CASH or TRASH? Testing 3 Walmart Craft Kits Squishies Dino, Poopsie Slime, Bath Bombs


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welcome to cash or trash the show where we review craft kits to make sure that I
waste my money but you don’t joining me today is my very antsy bird right yeah
you want to bring your butt over here bring your butt bring are you dancing
behind me stop that bring it I’m sorry and goodbye
alright you know what he’s a little too antsy we’re gonna change it we’re gonna
change him to his human form, you ready human form ready I need you I need you
over here alright human form has been accomplished
joining me today are you done she wants pets joining me today is my sister Sica
say hello hello and we’re going to be looking at three craft kits from Walmart
let me know which one of these three do you have the most hope on the first one
is glooper’s 3d paint pets however if we look at the box
it has dinosaurs I don’t know when dinosaurs were pets but you know like
maybe 65 million years ago uh-huh when you were born Wow next we’re going to be looking at the
poopsie slime unicorn crush it just looks like an absolute mess I’ve been
looking for this one everywhere and we finally found it and then last but not
least we’re going to be looking at it’s so me cute chem lab it’s supposed to be
a chemistry lab but if we look a little closer it says create a bath bomb but
just one bath slimy compounds and more you weren’t very good at chemistry were
you actually I failed chemistry I’d do it as a good our first kit bloopers 3d
paint pets I really loved the design of this box more specifically because a
couple of dinosaurs that are on there the first one on the absolute left looks
like he has a 80s purple mohawk he’s like you see I have my own cassette
player and my Walkman and my overalls so 80s right are
you gonna interrupt me again and then on the absolute right it looks like
everyone’s derpy friend are you trying to see it closer yeah trying there you
go this one yeah so I got a funny smirk it
does it’s like so I’m really excited to try and make some really derpy creatures
because obviously this box is not hiding the fact that they’re dinosaurs are
derpy derpy dinos their feet I know dude derpy Dino dudes
five times everything I know derpy Dino dude I know dude every time you do this
every time your dude oh yes all right enough jibba jabba time to see what we
get inside No well here you know oh I am protected
give it here’s what we get inside we get four molds this derpy looking guy this
one who has a mouth over his eye I feel like this is a mouth and this is the eye
so it’s like you know people who do the texting with the upside down smiley face
I mean how I always we got a flying dude and then this guy who has a mohawk I
love the mohawk and then we get paints but here’s the interesting thing about
those paints is that they are sodium alginate eight tubes what’s that I’m
glad you asked so if I remember correctly sodium alginate is kind of
like those jelly things that float so it’s supposed to be like a jelly you
know what I’ll put a b-roll your brains can see that it’s kind of like what
macaron did you see the b-roll I can’t explain it
stop looking at me like that it’s like you’re four set up two sets of eyeball
or sets of eyeballs well your eyeballs [Laughter] so we get it in pink blue black and
yellow as well as white we also get calcium chloride some stickers coz is
this supposed to be in Terraria to rubber room yeah so they did say that
terrarium is included but it’s just is the small plastic container I know
what’s going on with that it’s like a perfect size for sauce you know like for
dipping crap for dipping and stuff we also get tweezers for some reason is it
to pick them up and they pluck your eyebrows just like you used to do that
when I was a kid and we also get instructional menu a little
instructional sheet does the instructional sheets say that we’re
supposed our instructions no man I don’t know if we get the instructions how am I
supposed to know the interruptions are suppose to be there
[Music] so as the instructions mentioned we’re
going to be taking one and a half cups of water and dissolving a half of the
packet of the calcium chloride all right now that our mixture should
ocean is done we’re going to go ahead and decorate whichever dinosaur we want
which one do you want I want mohawk I know I think I’m gonna get this one with
the weird smile thing going on here I’m not sure what’s happening can I walk
this one all right time to decorate one of the
struggles of recording with Sika is that she’s left-handed and she’s right-handed
so we’re sitting on the opposite side and I can’t sit over there because this
is just you don’t get all right so we’re gonna go ahead and color our our dine of
souls I think I want my Dino to have pink and blue mohawk I’m gonna start
with the mohawk you were gonna do what I was gonna do with these picking blue
yeah I mean we have four colors so I don’t know if they give us enough of
this sodium alginate think whatever the paint I don’t know if they give us
enough for the entire dinosaur because if we’re making – are there enough paint
tubes that’s that’s what I’m wondering should I don’t think there’s gonna be
enough do excuse yourself please I don’t think you heard it I are everything
you’re so mature really wish we had green yeah I think green would have been
really nice and in this let’s try to mix them let’s take out some container so
we’re gonna try to mix these what are you doing there why are you
chuckling he’s farting so we’re going to go ahead and take our blue and yellow
