Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi | Detailed Reading Vlog/Review

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Hi it’s Lucie and today I’m here to start
my reading vlog for children of blood and bone by Tomi Adeyemi. If you weren’t
watching my channel last year you would not know that this is one of my favorite
books of 2018 and one of my favorite books like ever and so in honor of
children of virtue and vengeance, the sequel to this book and the second book
in what will be a trilogy, I am rereading this and documenting it
in the form of a reading vlog to celebrate that and also hopefully give
people who want to read it a refresher who don’t feel like going through the
trouble of rereading an entire how many pages is this? 500? yeah an entire over
500 page book. So that’s what I’m here for.
Sorry about the lighting I know we hate youtuber’s apologizing for the lighting,
but it’s really bad. Like if I lean forward it looks like that so I have to
be this far back the whole time which is why I’m using my mic for a vlog. Sorry
if I’m interrupted by my cat I swear I’m not trying to become a cat channel. I
am obsessed with my cat, but I’m not— but I’m not trying to impose it on you.
It’s just… he just wants to be around me a lot which I don’t want to discourage
because I love him. Anyway it’s not the point. So this is just
strictly a reading vlog this video will be spoilery if you have not read
children of blood and bone and you want to read it I recommend not watching this
video because I will spoil everything. I will mention things that happen at the
end while I’m still reading the beginning and things like that. And if
you don’t plan to read it then I would ask you to plan to read it because I
love this book. I think I love this book. One of the things that I was a
little worried about, but I was still gonna reread it anyway, is that I
wouldn’t love it as much the second time around because I wouldn’t have the
novelty of it being the first time I read it. There were some problems that I
did see when I first read it that I basically ignored or they just weren’t
as big of a deal for me that I feel like now that I’m rereading it like they’ll
be more glaring problems to me so we’ll see. For now I’m actually a hundred and
forty pages into the book right now. I started this book last week and you’ll
see my last reading vlog I ended up putting— I mean you won’t see because I don’t
mention it, but I ended up putting it down for the books in my last reading
vlog which was “I become books and lala” so if you’re interested in that that’s
also linked down below. I have been… not exactly taking notes but I use the front
flap of the hardcover as a… dust jacket? As a bookmark. In case you’re wondering I
have been doing like little post-it things or whatever. I tab my books, but I
don’t have any rhyme or reason for tabbing them like I don’t have a whole
color coding system or anything. The tabs that I’m using right now are
circus themed ones that came in an OwlCrate like two years ago at this point.
These are the only ones I have left. Yeah so they don’t mean anything I just
put a tab in whenever I see something interesting and specifically for this
vlog I put a tab in whenever there was something that I thought I wanted to
mention in the vlog or some things that I just want to remember it’s a mix of
both. So for the first clip in this vlog I’m
gonna go over all the tabs that I’ve already done. Hopefully I’m gonna finish it
this weekend because I don’t want to bring it on the plane with me. Oh this is
the week before Thanksgiving. I’m currently reading this and hopefully
you’re seeing this on December 1st, two days before Virtue & Vengeance comes out.
I originally read the book in like 3 or 4 days, I think maybe less than that. But
I was also listening to the audiobook and I listened to like the last two
thirds of the book while I was on an airplane that was like a 12 or 13 hour
flight. Where was I going? So for now I’m gonna just go through the tabs and all
the thoughts I’ve been having as I’ve been reading it so far. There was just a
quote that I really liked from the beginning of the book this is on page 11
in case you’re wondering. I don’t know if I’m gonna say page numbers for
everything that I want to talk about, but in the beginning when Zelie is still in
Mama Agba’s shop, the guards come in to tell Mama Agba about the
raised taxes and things and Zelie speaks out of turn. There’s like a little quote
where the guard tells Zeli to be like “you would do well to keep your mouth
shut” and Zelie gets angry obviously and in her thoughts she’s like
“maybe I should be quiet or maybe he should die” and I I felt that
in my soul. This is more I guess discussion related but just I don’t know
thoughts. I have 2 like sticky notes related to I guess colorism or just how
the book deals with colorism and
when we were introduced to Amari she’s at like high tea. Amari mentions how people
question whether her mother cheated on her father because they’re like… they
say she’s far too dark to be the Kings and slightly later her mom
comments on the other girl who’s like Amari’s age, she was there and she’s like
oh you have to give Amari your skincare routine because you look so
regal now. And by regal she means lighter. The whole colorism aspect isn’t
really focused on in the book especially since we move away from the royal family
in the later parts of the book but it’s just… I don’t know disappointing that in
this whole world of only black people who would not have been affected by
white colonialism or anything still have like this whole colorism aspect. I
just… I don’t know. I know this book is about a lot of things and has parallels
to the real world and a lot of things. But I just wish this one little aspect
like we could escape from for a little bit. I did one when Binta gets killed by
the king, which honestly when I first read that like originally, that shook me.
