CAPRICORNIO Revelaciones Enero, Febrero, Marzo y Abril 2020 Tarot Año Nuevo 2020


capricornio welcome to your reading revelations of 2020 here we will see what the general energies are for you all year but we will specifically focus on the first four months January February March and April Welcome to my channel jot tarot invite you to subscribe activate bell for you to reach all my let me notifications and comments your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these I want to start giving first readings the advice of my book tips j tarot for this 2020 we will see what is the advice you need to take that you have to always keep in mind this year and reads the Relapse is likely that means If some of you have been obtaining a situation either in the love or in your personal life or even to health there are chances that these cycles recur during East so you need to take into account this situation to start identifying different patterns that could be using as a warning that you are falling back into a cycle where you go do things that do not agree situations that affect you and others who are talking about you have an attitude which really says no It matters and not that it is an attitude where you do not care what it is happening but this is an attitude 2020 much more relaxed attitude much quieter where you do not hit nothing and let things not They are important will affect you you have to leave this situation It flowing in the description is the information on how you can get my book is unique selling these only moments Amazon I want to see the general energies you all year is the energy You will be crowned this year look you want to talk about this letter and you capricornio comes to you and the letter of the silence and this will be something that this year then you will have to practice hard not being using your word to attack for uses more than your word offend all to or to meditate to to concentrate remember that what you express your word will manifest in your life then before to say something that is not suitable for you this year you are indicating that I remain silent tell you connect your energies your mind with your heart, your soul and that is the energy you’ll have throughout this year the energy of the silence where you are invited to meditate more it will be a year where you can connect more with your inner self connect more with the energy of the universe I’ll also tell you to see the things from another point of view and ‘re very aware when they are performing during every month the different moons because it seems that you are going to affect some of you strongly during these full moons this year Remember that every month there are moons full could then fall into a stage where they restrict where you Feeling a little depressed where you You are feeling a little sad downs you want stay away but all this has to do a process from the universe that you It is recharging energies to then you can move that way and move forward lest you stay stagnant more this year 2020 in general throughout the year need to have energies where you move space analyzes things soon’ll cross that goal to which you have proposed this year you and me They are saying that your guides will be a year in which you’ll be able to open up big roads and big doors They will get new opportunities for but those opportunities are you going to go manifesting gradually will not be something in which you open your eyes and once a miracle occurs and you got that dream for which has been trying to fight you are indicating here that all otherwise it will be a process quite slow but you say this you’ll be able to take steps year a so much more accurate and much to do more direct than in previous years because you can know how to calculate the steps you have to give and speed you have to have every situation that comes your way during this year We also talk that it will be a year where you will be getting many comparisons and these comparisons They can be your own part as They could also comparisons people who are around you This could be a year for you 2020 where they tell you to look but capricornio It is that you look like this person or work you are doing seems be similar to that of this person some of these comments could eventually affect your self-esteem thee You say because I’m not myself and I I have my own energy but still those situations where despite that you might be comparing not see a negative look at him as mostly flattering look at him as a energy in which you are doing know that you really feel doing your work is recognized to the comparison with people also in your same line work or similar lines and especially about these comparisons will happen this year they are not caused by you that is not the same car you do not criticize people are comparing with your around and you’re comparing with paths of others because they are very different paths is something that You have to consider this 2020 a year of meditation a year where you can even have some sort of adventure or spiritual retreat that will get to you it will be important that a year where you do have to take it slow and one year definitely where you could be achieving great success and great recognition which could even until you get to compare yourself with people on the same line in which you will find we will then see right now What energies it is for following months of January February March April Let’s see what messages are tarot cards for you those months let’s stay with that letter