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welcome to PV storytime do you want to
read this book with me don’t forget to click the subscribe button for more Sick Simon by Dan Krall it was Monday Simon didn’t care if he had a cold he was
ready for the best week ever he kissed his family good morning and had his
favorite breakfast he rode the bus to school and had fun the whole way school
was Simon’s favorite place Math was Simon’s best subject so he was sure to
participate A Lot Achoo!!! On Tuesday Simon got to take care of Mr. Warbles,
the class chinchilla share snacks with friends and have Show and Tell Wednesday’s field trip was a treat Although recess on Thursday was a blast what Simon was
really looking forward to was Friday’s superbig game of kickball on the way
home Simon started thinking maybe this wasn’t the best week after all hey Simon
nice work this week you’re the man what who are you guys We’re germs and we make people sick not to brag but I’m virus and I make people vomit Protozoa here
diarrhea’s my thing I’m bacteria I do infections and we couldn’t go anywhere
without you thanks for the ride have a nice trip everyone after that we’re everywhere and that’s
how the magic happens huh what I don’t spread you guys around
are you kidding you never wash your hands you never
cover your mouth you sneeze on everything you love spreading germs you’re a germ hero imagine the world we could create if we
stick together with that Simon raced off the bus and did something the germs did
not like one bit Simon covered his mouth when he sneezed and coughed and blew his nose with a tissue hey what are you doing then he threw the tissue into the
trash can we thought we were friends then he went to the sink and washed his
hands with warm soapy water which sent the germs packing how could you Simon rested
all weekend uh-oh he’s resting and drinking lots of fluids we don’t stand a
chance is his nose talking I think so By Monday Simon woke up feeling as good as new He was ready to go back to his favorite
place in the whole world and hey wait for me I’m not sick anymore
yay yay yay to have the best week ever hi everyone thank you so much for
watching my video I hope you all enjoyed the story if you liked it please give a
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videos have a great day and see you in my next video

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