I did not expect that. I did not expect it. Obviously this time I knew it was
gonna happen, but it still kind of shook me and it also just made me think about
all of Amari’s future scenes where she thinks about Binta and I really
think it’s a missed opportunity not to make that particular ship gay. Just the
way she like talks about her how deep and close their friendship was like yes
you can have deep platonic friendships but how often do we see female/female
romances. Especially in like a groundbreaking book as this. That would have
been SuperDuper great and I would appreciate it. Just the way Binta talks, sorry not Binta, Amari talks about Binta like it was gay, come on. Chapter 5 when
Zelie is in Lagos and she’s like I gotta save Amari even though she doesn’t know Amari yet.
That’s literally when everything goes to hell. And when I originally read this
book I was like “you stupid stupid girl! what are you doing??” She had just gotten
this swordfish, sailfish, whatever it’s called fish and she sold it for so much
money. They weren’t gonna have to worry about taxes for years or at least months,
I forget, a long long time they were gonna eat good tonight and then she goes and saves this random girl. And like yes it speaks to
how good she is, that she saw this girl in trouble like in a lot of trouble and
her first thought was “I must protect her” but you could have been eating so good.
Yeah I know they’re saving magic and everything but it made me sad when Amari
reveals that she’s actually the princess and Zelie’s pissed. I would be pissed too.
Especially since Zelie doesn’t know that the king is abusive to his family. if I
was Zelie I would also have been pissed because you risked your life for this
girl who you thought probably was like a beggar or something, or like a prisoner
to the crown or something and then they turn out to be princess. This is page
98 Zelie talks about kind of I guess, a
little bit of their belief system and specifically the afterlife or she thinks
about it I guess. She says that if the trauma of their deaths was too much
their spirits won’t rise to the afterlife they’ll stay in Apoti. I
don’t know how to say that, an eternal hell reliving the worst of their pain.
That sounds: 1. horrifying and also unfair. I don’t know, no afterlife has to
be fair but I just thought it was weird and unfair like because you were killed
brutally you now must suffer. I don’t know if this is based on a real
religion or like I’m sure a lot of— I mean technically in like
Christianity most people go to purgatory which is like nothing and boring
Shouldn’t that be— I like the if you’re a bad person you go to hell if you’re a
good person you don’t do that or at least if you’re a not great person you
don’t live terribly. If you just happen to die badly then you’re fucked up for
the rest of your eternal days? If someone happens to get caught in like a brutal
robbery or something well your soul is damned. That sounds horrifying. I did
another sticky note in this. we now see like the Prince brought Zelie to like
the dreamland and it turns out he’s a dreamwalker I forgot what those were called…
Connecter. He’s a connector. We once again see Zelie not trusting Amari and she
has every right not to trust her. I do not fault her there are a lot of times
in this book where I hear Zelie or see Zelie doing something. I’m like “what are
you doing why are you so stubborn” but this one I feel like she’s… she’s right.
She saved this girl thinking that she was helpless, she ended up being the
princess of this kingdom where the king literally
killed your mother and a whole generation of people and type of people.