January February March April Take the advice of love to you how it will give you the love during these months your life purpose January February March April remember to leave ments and your fingers up comments to be that way always present when I’m doing my meditations and you can also follow my instagram account @ Jota tarot 7 there is no daily horoscopes the energy you’ll have in the month of January will give out energies account and that you indicating that you are have great revelations during this January revelations where you I inside will reveal where you’re going to recognize talent and value inside I have your say here guidelines that will also be a month where you will discover new skills a month where you will find and connect harmony with your heart and you could You are practicing some kind of instrument could be recognized some kind of progress or activities they have been doing could give realized then also that your future It is a very important future full in lots of light where you will find your true self will to be a month of discovery this month January where are you going to recognize your potential talent your power and your love you have to give to others people the message of the tarot cards you out the letter from the King of Wands says During this month you’ll be getting great recognition you’ll be in an enviable position during the month of January and this position it could be a power positions within the business in which you find within the region where you you handle it from whatever you do or is involved professionally going to have the recognition and admiration colleagues and even also of the public in general because if does not matter if you are a person working with the media or If you’re just a person who It has a job 8-5’ll be receiving these awards and that approval of people you’ve been I am hoping some of you also this letter you might be talking about an advance with respect to the position January could introduce you to some types of evidence tests interviews for a better position work that’s going to be a great month January regarding these situations see the love that holds you the month January very well that this marriage letter that the situation in which you You mean love involves marriage this may mean that You could be attending a wedding yours might be doing or making arrangements for your wedding during this January people They could also be single might indicate that you know someone during this month’s intentions get married and have a family with you in the future then speaks to you that love will be strong enough in your life that this January you can have your next to that special person who will led by the hand towards a better future to happiness to what you have waiting status I also say your guides and I have to give the message to a group of you might be knowing a person who is under separating a person who is still committed so much attention is that who you date or who know during this January so you do not then go take a bad surprise’re bad news and knowing someone who in these moments can not engage 100% because you have someone in your life news could also compromise You are coming to your life during the month January purpose for you from your angels speaks the Letter of force says that everything you have experienced in your life made you more strong and gave you the courage so you can start this 2020 with a lot of energy with a lot force if you were feeling during the December 2019 some kind of energy lethargy slow heaviness speaks of January for you will be completely different It will be a month in which your purpose it will be out later that you can face all your problems and all situations of difficulty You may have because it will get to you the force necessary willpower you need not surrender to continue your way one month quite strong with these energies Let’s see what the energy for February month You know the letter of repression letter of repression during the month of February you are talking about going to be a month where you can feel the world comes up but you do not see and external situations that could you affect in a negative way I see it more than anything as your own mind and not bad plays where you could be stressing you might be planning some kind of goal or project for this 2020 that in some way or another weighs on your shoulders and you talk about that during this February maybe those goals or those proposals you wanted get to get during this month February will be something heavy for you They could then affect you start your mental state and your health you it will be a month in which you speak need to take some kind of relax holiday disconnect by complete and not so much put pressure so much stress in trying to reach some goal your guides are telling me you ask capricornio these goals to which you want reach these goals which you You want to get which you want They are for you reaching for your benefit or They are to feed your ego then if they are to feed your ego these can now cast them aside during February and focus on other things you’re not concerned or ‘re thinking 100% since then you need to achieve those goals during the month of February you have to analyze whether it really you want benefits you or others if you are doing simply because You want to use your ego and say look I reached my goal I achieved what everyone you told me not going to achieve because that is weighing you need this February disconnect and go on vacation or take a