Changing Kindle Keyboard Battery (Kindle 3rd gen)


Hello everyone today I’m gonna be
showing you how to replace Kindle Keyboard battery if you want to go
straight to video just (SKIP TO 3.11!)
[[just realized, no more annotation]] Or want to listen to me talk about
background story so I bought my Kindle Keyboard when I was in the UK eight
years ago and it’s working just fine except when I leave it for months I did
that couple of times and recently I haven’t used it for like ooh, maybe a yeah I try
what I found on the internet like slide button hold it for 20 seconds or hold it
for 40 seconds and nothing happened I charged it and orange light comes on
which means that it can be charged but the lights never turn green so I think
something wrong with the battery I contacted Amazon UK. They told me to
try those slide and hold for 20 seconds 40 seconds the same and nothing happened
they just offered me 15 percent off to buy a new one which I want my same old Kindle
to work and I don’t want to get a new one because Amazon UK does not ship to
Thailand the guy said just buy it ship it to your
relatives or your friend in UK and then just get shipped to Thailand which a
waste of money there’s some kind of shop in Thailand that sell Kindle as well but
it just really overpriced I got nothing to lose just find some solution to
change battery. I came across this youtube video if you search you will find as well it’s
just something something with 99 website it cause around $20 20 something 23
I haven’t checked the shipping price I think it’s expensive because you know
shipping something from the u.s. to Thailand is expensive anyway and I’m
afraid of tax and duty and all those stuff so I realize this kindle it’s from China
you know it should be manufactured from China I just take a
look in a website Aliexpress which I usually buy some cheap things like
iPhone cases gadgets I search for this and there’s a Kindle 3 batteries try to
check if it’s the same battery or not and from what I see in the picture it
should be the same so it’s just you know order it it’s a little bit cheaper than
the u.s. website I waited 22 days and the package arrived
I have success in replacing Kindle keyboard battery let’s check the video out okay this is the package and what it
came with some too ls like screwdrivers And this is the battery there’s a
good luck charm comes with the package as well okay now to open the back of the Kindle
I’m not gonna lie to you it’s quite difficult to get the back off I might make some scratches along the way but it’s ok then I managed to get it open this
is what it looks like inside And if I turn this way you can see that the
battery is a bit bulging so that’s the problem this is just to compare the old and the new one there are two screwdrivers and the
bigger one on the right works for me start by unscrewing these two knots Taking out the old one it’s really bulging As you can see This is a new one Slide it down Now put the screw back in And it totally works as you will see in a minute Does it have to be like really fit? the green lights come on so excited it came back to life oh my god
okay another one oh my god haven’t put back the cover yet, gonna do
that oh everything’s gone All my books are back Now putting the cover back then I have some trouble getting the
last bit in So I decided to take it off again maybe it needs to start at the end that’s why it’s not coming in let me try again this time starting at the bottom i got it have to start at the end, and work your way up push okay it’s done that’s how you changed
Kindle three battery yeah ok that’s it for the video I hope that it helps
someone out there to revive your old Kindle I don’t know it just means
something to me. my book is still in there and yeah I’m really happy that it
work again thank you for watching and see you guys in my next video. bye

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13 thoughts on “Changing Kindle Keyboard Battery (Kindle 3rd gen)”

  1. Sam H says:

    Thanks for the video! I still have my Kindle Keyboard. This will help when I have to replace the battery in it.

  2. savedfaves says:

    The Kindle Keyboard (aka Kindle 3) is still one of the best kindles, and one of the few Kindles with both a speaker for listening to books and a headphone jack for wired listening (most Kindles now are missing one of those: what's up with companies ruining their products like this?). Thanks to you I'll be replacing my battery and saving a bunch of money in the process πŸ™‚

  3. Thomas says:

    There's many of us out there who still love the K-3, so I created a FB group for it.

  4. Brian H. Stastny says:

    Video starts at 3:52

  5. Mike Freedman says:


  6. Miss Fortune says:

    So helpful. I have same problem!

  7. Mr. Squirrel says:

    Thank you !! I love my Kindle 3rd Gen !!! I have to change the screen, however. I dropped it and lost a lot of pixels at the top and upper left side. I found only 1 vendor who sold the new screens. I am going to try to do it myself, but if I fail…well, so it goes. You did a great job with opening up the back of the unit. I think it takes confidence. I have a little but not as much as you have. Most places don't even work on this unit any longer, so I was happy to see you changing the battery. My battery is ok now but maybe I should order a new one since if I have to open it up to change the screen, I might as well change the battery, no? Thanks for your feedback.

  8. Krystinlee says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been searching for THANK YOU!!! I will also get excited when mine comes back to life πŸ˜­πŸ–€πŸ–€

  9. Tenho Saavedra says:

    Hi there, I have been considering changing the battery to Kindle Keyboard I recently bought second hand. But I have some doubts with these replacement batteries… have you found that the battery lasts as much as the original one?

  10. Ann Bouchard says:

    Thank You

  11. Anna-Kay Green says:

    I tried this and my still isnt coming on. I dont know what else to do

  12. santasl says:

    Thanks for posting this video. I gave me an idea on how to open my kindle as I have the same problem now.

  13. sharon h says:

    Thank you ,thank you thank you. You are wonderful!!!!

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