So yeah, I know I can see why she’s mad and Amari like defends herself and
is like “well I brought you this scroll now and my dad killed my best friend” and
Zelie fires back and she’s like “your best friend or your slave?” like she
really hammers it home that when you’re in a position like that— like
Binta was a diviner this was honestly the best position she could have gotten
being her like handmaid and sure you treated her nicely but she didn’t have a
choice. Like is that really friendship? Which I I guess maybe that could have
been like if it was gay like if Binta and Amari
were like in love with each other that could be a reason against it
because it’s kind of Stockholm Syndrome-y. They do make up later in the chapter
which I— not make up but like start forming more of a friendship and I feel
like it could be argued that that was like insta friend, but I feel like insta
friend versus insta love are not the same thing. Like it is a lot easier and
people tend to have lower standards for a friendship versus a like
actual lover. Now I’m caught up on where I am in the book. Sorry that the lighting
has been so bad. Hopefully that didn’t distract you so much I will
continue reading this this weekend. Hello it is way past Thanksgiving I
laugh at the past me who thought I would have this video up before children of
virtue and vengeance came out. Children of virtue and vengeance is out. I actually
have it it’s still in the package, but this is a reading vlog for children of
blood and bone. And yeah so let’s just get into more of my thoughts I’m not
really that much further for the amount of time that has passed between my last
clip and this clip. Yeah I’m on page 214 and I did mark off the last time I like
talked to you guys about it and once again I’m just gonna go through the post-its
that I put down. On page 151, this is like chapter 16 when Inan is in that
store that Amari and Zelie were in when Amari sold her headdress and they
kill the merchants. My thought during that was
just Kaea. I don’t know if Kaea is a badass or just awful cuz she kills that man and
Inan doesn’t really know what to do and she’s all you mustn’t tolerate those who
get in your way. And I don’t know that was just sad. The next chapter is when
they’re in the temple with Lekan, leakin? I listen to the audiobook when I first
read this box so but I don’t remember how to say everything so forgive me when
they’re in the temple with him and they just meet him and he grabs zelli’s hair
and it’s like straight with a hint of disappointment I didn’t realize her hair
was I knew her hair was straight I guess my thought I was just like wavy or
something based on the cover and then um now would be a good time for me to have
children over treatment but jelly is on the cover again and her hair is curly so
this getting did getting matched back make her hair curly I don’t remember
yeah I just thought that was interesting on page 159 there is like the title if
you have ever watched cinemasins on youtube they do like roll credits every
time the title is mentioned within the movie script and that’s kind of what I
think of whenever the title is mentioned within the book of something I don’t I
just like having it there and the line is on earth sky mother created humans
her children of blood and bone I also just loved having that whole story I
thought that was so well thought out just the whole creation story and
learning about all the gods I thought was interesting and cool and also the
fact that the gods are ranked but not quite because the Magi call like their
gods like their sister deity and not the mother like their on sort of an equal
playing field it feels like within their mythology which I thought was really
interesting yeah I just realized that what I had just said about the hair
being coiled I guess when they get their magic back is true because I guess I had
read that and did not just make that up in my head for some reason because on
page 161 ask me still explaining how Magi came about he says that Magi were
graced with coiled white hair so coiled but Sally’s hair straight so I assume
that all the diviners hair like fell when magic was gone which I think there
probably is a whole discussion I should be having the discussion maybe there
okay let’s just try and have a discussion about hair in this book I’m
having like mixed feelings about it because I feel like a lot of the time
with the black characters their hair or eye color will be especially when
they’re special in some way like they will end up being with like light blue
eyes with dark skin like having some kind of exotic eyes feature that is more
analogous to being white and at first I was kind of annoyed that the vine aged
hair is white instead of just being black like every other black person but
the more I think about it the more I kind of actually like it not that only
white people have like blonde hair or anything but a black person with blond
hair is much rarer than a white person with blonde hair but white hair everyone
of all races gets white hair okay so I got really distracted by my cat what I
lose I think yes are people of all races have white hair so it doesn’t feel as
much of an an exotic eyeing feature and also that their help hair fell when they