few days off from work the message of the tarot cards I I passed you always tend to get ahead out the letter of 6 of spades speaks leaving behind troubled waters and go towards much calmer waters is exactly what I had mentioned to you and this letter is confirming what the tarot you tells you that the month of February need to disconnect completely or go alone or leave alone go with your family out of the routine outside the job search for a two week period weeks fifteen days if the month also possible for some of you where they do absolutely nothing just relax strolling know tourist walk but not be with that mind and that turns giving head because then not be achieved the objectives for the remainder of the year and increasing the years we spend much more fast so here you are a marked trip for you with this letter of 6 swords You might be visiting me are saying roma country italy or You could even be going to Venice during this month and for which it is not possible to go during the month of February for a vacation in your people in their city in his country to the beach or a nearby city or a country also much closer are you indicating that this is something you have what to do love in love you speak you have to Search your freedom it’s time to take control of your life for some of you this pressure situation you are feeling to walk away and leave something behind to take a vacation because you feel very stressed it might be for some of you who need to disconnect from his family this letter in death indicates that It will be a month where you need to break barriers need to succeed where You can not continue to follow the same pattern’m a warrior capricornio which may be as trapped in a difficult situation trapped in a vicious circle this month you have to break and you will achieve because here you is this letter indicating that definitely you’re going to release and this indicates a pressure situation of difficulty you was weighing very strong that You are going to achieve leapfrog and go to to release for your own love and love people who have your around your purpose for the month of February you have to take into account for that month you can achieve you have to do to heal your heart and follow moving you out the letter of the Minister you talk about your healthy with quiet words with good words with kind words with tips intelligent and have an ear empath so this might work Two ways you indicate that your It purpose during the month of February is or seek some kind of couples therapy counselors or you become a some kind of counselor for friendship could be someone approaches you to get you help or visiting your opinion and it could be that your purpose for this month would have a lot to do with it with giving or receiving help give or receive tips to get ahead of a difficult situation so it is that this is what you have to to propose during the month of February and remember that these readings are Looking ahead we are seeing to detail so you have to wait these months to come if you heard this reading before February or before the following months as you I recommend that when approaching the month the back to listen because there also you will have more such messages refreshed in your mind March as will be the third month of the year assure you that we will We blinking once in this month’s letter leaves you all and Here you are indicating that you will be a month where they will miss certain pieces to complete the puzzle your life that the pieces will be right before you have to ask for help It’s what they’re showing me here your guides for help do not be afraid extends hand to extend asks you hand because you will then complete cycle period will be closing important in your life like it or not this cycle will close and most importantly, slope you’re in this because you can feel at the end of this full course by the end of the month March you’ll feel you’ve been closing a stage in your life that was not very well for you that made you happy not We could be talking about changes changing partners work to stop situations of difficulty going back to have the courage the force after all the lessons you’ve given January and February to take that leap of faith and close a stage in your life that made you happy the advice of the tarot leaves you the letter of the 13 gold medals speaks conference you might be attending could you be who gives these lectures speaks teamwork speaks a month which you could also be gathering a new team or forming part of a new team you He speaks of the effort among several people to achieve projects achieve goals and could range from a new work that you create where you decide you find that person with whom You can finally build your own business and could also be a group neighbors in a community then grouped to fight for some kind of rights by some kind of changes in your city changes its community you talk about this union and the support from people around you who will to be paramount and important for the March to reach your you speak goals that will be a month where you will not be alone you will not be alone and you can find March your team people who really believes in you and supports you This may be levels personal and occupational levels also where you open roads and you They are given the opportunity to lead our one project this month use a team for this month the message for you in love or for March tells you letters it will be safe for you to love is a month where you have to open your heart where you have