Character Study: FROZEN star Andrew Pirozzi Transforms Into Reindeer Sidekick Sven


(gentle music) (cars honking)
(whistles blowing) – My name is Andrew Pirozzi, I play Sven in “Frozen”. Sven is Kristoff’s trusty best friend. The most lovable, yet intuitive character
that is on this journey, for Anna’s sake, to find her sister. Sven is reliable, he knows the way. He has intuitions and
sensitivities to the environment that humans don’t necessarily have. Sven is also just a lovable reindeer. You’re automatically drawn to his charm. I prepared for playing Sven
by studying my dog, Bella. She is a 95 pound Great Dane, pit mix. She’s intuitive and she’s always connected and always staring at me, waiting for whatever may come next. And so I try to capture that essence and take on that physicality. Animals are always present. To prepare for a show, mentally, I generally like to meditate. I like to get as present as possible. By getting into the
costumes, there’s layers, layer after layer. So the first layer is to help
reduce the amount of sweat, that’s like a set of tights. And a dry shirt. And we go through two of
those a show, by the way. The next part is padding. Our knees are padded,
elbows are padded, and arms. I have to do about 40 to 45 minutes of everything from cardio all the way through like
a full exercise series from isometrics and then
balancing and core work. Just wanna make sure all the pistons are firing at top notch. I cannot feel what Sven
actually feels on the outside, however, in order to keep Sven alive, it’s important that it
looks like that is the case. To prepare for that, I
have balls everywhere. And it’s all about reaction. So I’ll bounce the ball and catch it. Stress balls. Anything that essentially gets my reaction to fire as quick as
possible, that helps me stay as aware as possible
inside the puppet. (whimsical music) We have shanks on our feet. And the shanks are
essentially Sven’s hooves. And those are a separate piece than the actual external
layer, which is the final part. A plate on our back to help
counter the puppet head. Then we have the carapace,
which is the body of Sven. And then we have the gloves. And then we have the head. And front hooves, that’s
actually the last possible thing to go on our body, because
we lose access to our hands. Okay, everything’s functioning properly. I’m ready for the show, and go, go, go. On stage, Sven looks like a real reindeer, which is interesting,
because a lot of times you can see the puppeteer or the actor. Here we have a situation
where nobody understands that there’s a human in there. Ad I think that’s wonderful
for the imagination. Michael Curry, who designed the puppet, designed it with the
implication that we can completely trick the mind to believe that there’s an animal on stage. The best thing about my job? There’s this escape
moment inside the puppet where I transcend the physicality of it. And then there’s this moment when you can hear people’s reactions and I can only see sort
of the first two rows. What you see in people’s
eyes and what you can hear in their breath is pretty amazing. And so for me, that’s the fun part. Feeling the effect that I
can have on the audience and they don’t even see who I am. I think that’s what’s pretty impressive and amazing about it, for me. (whimsical music)

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70 thoughts on “Character Study: FROZEN star Andrew Pirozzi Transforms Into Reindeer Sidekick Sven”

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    That was by far one of the most interesting character studies so far

  2. Les Little Einsteins says:


  3. Rebecca Joyner says:

    This is Absolutely Awesome! I was blown away with this character when I first saw the show this year! Michael Curry did an outstanding job!

  4. Jeahav Valentin says:

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  5. Quentin Salgado says:

    So cool and interesting! I saw Frozen back in April and was mystified by how the got Sphen to work. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Linda Buck says:

    Now THATS TALENT!!! All his preparations to even GET into costume wow! And he totally embraces his role which is awesome. Oh, and he’s kinda handsome which doesn’t bother me lol. Dear and company: THANK YOU 🙏🏻 so much for all you do to share this it means the WORLD to us who can’t get there. YET! We dream too… we so love each and every one of you! And I wish Leslie and company’s ‘scare’ tactics were in every video of newcomers lol that sax!!!👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Alyssa's Theatre Vlog says:

    I would love to know what the audition process is like for Sven. Obviously you have to be an amazing physical actor but like ?? do you just walk in the room and act like a reindeer ? I'm so curious!!

  8. sophie belkin says:

    I go to his former dance studio! We have a signed frozen poster from him inside one of the studios so cool!

  9. Sem R. says:

    Why is he literally Flynn Rider in the beginning??

  10. mechaguess says:

    Omg he’s literally on his toes the entire show no wonder he does so much warm up. I can’t imagine how many muscles in his body that he has to use everyday that I barely even know are in mine.

  11. Jess Edwards says:

    Why is he the real Flynn Ryder?

  12. Jester says:

    Why is no one talking about the fact that he is very attractive?!

  13. Lauren Conrad says:

    I saw on the Frozen website that they have two actors alternate the part. That’s when I knew that this must be the most physically demanding role imaginable, if they’re hiring two male dancers to play him on alternate nights.

  14. Chevie says:

    THIS IS JUST SO NEAT !!!!!!!

  15. BookDuchess says:

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    Yeah, but like… how does the puppet work? It blinks and nods and twitches its ears… I know that's not the purpose of this video – this actor does an impressively tremendous amount of work for this role and that's what this is about – but *how does the puppet work???*

  20. Alex B says:

    This is my favourite character study yet, and that's saying something because I love them all. He's so right about you thinking that's a real reindeer. What a beautiful designed puppet, skillfully utilized by the member playing Sven!! MAGIC.

  21. Genna Imogen says:

    The physicality Andrew and Adam have to play this character is so incredibly impressive, thank you so much for this video showing the process! I've been following this show since it opened on Broadway and only from this video did I realise/learn he's on his toes the whole time!

  22. Jedd the Jedi says:

    Poor man planking and like needing to move around while planking

  23. coastertron says:

    Is he operating the ears etc too or is that someone else?

  24. KingdomHeartsFan3211 says:

    I tell you, the first time I saw "Frozen", when Sven and Kristoff came onstage, I was like, "Sven reminds me of the giraffes in 'The Lion King'," and my mind was pretty much blown. Kudos to Michael Curry!

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  28. Rebecca Gumpel says:

    Go Andrew! Hillsborough is proud of you!

  29. Louis Riehm says:

    Very interesting. Too bad Andrew's beauty is concealed, but his talent certainly isn't.

  30. Mackenzie Costanzo says:

    Imagine paying thousands of dollars to go to acting school, finally getting your big break on Broadway, and then playing a fucking reindeer.

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    I would pass out within the first two songs

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    Why is he literally Flynn Rider at the start

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    I love how he keeps saying 'our' and 'we have' instead of 'my' and 'I have'. He has so much respect for the character and the shared experience they have on and off stage. So amazing to watch!

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    I love this!!!

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    I totally understand that kick you get from the first audience reactions when you enter a stage! I played Heihei in a danceshow of Moana this spring and even though the music was very loud I could still hear the reactions from the audience when I first appeared! I LOVED it!

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    Wow this is amazing!

  49. AyaBlue22 says:

    This looks as though it requires a great deal of discipline. I love to see videos like this that delve into the rigors of performance that many people don’t often see, or appreciate.

    One thing I don’t understand is why he gets dressed first to exercise (and get pretty sweaty) before performing, why not exercise first then shower/change into his wardrobe? I can’t imagine that would be an easy costume to clean.

  50. Bryce Fletch says:

    Holy crap. This is amazing. I now want to see this show just to see the puppetry work of Sven

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    If Jonathan Groff, a Broadway actor, doesn't eventually play Christoff, a character he originated, I will explode.

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