lost magic I don’t know how to explain it I probably should think about this
more but not that it’s saying straight hair is bad but so often coily hair is
being seen as bad so I like how it’s actually a symbol of something that’s
really great and while Lincoln tells the story of how magic got taken away
Zane gets really angry and out of sadness and pain he gets mad at Lincoln
because when the mamala well people were attacked
Zane wants to know why didn’t they fight back Lincoln’s response is that my
people were tasked with giving life not taking it away so it sounds like they
like morally couldn’t kill anybody or really fight back and so it was really a
massacre and I feel like that sentence really puts out how awful it was what
the King did and now on the chapter that I’m currently am all three of them
Amara’s Ellie and Zane are in that arena thing I literally forgot about that
arena thing also I know that was like a very important part of the book like
that’s how they get when the other artifact that they need I just forgot
that they did all that I liked how it showed like the waste of everything I
liked how we got to see a glimpse of the diviners in the stocks house Ellie goes
to help them as little as she can where they’re all shocked about all the water
that is being wasted there it in a desert where they even getting it
the divider and another divider yeah the diviners and the stalks can’t
afford to be even be drinking and then they’re on these ships in literal lakes
in the middle of the desert and then also that they’re on the ships they
don’t have a choice but to literally be in this battle of bloodshed like they’re
not coming out that was just even more depressing
I like this chapter because we had to see and Zelly like really hone her
Reaper skills but also it is awful and just to bring back I think I mentioned
this in the first clip adjust the whole idea of how people die in this universe
still really upsets me that if you have too much trauma when you die you just go
to hell and live relive your trauma for ever and ever
now I’m on chapter 25 I really want to try and like finish this tonight maybe
I’ll keep you guys updated I’m now on page 306 I’m about to like sit down and
like try and read a bunch of the book right now or at least for the next half
hour or so just try and read straight through and we’ll see where I get but
for now I’ll just update you guys and tell you my feelings for the poster
notes I’ve done so far where I last left you guys it was before the like battle
in this desert I don’t really know what to call that and then we go back to me
nan and Donna’s trying to figure out like where is Ellie and company are and
he’s like going through the temple and like having like visions from like
people who used to be alive there and he ends up seeing something and then kya
comes in and sees him like dream walking and she’s like you’re one of them and
they have that whole duel it’s not really to do oh he kind of beats her
down and then he killed kya who is his father’s love of his life I guess or
like lover woman he loves the only woman he apparently loves only person really
it seems he has a sky’s dying he can like see her dreams and thoughts I guess
or maybe not as she’s dying but like he holds her corpse and sees it
he’s like the way his father looks at her and that is something he’s never
seen which i think is really interesting and honestly this book pulls no punches
I remember when I first read that I was so shook I was like oh my god he killed
someone I I know someone else died over it and multiple people have already died
but not in such a direct way I feel like and that was like not someone we knew
but some of the characters really knew well or not all the characters but you
know I knew her really well dad obviously knows her very low and I feel
like the whole like she was his lover thing I don’t know how I feel about that
because I don’t know I know how it ends but yeah it’s just a lot so and now
we’re gonna jump a little faster now we’re back at the battle competition
thing with jelly and crew and they’re about to join the battle and it’s really
really scary I feel like the book kind of glosses it I don’t there’s no way to
handle this but the book kind of glosses over about to win they also have to kill
like a bunch of the other basically slaves in addition to their captain’s
which I don’t know just like hurt me a lot I mean it doesn’t really gloss it
over because Ellie feels like all of their souls like leaving about like them
dying and we see that from her but it’s just like I don’t know I feel like
people don’t realize like how like gory I guess this is like it’s not that gory
but I feel like people don’t realize like how much this book does like it’s
like I don’t know it just doesn’t pull any punches and then at the end of the
chapter that I’m on like I was shook once again this book just continue
shaking me shaking me shook me like I just keep getting surprised and
surprised I mean I’m not surprised as I remember
this I should I didn’t remember this when I reread it but some of the other
things didn’t really surprise me but when they had 30 ships instead of the
