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Well, last time this will be relevant. *Typewriter typing* Haló Strangeos, I’m Rachel Verna and
these are my favorite books of 2019 All these books are books that I gave five stars and basically just talking about all the books I gave 5 stars. There’s a few books I took out
because the part of a series and I don’t really know how to talk
about that book without the others of the series I’m not completely sure why I rated that one single book from that series 5 stars but not the rest of them. so this isn’t no particular order
it’s kind of just the way they randomly came up. It actually might be like the
order I read them in, in some way so let’s just go for this So the first book I loved and I want to talk about is The ‘Sawkill Girls’ by Claire Legrand It’s weird that I remember bits and bobs of this book
but I don’t actually remember how it ended other than I really liked it. errrum… I really like the Bi and the Ace rep in this book it’s a horror book so it’s fun to have that done so well in a horror book cuz I love horror and I like seeing myself represented. so actually that’s gonna be kind of a theme in this video Next I want to talk about two books that I both gave 5 stars but in the same series and that is ‘Truly Devious’ and ‘The Vanishing Staircase’ by Maureen Johnson I listened to this on audiobook
and the audiobook is really good so I recommend that way to
consume this book if you want. This is a mystery about a girl who goes to this Elite boarding school where you don’t pay to get in but you have to apply and they only pick people who are like prodigies or like there’s something that they’re really good at. There’s this big mystery surrounding this house about a kidnapping that potentially went wrong
but nobody really knows the outcome of it. As a series as a whole, it also has some non-binary rep. There’s a side character who is non-binary and there’s Queer characters about so that’s nice. I really love mystery stuff and it’s kind
of my jam so I really enjoyed these books. Next we have on the ‘Unbound’ by Victoria Schwab Well finally I know why so many people bug Victoria Schwab about when there will be a sequel to ‘Unbound.’ I really love this series, I’m really interest- I’m excited for the TV show,
I know the TV show isn’t gonna be dealing with the same characters but it’s gonna be
dealing with the world that set up in the these books of the Archived series so I’m
really excited and interested to see what they do with it. Victoria Schwab has said that she would like to write another book so I’m hoping if the TV show does do really well, Eh, she’ll finally be able to write another book if she wants to even if the series did do really well, it would probably be awhile before she’d be able- actually have time to write and another in the ‘Archived’ series anyway because how hectic her schedule is already. So yeah I read the whole series this year
and I really loved it so recommend. And last but not least we have
‘Into the Drowning Deep’ by Mira Grant. This is a horror book about mermaids
and this has a lot really good rep. Em, There’s multi-ple disabled characters, Em, there’s an autistic character, Em, There’s a hard of hearing characters, there’s physically disabled characters and even if with future tech it’s like-
He still has chronic pain as well. main character is Queer, em I think they said she was Bi which is cool and also it’s just good horror book. Erm, it’s quite long I… but it’s like setting all the stuff up and its-
I really enjoyed it. I definitely plan to read more by Mira
Grant slash Seanan McGuire which is- I think Seanan McGuire is her actual name
and Mira Grant is a pen name I guess it doesn’t matter because those,
that’s the same person basically Em, I did read ‘Every Heart down a Doorway’ as well this year and like it. I don’t know why it didn’t, it got four stars. I don’t know remember why exactly I didn’t give it five stars, sometimes when I rate books,
I’m literally rating with my gut. Who knows why rate things the way I rate them. That’s my favourite books of 2019 So I’ve see you weirdos next time where maybe the worst and the favourites will actually balanced Farewell. Well when am I ever gonna wear this again? Do you like my headband,
it’s very topical for this year. I’m not gonna spend the whole video of this in theme and I like seeing myself represent-tated. I don’t live in a funeral home so why
would I be at home in a funeral home well 2019 was definitely not a favourite year of mine

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