jello and make green yes and then make a lighter green we’re gonna have two
different greens so maybe my dinosaur can be brown I’m gonna try to make a
brown Dino you’re gonna make a green Dino okay all right go ahead let’s
squeeze some of that stuff and we mix it oh it does work pretty good all right
off we go spread that stuff do you have enough I don’t think so
all right coz I trying to looks like it could be enough other one yeah read
it okay what do you what so Sika’s Dino looks really cute and
green let’s try to make my brown Dino all right here’s pink blue and let’s go
for yellow hopefully the pink is magenta eat enough to give us a nice brown but I
guess we’ll find out so we’re it’s green put a little more
pink in there excuse yourself oh maybe a little black that’s it so I seem to have
managed a kind of grayish green it’s like a swamp green Mines like a
happy green yours is like I’m some sad green I’m a cloudy day green now that
you’re spraying it looks very great that’s not what I wanted but okay you
must up I done my stuff alright now so the idea is we’re
supposed to be able to submerge our Dino into the water and it should lift kind
of like a jello type texture and fall in I don’t know if I’m gonna do it right
but let’s try it today do both dinos in the same water yeah they won’t stick
together no okay here’s our Dino oh oh look at that it’s shrinking
Wow is are you okay I was gonna say anything really wrong so he’s drinking all right let’s keep
jiggling up oh it’s load right off there we go there’s our first little demo and
it looks weird are you okay no you ready no why I don’t want to just make me
worse oh I think it should be okay if you gentle gentle
[Music] all right so here they are five minutes
later and what is this oh I know my God my God all right let’s see it’s it looks
so weird oh it’s so creepy looking it looks like
an alien it’s like shiny like what the aliens
usually look like on TV they make them look all slimy and gross this literally
what it looks like it’s so groovy it is pretty gross and even the pink
doesn’t show through but it’s supposed to shrink a lot more apparently in about
three hours Oh series okay look you so jelly looking
oh it feels so weird it is so jelly late don’t don’t don’t
break them actually you want to do something what let’s make little balls okay wait wait listen I’ve got weird
people thing going on – what are you doing you did you stop all right just
for science we’re gonna dunk this in here good we’ve got a burger I’m gonna
loosen it up and then I’ll let you pop it sounds good wait wait give
it a couple of second I know you want to pop look at me focus you ready
so here is Sika’s little ball huh did you squeeze it yeah so as your green saw
let’s replay that because I would not look
[Music] what it causes is the outside layer to
kind of be like a grape skin and then the inside is very jelly and slime
We used to have little bath things we should put that had the same texture
right do you know what I am talk about mmm it feels very far in memory hey alright
so we’re gonna set these aside for about three hours and see what happens but so
far is this worth your cash or does it go in the trash so we’re going to set this
aside for about three hours and then we’ll give our verdict on whether or not
is cash or trash whether it’s cash or goes our next victim
oopsie slide our next victims Poosie slime unicorn cross well you could going everywhere oh this
unicorn crush slime costs eighteen dollars $18
that’s very expensive in my opinion but it does feel very hefty so I hope
whatever is in there is little word hefty yeah who uses the word hefty you
don’t use the word hefty it’s like in my daily vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary
English number one so yeah as as you said it is quite heavy hefty hefty but
at eighteen dollars it’s gotta be one of the most expensive slimes
I have ever seen according to the box you just crushed glitter and slime so
this is gonna be interesting alright time to see what’s inside what
we get inside was your sharp point [Music] instructions can hurt someone look those
are really heavy I mean hefty don’t go flaunting around
your horn if there’s anything that is worth $18
it’s probably the packaging there I’m a horn alright little did I know this is
a whole process I mean look at the instruction sheet here we need warm
water we need to dunk our heads in the water then we need to crush something
but not touch it so you’re gonna read the instructions and let you bring so
this is this is way more work than I expected so according to the
instructions that Sika read you have to pour out your slime into the empty
container you have to take the horn out of horn
dunk it under water for 10 seconds and then crumble it on top of the slime and
then mix it all together and leave it 5 minutes for the slime to be less sticky
that seems pretty straightforward yeah they had 9 steps for that Wow yeah all
right let’s get going all right how does it feel oh it’s glue so the slime on its
own is quite sticky Dickie matt is taking a gross and it came out
of a horn what kind of horn how’s it been 10 seconds okay that’s 10 seconds
look oh wow and it’s gorgeous it was really pretty alright so here we have
the sin slime and the glitter oh my yeah okay we’re supposed to squish it you
want to squish with me no I want to keep the glaze on my finger look yes it’s
pretty but you know alright ready and squish oh what there’s so much clearer
that’s a lot of glitter so as you can see there’s so much good it is
ridiculous anymore where’s the slime I don’t know but this is a ridiculous
amount of glitter this is more glitter than anyone should ever have in one spot