ten normal ships and then I still managed to do it like that was insane
Zelly does blood magic so that she can like raise more Souls and that was crazy
but I feel like that didn’t have quite the effect that I thought it would cuz
like she does pass out but I don’t know she didn’t take as long to recover as I
thought she would I don’t know how long they were in that city there is now a
cat in my say hi Decker look at the cameras okay
so back to the book and then I’m gonna skip forward to when tomorrow Zane and
Ellie are waiting well as Ellie recovers like zelli’s asleep and Zane and Amar’e
are like talking and Zane like tells her that she can leave and Amar’e like has a
whole like monologue in her head is it a monologue just thoughts about kind of
like being told what to do and I thought that was really powerful so now we are
further along this is when Zelly and Amar’e and Zane are like on their
journey they’re close to the village of people basically but this is before that
and basically Phenom catches up with them and he attacks
zeliha meiling fight and then Zane and Amar’e get captured and Zelly goes
running after them and you nam thinks he’s gonna kill jelly but then he sees
her thoughts I don’t exactly understand what he’s seen like dreams memories yeah
I guess it’s memories I don’t really understand how that works but he sees
them and realizes I guess that like Zelly witnessed her mother die sound
like the brutal manner in which all of the Magi were killed and he realized
like how awful his father is and I appreciated that realization but I also
want to know what did he think happened like I know they were young but all of
the Magi did die like he’d note knew that so I don’t know what he thought
happened so that part confused me I’m about to read for like the next half
hour if there’s anything I come across that I want to comment on I’ll just open
up the vlog and comment on it Zelly and anon are trying to figure out a way to
save as a Nana Mari and you know I really wants to bring the guards and
it’s always like why would I ever trust the guards and she talks about how the
guards have treated her awfully and her family awfully and they’re the ones
they’re the people who killed her mother like physically they beat her father
they grope her every time she walks by and they’re just waiting for her to go
to the stalks and this like clicked in my head for me because the author’s note
at the end last time I read I remem tell me Eddie Emmy talks about how like
there are parallels to police brutality and like real-world things and I
remember not exactly seeing it but I’m just dumb like this is a very clear
parallel this is still the police brutality thing I just read the next
page and thank you nan is talking about how he’s like they keep Lagos safe
zelli’s like they never kept me safe and there’s like this really powerful
exchange where he says you don’t have to be afraid and she says I’m always afraid
yeah I just thought it was really powerful and I can’t believe I really
didn’t see it before I don’t know what’s wrong with me and Benny Nam talks about
how he wants to understand and she’s like you can’t understand that the world
is built for you there’s so many parallels to real life that I don’t know
how I missed the first time like I knew like obviously the man died versus the
kosygin is like a big parallel but I didn’t realize all the intricacies we’re
all so parallel new location I’m in my sister’s house in
Florida they’re currently about to have like their party like their big
gathering I forgot what it’s for but yeah they’re having it and I just wanted
to point out this was a dumb idea like I guess cuz I know what’s gonna
happen I don’t really remember what I must have thought the first time I was
reading it but now I’m like why are you wasting all this time on a party go fix
magic what are you doing I guess cuz I know what’s gonna happen
and I’m like what if they just left right now they can have the party after
they bring the magic back why would they do what what are you doing
okay I feel like this is probably relatable to like older siblings but
currently on the part of my Zelly and anon just kissed and Zayn and Amory saw
them and saying it’s pissed and yeah I feel like I’m conflicted about it the
speech monologue whatever not conversation he has with Amar’e
I feel so deeply because like he has every right to be upset on the other
hand I can see how much that is Ellie I think she likes you know and yeah I
don’t know I’m so I’m conflicted because I feel like because I feel like Zayn is
right but also I can see where as la comes from and I also he says I keep
expecting her to grow up but I wish you and I’m always here and that’s the part
that I really feel like it’s probably relatable to older siblings who feel
like they have to have everything together for the younger siblings I’m
not an older sibling so I can’t really relate to that but I can I’ve definitely
seen it in people I know who are older siblings and yeah so I thought that was
really powerful paragraph and now the Kings met out here so now everything’s
gonna go to shit hello this vlog didn’t really go the way
I expected it to go but I’m here to end it I have finally finished children
