glad I found you!

  2. jake15153 Jurasico says:

    i would like to went to barcelon to met you wim, but can t for my family situacional ( i have 17 years old 😉

  3. Anonymous Person says:

    You inspired me so much Wim ,u are amazing 😉

  4. Buff Huck says:

    What an awesome fucking person that guy is.

  5. Anurag Sharma says:

    This man is doing yoga postures and pranayama (respiration techniques) but why is he not mentioning the term "yoga" here ?

  6. Alex Connor says:


  7. CAREorDIE says:

    have you guys hacked my hard drive? I'm making a Wim Hof course video lol <3

  8. Vlad S. says:

    200 euro? I will have to sell my house 🙂

  9. Kenpachi doing anything says:

    Can you guys support my channel kenpachi doing anything. These is hard and fun

  10. michael rennig says:

    Ik doe de dit nu een jaar bijna elke dag samen met de koude douche . Bijna de 20 dagen koude douche challenge afgerond , net gestart met de guided Breathing bubble en dit jaar mijn eerste nieuwjaarsduik!
    Niet meer ziek geweest sinds de WHM!
    Ik ben niet van plan te stoppen , ik ga all the way!
    See you soon 🙏

  11. 5tegosaurus says:

    Does this course include demon slaying?

  12. Светлана Ким says:

    Hello. Please include Russian subtitles. People from Russia also want to watch you and follow your recommendations.👍👍😘

  13. Diane Giovanniello says:

    Much love and gratitude Wim Hof
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 🦃❤️⭐️

  14. Diver Dan says:

    The breathing is good I do use that but he is trying to make this into a cult & getting very rich off it…

  15. Youcef Dridi says:

    Back in 2017, I was completely broken after being dumped by my partner and the loss of my job. I found the Wim Hof method online and liked the videos I saw on YT. I took the 10-week class and still practice daily this method. I would like to thank Wim Hof and his team for their excellent support and service. My life changed in the very first days of practice. Depression symptoms went away in no time, and I could rebuild my life and find self-esteem and confidence in all aspects you can think of. An immense THANK YOU for this, and all it brought to me since !

  16. Jose Villa says:

    Like *****

  17. True Potential says:

    Is it okay for your techniques to be practiced without supervision? Because I ve seen people having very irrattic and powerful emotions/reactions when the go deep into the breathing techniques

  18. Erwan says:

    Let's build a worls of icemans

  19. Michael Putnam says:

    Thanks boss happy holidays from the Putnam family

  20. 442 Hz says:

    I can recommend this course! It works like a dream!

  21. Krzysztof Tatar says:

  22. Micky Olivera says:


  23. Sri Yantra says:

    This is awesome! Does that hoodie come in mens?

  24. d Gtm says:

    This guy is genuine. I’m am a student of vipassana and I have been following his for a long time.
    He should have started this course long time ago!!
    It’s the breathing technique he invented which is easier then attain meditation specially vipassana.
    It’s the way we breath makes us what we and our body become.

  25. Jojopiojop says:

    How can i join a course?

  26. The Side Project says:

    I'm his #1 fan😍❤

  27. abhishek pradhan says:

    Hey where can i find the course ?

  28. Norseman says:

    More info?

  29. Raya Rayas says:

    Están super bien a se falta en español para entender todo alguien que los traduzcan en español

  30. Elizabeth Long says:

    仌 ◔L◔ve ̈ *
    ..sweet; ';;'; nesssss; ';; sss';';

  31. Ayid Mohamed says:

    you should come to Minnesota

  32. The New York Red Neck says:

    How much to get taught by him in his home country?

  33. suh says:

    That kalisthenics is really impressive wim

  34. Huero Buff says:

    May this help with a boxing match?

  35. Elie Frost says:

    Love you mr wim hop💚

  36. drbob Melamede says:

    These links explain the physics of life from a far from equilibrium thermodynamic perspective

    Monograph In God We Rust: the Beauty of Unintelligent Design

    Harvard Cancer Lecture 2019

    Animation Metabolic Plasticity

    What If?

  37. MXV Creations says:

    Ik vind het echt zo tof dat jij je gave op deze manier doorgeeft aan iedereen. Dat je van een verschrikkelijke gebeurtenis zoiets kan maken. Diep respect!!

  38. bnsgokugreat says:

    I purchased all his courses. I am 100% satisfied 🙂

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