so all we’re supposed to do now is mix this until it is fully combined and we
should be getting a completely different slime now we’re supposed to leave it for
five minutes yes that is gonna be too sticky all
right let’s do the doing look at that that’s $18 I’m gonna top of glitter so
here it is we mix them thoroughly together we’re supposed to wait about
five minutes at this point but our hands are full of glitter and some of this
line will come off either and when you try to take it off
it actually doesn’t fall off so then we’re gonna have to wash our hands and
go oh down the drain so this is not cool because right now we’re going to have to
wash all of this and it’s just not environmentally safe and also part of it
came out in the water which means this has to also go down the drain there’s
nothing that infuriates me more and having to put glitter down the drain
this is not okay this honestly companies this should be illegal
having glitter that is not biodegradable should not be legal in crack kits or
anything that you have to wash down the drain right Sika right are you
frustrated Barry look at this bull it’s not gonna come up and get me
no this glitter is not going to come off it doesn’t come off easy no five minutes
in a tail so here we are well over five minutes later you see you seem very
upset Sika I don’t want to try it doing
friends and gloves I’m gonna do this for the team
so so far even though it’s been well over five minutes it’s still on the
sticky side I don’t want to grab the whole thing because I don’t want oh it’s
actually a lot less sticky than before oh really yeah that’s good hang on let’s
take it out yeah yeah it’s still sticky but not as sticky as before so it has
this fluffy type slime but listen that’s quite a bit of slime – that’s a good
thing so the question is is this worth your cash or does it go in the trash
the answer is pretty simple all right so sign up they do give us a container to
put this in but what she’s yeah see if you try to put it in it’s going to start
pushing out on the sides kind of like when I try to wear pants it’s not even
though because we threw out some yeah so oopsy slime me gosh I thought it’s the
garbage next we have a cute chem lab bye it’s so me my horizon good and what got
our attention right away is that it does say ten experiments
from it doesn’t mean you couldn’t do them all at least that’s what I
understand look it says create a backbone just why
one do you want to make two backbones no no just like just one and I’m really
curious why is it that a chem lab has to be cute and pink and fluffy why can’t we
get some kind of real science stuff it’s so judgmental yeah I grew up on Ninja
Turtles and when we turn the box around holy moly what do we see it says never
does oh you raised your voice apparently I
never talk loud enough so she mumbles a lot huh
I’m see what’s inside oh I see why you see us before we go on any further and
list the materials look at the instructions here just in that one area
where it says ten experiments to choose from this one liquid layers includes
nothing even though it clearly said on the box includes everything you need why
did we go out in the rain again includes everything you need look at all this not
included not included lice is included I’m sorry you didn’t mean to say so I’m
not going to list everything that’s in here because there’s quite a bit so this
here cost me $20 is it worth it we’ll find out at the end I’m turning the
camera back on because she’s so frustrated that I needed to catch this
moment because she makes me proud what were you saying I just don’t understand
what it says on the packaging right here includes everything you need and then
the next sentence goes here’s what you will need baking soda not included empty
plastic bottle do not include a spoon vinegar not included straw not included
scissors not good active not good if water Kutub none like what is this what
is this sorcery well you know what at least we know that for the back bombs
things are included and for the crystals so we’re gonna be doing a
[Music] oh my good
alright grains this is horizon again if you see here horizon is also known to
make spelling mistakes I mean we looked at one of the craft kits that they had I
think the Barbie one was absolutely hilarious with typos and here in a bowl
at least 15 ounces in size at least at least so you might need a parent for the
lease make sure you are up in legal age for these 18 years of inch with good
print alright so according to the instructions
we’re going to pour all the bathua mix and baking soda from the packs mix
thoroughly and break up any clumps I’m going to add color by using the mica
powders then we’re going to be adding half a teaspoon of water and then mix it
all up and put it inside the mold so even though the ingredients said that we
could only make one obviously they don’t even know their craft kit properly cuz
we made two of them and they’re both very crumbly they’re fragile like my
heart they always break on the hub [Music]
not you though other people they break them a hug now let’s be very clear this
is a chem lab which means I’m supposed to learn something as I’m doing this why
are these ingredients necessary I don’t know it was just a bath bomb mix and
baking soda and nowhere on the instructional manual was there anything
that actually explained it to me so is it a chemistry lab nah I learned nothing
madam what a heck of today’s Arabic word of the day what a Hagah means nothing
literally means nothing time for the moment of truth so it’s been sitting for
as long as it instructed us to do not still crumbling Oh