whose blood and bone this video took me like a lot longer to film that I planned
I actually started this in the middle of November I think we’re like the
beginning of November honestly I don’t really remember because my original
thought was I was gonna finish this video before Thanksgiving and clearly
that didn’t happen which is fine really know why it took me so long to
finish this book other than I just haven’t been feeling like reading that
much anyway yeah this is neither here nor there I’m just here to talk about
the end of the book and also this is the first time I’ve done a video like this
where I like go into spoilery details about one book so it’s just a whole lot
of learning curve I think I am planning to do a video for children of virtue and
vengeance I am cross your fingers planning to
start this today actually where I left off was when we’re having the party and
then the guard showed up and basically killed everybody not everybody but
killed several important people in the village that they found town that they
found what is a settlement obviously that was really sad for me when Kwame
and zu died that was really sad for me I felt that and then jelly gets tortured
which was on it like definitely the worst part of the book and having a slur
carved into her back that was I don’t know that was haunting to me I hope that
it can go away I don’t know we’ll find out in the next book hopefully or it can
be transformed maybe but yeah I was really awful to read they were still
moments of light hearted not really like to hurt is nice but like levity when
Amari and then go to the town to try and find the I’ve been egged on players I
bow I don’t know how to say it I was egged on players sorry for butchering
that and getting them together was like a nice scene and then after they rescued
LA with gay but also anons healthfulness not healthfulness he like lets them go
even though technically he’s on their side but kind of not on their side I
it’s very confusing at that point I was no longer I mean I was never a fan of
Inanna I didn’t like belly and enums relationship I did found it to be insta
Livi but it didn’t stop me someone in the book because it’s literally like
four chapters of them liking each other so I just it just doesn’t affect my
reading that much but yeah it made me not like him even more I guess because
he’s just so wishy-washy he doesn’t know what he’s doing which I guess it’s fair
but not fair when you are in the middle of a war like this and Amari is doing
great so no excuses and so after they scuse le I may try and get that chip
those ship people what are they called the mercenaries sorry they’re
mercenaries with a ship and then it’s a guy from the desert town and he’s like I
knew you’d come back and bellies like yeah we can’t pay you money but you will
have favor with the gods and he’s like okay that was baffling still to me the
second time around it doesn’t really seem like there’s a real reason other
than I mean clearly he likes deli I’ll tell you my predictions for children for
two inventions at the end of the book but one of them is that I feel like
probably Inanna is gonna come back somehow so I’m worried there’s gonna be
a love triangle and children rich in bandits but anyway back to the guy whose
name I forgot Rowan that’s probably gonna be something
romantic I feel and but that’s not a reason to go send your whole crew out so
I was really weird especially because the gods are not their gods he’s from a
different place very interesting but I like that there is an introduction to
other countries and things like Orisha it’s not just the whole world like
there’s other stuff going on in the world and hopefully we get to see that
in children over in vengeance so we see Rowan they get to the island they sneak
past the guards and everything which we’ve done find out that they
didn’t actually sneak past they basically let them through because they
had jelly and Zane’s father and they were using him as like not bait because
they didn’t know he was there but they were using him to get them to give up
the artifacts and they did give up the artifacts and they killed Baba anyway
which was so sad both of his Ellie’s parents are dead I remember the first
time I read it I couldn’t believe what I just read and also mama ABBA we don’t
know what happened to her we assume she died because there was no way for them
to get ba ba since he was with her but we don’t know I’m hoping she also comes
back the next book I hope she’s not dead so at least jelly still has at least one
parental figure and then we’re basically in like the final battle enon is like I
have to destroy magic because it caused me to kill someone and magic is gonna be
the demise of all of us and it was definitely not my fault that I killed
someone it was the magic that made me do it that’s what I got from that and he
baits le into using her powers magic on the scroll that happened and
then Ilan is like oh my god I saved the world from magic because evil and then
he sees that his father he’s about to get stabbed or killed or something like
without thinking he uses magic and his father sees it and I guess his magic
leaves like a physical element behind I don’t remember but I thought that was