to give and receive So what you want because that’s what same that you will be getting for you so if you want to find love if is a month in which you want to open your corazón necesitas poder conectar con esas personas y creer nuevamente en el amor creer nuevamente de que tienes a tu lado podrás llegar a tener a tu lado a esa persona especial me dicen aquí que vas a estar conociendo a alguien una persona bastante interesante una persona que va a lograr conquistar tu corazón pero que van a ver dudas y parece que va a ser una persona que llega a ti por medio del universo por medio de los ángeles una persona con quien tienes una gran compatibilidad durante el mes de marzo y tienes temor va a ser un mes donde vas a tener inseguridades donde no vas a saber si entregarle tu corazón o no y te están indicando aquí tus ángeles de que lo vas a lograr de que es posible de que abras tu corazón a esta nueva persona que va a estar llegando a tu vida para que esa nueva persona pueda conectar y puedas tú finalmente ser feliz recuerden que estas lecturas son generales no todo el mundo se va a identificar con ellas y tenemos que esperar a que lleguen los meses para que estas situaciones que se predicen aquí se hagan realidad tu propósito de vida para el mes de marzo 2020 dice que va a ser momento de decidir que tienes que tomar una decisión va a ser un momento en el cual tú te puedes encontrar en una gran encrucijada donde tienes que tomar una decisión importantísima para ti y tiene mucho que ver tal vez con estos arrastres que te estaba indicando de ciclos de si continúas con la misma presión si la dejas atrás eso se transmite hacia los siguientes meses porque podrías estar tomando esa decisión de dejar un trabajo dejar una situación dejar una pareja que tal vez te engaña o dejar una pareja que simplemente no te hace feliz y no te sientes compatible pero en el mes de marzo te vas a tener que enfrentar a una decisión importante en tu vida cuando llegue el mes tú sabrás de que será esa decisión yo te estoy dando algunas alternativas de lo que podría ser lo que podría estar te sucediendo me están indicando también de que algunos de ustedes podrían durante este mes hacer un cambio de trabajo podrías estar optando por hacer algo más metafísico algo más esotérico podrías estar pensando en trabajar con la numerología o estudiando en numerología estudiando algo diferente veo una persona interesada en los astros en astrología en horóscopos así que podría ser un momento en tu vida en el cual tomas una decisión de dejar un trabajo formal y empezar un trabajo mucho más espiritual porque podría estar hablando de que tu misión podría tener que ver con las energías y con el darle consejos a otras personas que tienes que tener la fuerza para poder tomar esa decisión y avanzar muy interesante al final voy a darte un consejo de los ángeles para el año 2020 así que quédate conmigo estas son mis otras cartas para ver que es importante que tengas presente durante este año si quieres una consulta privada mi página web las consultas ahí está toda la información vamos con el último mes que vamos a hablar en esta predicción abril en la descripción está toda la información de cómo puedes tener una consulta privada conmigo en mi libro y todo lo demás mira volvemos a caer con la carta de la voz interior y es algo similar a la carta de hacia adentro y esta carta de la voz interior te habla de que el mes de abril va a ser un mes donde finalmente vas a obtener armonía donde finalmente vas a poder comunicarte o me están diciendo tus guías también de que algunos de ustedes van a poder tener algún tipo de conexión o telepatía podría ser con otras personas o con animales te hablan de que durante este mes de abril tú te vas a percatar cómo piensas algo e inmediatamente las cosas empiezan a manifestarse y ponlo en práctica porque me están diciendo que en el mes de abril tú podrás estar pensando en una persona y de repente esa persona te va a escribir de repente esa persona te va a llamar de repente te llega un mensaje de esa persona o la vez en algún lugar que vas a tener un poder de ley de atracción impactante muy fuerte para ti te hablan también que es necesario que tengas una conexión con la naturaleza que vayas a ríos playas obviamente con mucha seguridad y con mucha protección y si en tu país hay la posibilidad de nadar con delfines hazlo porque me están indicando de que eso te va a traer mucha paz mucha armonía mucha tranquilidad me hablan de unos guerreros de capricornio que podrían empezar también a recibir mensajes espirituales que tengas cristales me están diciendo va a ser un mes donde te va a interesar cómo adquirir cristales tener cristales en tu casa y va a ser esto una situación que va a incrementar mucho más tu energía incrementar mucho más tu fuerza podrías empezar también a cargar cristales contigo en tu bolsillo en tu maleta en tu bolso y esto va a ser algo que va a incrementar tu energía y tu conexión con el universo algunos de ustedes capricornio tienen un destino bastante conectado con misiones de la vida con propósitos que tengan que ver con sanación así es que muy atentos a esto cuál es el mensaje de las cartas del tarot para este mes la carta del mago me río porque yo te estoy hablando de que tienes caminos espirituales y te sale la carta del mago esta carta te habla de que vas a poder tener todas las herramientas necesarias enfrente de ti en tus manos para poder construir algún tipo de negocio que tenga que ver con sanación para algunos de ustedes las manifestaciones de