our biggest comes up throw it stop it we want to see how well it fizzes but we
can’t do that it’s falling apart okay slowly do it ready go slowly it is visiting pretty well but another
thing that your grades should know is that it smells like nothing
there’s no sense and the only color that we have is from the mica powder
thankfully no glitter though but yeah it smells like nothing kind of boring you
want to take a bath in it there’s no nice smells or anything to it so but for
people who have allergies I’m sure they’d appreciate that however it’s
still not a chem lab I didn’t learn anything chemistry like so as a chem lab
experiment this one here even though it does work in terms of fizziness it’s
super crumbly and I learned absolutely nothing did you know Netta which means
it goes by the way while Sica is reading the instructions for the crystals
apparently we need a plastic cup not included thank you for nothing so since
we don’t have everything we need to make the crystals we decided to make the
instant snow stick oh you’re like half into the tray you know you might as well
just peek with your your burb head and as Sika is reading the instructions step
3 pour instant slow slowly and watch it
puff up so it’s supposed to be snow miss it slow
yeah so we’re pouring the slow slowly no you don’t pour your slow fast snow
slowly so according to the instructions we’re going to add half of the petri
dish with water add some color of choice and glitter optional but we know we
ain’t gonna add no glitter no get that and then all we have to do is score the
instant slow slowly again so far nothing says why what is the chemical reaction
because this is a can left it’s a pointing time for our fake slow
okay so we’re gonna pour the slow slowly and watch it puff up just slowly this is
very slowly look I think that was a little too slow this is very
melodramatic very anticlimactic comedy with David’s gear $20 $20 for that I
still have this much left so I poured it very slow slowly but it’s supposed to be
instant snow right oh just feel it Oh
did you learn anything no I didn’t learn anything a lot of mistakes in their in
their thing so I’m pretty sure we can’t learn anything from them because making
mistakes oh no but for real though is true why
would you trust something that has we already found two typos in like ten
seconds we didn’t even read all of them pretty sure we could buy more and when
it comes to this fake snow a lot of people do use it to make slime like
fluffy type slime which has a very nice texture however when it comes to chem
lab and any kind of learning experience it is quite underwhelming so in essence
for me this whole acute chem lab is extremely gimmicky it’s a phony
it says I’m just nothing it clearly says on the Box it clears
everything you need now you went the wrong way ready yeah but it actually
really doesn’t include everything the Box really does look like it includes a
lot of stuff what are you even doing so for us this kit it’s cleanup are you
hungry yeah in a few okay yeah well guess with me to my second this kit for
us go straight three hours later time to check on our little dinos after it’s
been a little over three hours now and they are quite firm I don’t think they
shrank that much more than the initial bits but they’re still pretty squishy
yeah it’s pretty cool the blocks did say squishy now the question is how squishy
is it before it blows up before it blows up and the answer is oh losing it’s the
leaky oh I don’t think mine is mine is still pretty leaky how’s yours so
essentially here is what’s left of C cos Dino it’s it’s pretty smushed when you
throw it back into the water solution thing it does go back and Harden so it
burns my fingers don’t have any cuts do not put your hands in there it’s like a
salty algae I believe so now the question is is it worth your cash or
does it go in the trash and for me that was my tummy and for under eight dollars
this kit really kept us busy it was entertaining I thought it was pretty fun
it didn’t boast that it was anything scientific
than just pets 3d little critter things so for me personally I would say with
your cat yeah with your cats don’t like what $5 – yeah I believe it’s either
under 8 or under $5 it’s been a while it’s a small little activity so it’s
kind of worth in my opinion maybe wait an extra hour or two before his guts
spill out everywhere all over camera before I let you brains go one of you
sent me a hat I don’t know much about it other than the fact that it’s said to
open it at the beginning of a video however you I keep forgetting at the
beginning of a video so I’m opening it now I’m really excited because you
brains are so talented so right but it’s a saltiness ahead I knew I know you
grains like to wrappings inside things and in boxes inside boxes better not be
a third one because by salts I will come and rain salt upon you and what is that
oh my gosh it’s probably a salt oh it’s not a salt shaker hat oh oh it’s a salt
shaker hat oh that is adorable let me put it on it seems I have a little bit
of a big but I’m pretty salty so so thank you so much halo with spikes sushi
I’m pretty sure I can stretch it up just a little bit
I love the facial expression this is really cool I love this No okay you
could try it on thank you so much for watching my little brains if you want to
watch another crafty cash or trash make sure you check up here and if you want
to watch a video YouTube thinks is just right for you check it out down here and
if you want to reach my sister you can find our Instagram at nerde sister underscore Sika until then I will see you grains in the next video

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