Can I afford to study in the US?


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27 thoughts on “Can I afford to study in the US?”

  1. Crimson Education says:

    Want to find out how you can afford to study in the States? Crimson Education is the world leader in global admissions consulting. Find out more, and apply for a free education assessment here:

  2. SlendermenGames says:

    I am currently attending a state university, and I was just wondering if it was worth transferring to a prestigious university in my third year?

  3. Anna Mortensen says:

    You should do a video on Rice university

  4. R G says:

    Short answer: no (none of us can lol)

    Long answer: see above

  5. MrBryantonfire says:

    Total cost to get a 5-year degree at a top university in Germany: 50k including tuition, housing and living cost. You get the same education, save approx. 250k and only give up a little bit of prestige. If you are a top student you can still go visit the top institutions in the U.S. as a VGR without paying tuition.

  6. Stormix Gaming says:

    Such a nice and informative channel. Very useful

  7. Egor Chu says:

    Big thanks to you guys for your work

  8. Brown Flower says:

    Hope you making video about PARSON NEW SCHOOL.

  9. ali kaboosi says:

    Thank you so much.❤

  10. Janine Manning says:

    Great video Gabe that clearly outlines options for students. You are a natural!

  11. daisy alvarez says:

    day in the life of an architecture student at rice university

  12. Melis Mia says:

    This was super useful, thank you!

  13. Solange Gutierrez says:

    Crimson, you rock ♡

  14. kb_YouTube says:

    Amazing video. Learned a lot and thx. But I if I remember correctly Stanford is also a need-blind college but the requirements for international students there and Cornell are absurd IMHO. I like that Harvard for example doesn't even need A-Levels.

  15. vishal pratap singh says:

    Do you operate in India?

  16. Audrey Ng says:

    Hopefully a similar video can be made concerning UK Universities

  17. Samuel Stout says:

    Can international students apply for FAFSA?

  18. breakingonpoint says:

    I love Crimson Education so much! Now I can explain to my parents that there are ways on how can I get into my dream school 😍

  19. CBT Tube says:

    make these type of video of UK?

  20. Dipankar Kumar Singh says:

    I have many Art Certificate(national + International) and even a Olympiad certificate in science (national) then Which Collage will mostly accept my application ?

  21. Hesam Moosapour says:

    Cheers to USA. Thanks

  22. Maria Khan says:

    Is FAFSA applicable for international Education?

  23. Manasa REDDY says:

    I thought harvard was need based for even international students! Wth

  24. Sudarshan Sharma says:

    I want admission in famous medical collage in america so thatswhy plz give suggestion for online study by crimson education chanel . what proces.

  25. Jason Dsouza says:

    Is financial aid only available for USA students?

  26. Ugly Rockstar says:

    My family earns 9000 and i live in Ukraine.
    Do i have a chance?
    I'm handsome.

  27. sit down says:

    My parents make around 9000$ a year i live in Kosovo a small country in Europe do i qualify for for full financial aid as an international student. And also can i transfer my studies in a ivy league school from my home university

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