Champion of Children Book Club – Schools Building Community Ties

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Community and schools, you just think
about the value that a school has is being kind of the hallmark of the
landmark for an entire community. You know, historically speaking you know
that’s what they represented. They were kind of the center of the neighborhood.
They were where all of the children went, they were aware kids played and when
school was not in session and it’s where you know parents were able to come
together to talk about some of the things that were happening in their
community. I think schools still serve that purpose, they may not necessarily
function the same way they did in the years past, but I think they still could
and should be a center point for the community to come together and to think
about how it can facilitate, you know a broader community conversation. So you
know I think we have a lot of great examples of school and community
partnerships here in Columbus both in traditional district schools and public
charter schools and I’m sure in parochial and private schools as well. I
think that sometimes what happens is we need to make sure that those
partnerships are right size to meet the needs of the student population and
that’s an assessment that can be done in partnership with the community, but it
really needs to speak to the specific needs of the students and their familial
needs. I think once you come up with that, the school can then come up with
different sorts of ideas or programming about how best to meet those needs and
so when the community comes and say says we have this to offer, we can really step
back and say, well how can we make this fit? a good fit for our students and
families? and you can tweak that in some cases it might not be a good fit but I
think you have to begin with that initial assessment to make sure that
your efforts are coordinated online and targeted to meet the specific needs.
Grit is definitely a teachable characteristic, while it may
have some innate attributes to it. One of the things that Tufts book really does
an excellent job is presenting how a variety of different school experiences,
outside of school experiences, have been instrumental in developing persistence
grit character and resiliency and a variety of different kids who faced
pretty extreme challenges. So this is something that can be taught, it’s
something that can be developed and our children, but it’s something that has to
be taught not just within the context of the school or in the classroom, but
throughout a child’s life and should be lessons coming from both engaged parents
as well as educators, but also other important institutions as serve kids in
our community. I definitely think it’s teachable, I think as adults we can
positively reinforce grit in our students. I know even a characteristics
such as creativity can be, I’m shaped and reinforced than children, so I think to
reinforce grit we can say that task was so hard but you never gave up or it was
you didn’t get it right the first time but you kept on trying and and you
eventually got it and I think that will instill confidence in our children and let
them know that they’re okay even if outcome isn’t perfect the first time

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