ustedes van a estar muy fuertes y tengo que aconsejarles que durante este mes pues y en todos los tiempos trates de mantener siempre en tu mente pensamientos positivos no le desees mal a nadie ni mal digas a nadie porque todas esas energías una vez que tú los hagas se van a manifestar porque el universo no entiende si lo estás diciendo como broma o si lo estás diciendo como un chiste el universo va a manifestar eso entonces si tú manifiestas una maldición para personas a tu alrededor o pensamientos negativos se les van a realizar y luego entonces el karma se va a encargar de ti por estar enviando energías malas que mantengas siempre tu conexión espiritual al máximo en positivo y que no te enfoques entonces en energías de pesadez en energías de tristeza en energías de maldad y de maldiciones porque eso es lo que vas a cosechar pues si te dedicas solamente a apreciar el bien tomas algún tipo de clase o curso de reiki que podrías finalmente estar tomando esa decisión de hacer podrías entonces estarte a encaminando y abriendo tus caminos hacia tu destino el amor para el mes de abril luna de miel mira qué maravilloso yo te hablé también de un pene sí así que algunos de ustedes podrían durante este mes está teniendo una etapa de luna de miel con su pareja con la persona que consigas o simplemente con tus energías alrededor del universo en la cual has entrado en una etapa en la cual simplemente el bote del universo en el que estás en tu vida va navegando suavemente y armoniosamente por el mar y de esa forma entonces te sientes en paz en tranquilidad y va a ser un momento donde vas a poder percatarse de que las decisiones que tomaste durante el año pues durante los primeros tres meses han valido la pena y verás como en este último mes que estamos hablando aquí de abril tú llegas a tener esa conexión se habla de que podrías estar conociendo una persona o re visitando a una persona que hayas conocido en un viaje anterior me están diciendo con la cual pudiste llegar a tener algún tipo de conexión y esto podría ser si en el mes de febrero algunos de ustedes se van de viaje y siguen el consejo y se van a otro país a otra ciudad de vacaciones podrías estar conociendo a alguien en el amor que te va a sentir hacer sentir libre que te va a hacer sentir conectado con el universo nuevamente y esa persona marca aquí que la vas a volver a ver en el mes de abril ya sea que tú vayas nuevamente de viaje o que esa persona tome la decisión de regresar a ti así que aquí estamos viendo cómo se interconectan se interesan los meses con los mensajes y las energías así es que capricornio a prestar mucha atención a esto una vez que la situación en el mes de abril se manifieste deja tu deditos para arriba para que este mensaje llegue a ti recuerda compartirlo para que lleguemos a 400 mil suscriptores una vez que lleguemos a 400 mil suscriptores yo regresaré a este vídeo tenemos hasta el mes de enero para entonces responder algunas de las preguntas que dejes allí en los comentarios así que deja tus preguntas de si o no para luego yo poder responderlas tu propósito de vida para el mes de abril mira te sale la carta que te dice yoga dice que tu vida va a ser mejorada por medio de practicar ejercicios de yoga por medio de practicar ejercicios de meditación y de estiramiento así que tu propósito para este mes es la tarea que te dejamos tus guías y yo va a ser que tomes por lo menos una clase de yoga si es posible dependiendo de tu médico si te lo recomienda pero que tomes una clase de yoga si sea la primera para que puedas entonces conectar tus energías meditar alinear tus chakras para otros de ustedes el negocio el cual les había indicado de que tu camino podría tener tener que ver con líneas espirituales o de sanación puede ser que tal vez tú estés pensando en tomar clases de yoga para más adelante convertirte en maestro o maestra de yoga y esto parece que va a ser algo muy importante para tu vida porque te va a llenar de muchísima luz de muchísima felicidad de muchísima tranquilidad mensaje de tus ángeles para estos primeros cuatros meses te salen dos cartas esa es la carta del romance y de ser la carta que te indica de que vas a tener un resultado pacífico así que el mensaje de tus ángeles te indica en que los primeros cuatro meses van a ser muy lindos para ti porque vas a poder conectar nuevamente y te vas a sentir en romance contigo mismo o con una persona que podría estar llegando a tu vida que las situaciones de dificultad que se te puedan presentar aquí van a tener un resultado pacífico el resultado va a ser positivo durante estos cuatro meses del año que tienes que mantener siempre una actitud positiva y mirar mucho más allá de la tormenta y recordar que siempre después de la tormenta viene la calma el sol la luz el universo está por brillar en tu vida va a ser un año como nunca este 2020 para ti y recuerda también que tienes estas cartas que te hablan de silencio de la meditación de ir con calma y de no estar te comparando con nadie y si otras personas llegan a compararte a ti entonces simplemente verlo de una manera positiva recordar que todo está sucediendo y se está alineando para que tú puedas encontrar tu felicidad y salir hacia adelante no te vayas a rendir en parte en estos instantes te aparecen the following videos you recommend here is the link to be able visit my website and know the different private consultations I offer one year decree jotita 2020 capricornio filled with much love light happiness and progress

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