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at Expedia we understand that some
things are within your control and some things are not if you need to make a
change to your hotel booking changes must be made through Expedia, if you made
the booking through Expedia some hotel rooms are fully refundable while others cannot be changed or
cancelled check the rules and restrictions in your Expedia itinerary
for details when changing hotels, we can’t guarantee the same room type or
rate as your original reservation changing a refundable hotel reservation
on is simple navigate to click on the
“My Trips” link in the upper right corner if you are not already signed in you
will be prompted to sign in to your Expedia account or type in your email
and itinerary number to find your booking your itinerary number will be in
your confirmation email make sure the “Upcoming” button is
selected at the top of your screen select the itinerary you would like to
change in the hotel overview select “Change” then you will be able to make the
changes you need by clicking “Change” next to the relevant detail if you have
questions please call us; we’re here to help 1 866-310-5768 or
from abroad 1 404-728-8787

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3 thoughts on “Change Your Hotel Booking | Expedia”

  1. Melinda Chase says:

    I Only need to book my hotel for ONE night, not two. We would like to book Saturday night, October 7th, 2017.

  2. fin igin says:

    my friend and 60 others arrived at vacation and expedia overbooked so stranded with no lodging for a week in the US

  3. Fatima Aldahneem says:

    The change/cancel button doesn't show up, what am I suppose to do?

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