interesting that doesn’t really coincide with everything else we learned about
magic I didn’t really realize but it left like crystals behind and the King
sees them and anon sees them and they’re the same crystals that were left in your
Caius corpse and his father immediately is like it was you and he stops his own
son which is crazy that was another big thing baba dying and then the King
killing his own son I think killing I don’t know we don’t know if he’s dead
technically and I do think he’s coming back in the second book but stabbing his
own son and then Amari comes and is the badass of the book I guess and she
freakin fights her dad and wins and kills her own dad this was a whole lot
of bloodshed once again I really don’t think people realize that when they
start this book how dark it is this whole family killed each other basically
and like the dad killed the son the daughter killed the dad but I don’t know
I think this whole battle kind of shows that the royal family like like the King
didn’t really love his children like in the beginning we learn about the fights
that Amari and enon had when they were kids that their dad made them do where
Mara got a ton of scars from her brother stabbing her in the back literally their
father made them do that because his first family was weak he said they were
weak and they got killed by the Magi which is why he doesn’t like the Magi
and he was like you’re not that’s not gonna happen to you and I know that’s
super messed up obviously but in a sense it does seem like it’s to protect them
even if he’s going about it in a terrible abusive way but at the end he
doesn’t care about them at all he’s ready to kill them this doesn’t make any
sense I kind of feel like it does turn him into like a mustache twirling
villain but I don’t know if he deserves it and then more and more things happen
Zelly does in incantation a chant I’m not really sure
to call it the Sunstone shatter she’s brought into like a dreamlike state
where she thinks she’s dead and she thinks she sees the goddess oil-like the
goddess of death and it’s actually her mom and when I first read this the first
time last early 2018 I thought that that meant her mom was the goddess of death
like for real but upon the second reread I think it’s just views her mom is so
beautiful and everything that she kind of mistaken her for the goddess or like
everyone is the goddess when they die but not that her mom has always been oh
yeah before she died but they have this whole conversation it’s very loving and
heart-wrenching I think I cried the first time I read it I teared up on the
train while I was reading this and then Delia wakes up and she’s like did I do
it and all we know is that I’m Mari now has a white streak in her hair and in
the darkness she has like a vibrant blue light swirling in her hand so that’s all
we know and then the book ends that’s the end of the epilogue and then we have
the author’s note which I talked about before yeah
so that is the concluding the book once again I’m giving it five stars I really
love this book again on reread I really felt like very similar emotions to the
first time I read it I thought that it at least be I mean it was tampered down
like I literally stopped at the ending while I was on the plane listening to
this the first time so and this time I just teared up so yeah but I still like
felt things for the character and I still loved the characters I still
enjoyed seeing the characters through all the pitfalls and stuff I did notice
more things that I wasn’t a huge fan of but I’d then I noticed more things that
I was a fan of so I think it evens out and it still gets five stars for me like
I said I’ll be starting children over in attendance soon and my predictions like
I said I think maybe the ending of that meant I don’t know what it meant
honestly like what it like how did Amari get the streaks we do see Zayn and like
the epilogue and he doesn’t have a white streak so it doesn’t mean that everyone
becomes a definer anything kind of what I think it might mean is that anons like
body or like Anand mind took over Amara’s body or something because he
also had the white streak which has also never explained why he has only a streak
and not his full head of hair so I guess
that’s my working theory right now or they’re sharing a body I hope they’re at
least sharing the body because I would hate for Armani to be gone
I liked her way better than he done so that is my current working theory I
literally just came up with this just now so we’ll see what happens in the
second book I have series hopefully we have to see a little bit more of the
world I don’t know what else I’d expect to see honestly I don’t even know what’s
gonna happen now because the king is dead so now what I don’t know but yeah I
think that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching sorry it was kind
of a mess like I said I’m doing the children over to England it’s vlog it
will be up hopefully next month I can’t make any promises I don’t want to make
any promises thank you so much for watching if you like this video please
be sure to give a thumbs up and the comments down below let me know any
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